19 Best CoSchedule Alternatives in 2022

If you’re working in social media marketing, it is impossible not to hear about social media management tools. They are like the backbone of marketers that help with their daily work, streamline collaboration, and increase productivity.

The problem is that once you start looking for the best tool for your business, you will begin to realize how hard a decision it is.

CoSchedule is a tool that you’ve indeed come across in your research. Are you wondering whether or not it will be a good choice?

Good news! You’re in exactly the right place to get the answer. We gathered 19 of our favorite social media marketing tools in 2022 and compared them to CoSchedule to make the choice easier for you.

Let’s get started!

What is CoSchedule?

Source: coschedule.com

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar software solution for organizing all marketing activities in one place.

It includes two products:

1. Marketing Calendar, which lets you create marketing schedules.

2. Marketing Suite, which enables you to coordinate teamwork, projects, and marketing processes. It includes Marketing Calendar, Content, Work, and Asset Organizer.

source: coschedule.com

Is CoSchedule the best tool for social media marketing?

What CoSchedule does well…

With CoSchedule, you can have a clear picture of all marketing activities across your entire team. With the drag-and-drop option, making changes to the calendar is easy. It also has some customization options – you can change color labels, tags, and project types.

This platform simplifies content strategy management by visualizing every editorial piece so that all stakeholders can see what is happening.

CoSchedule could be called Asana’s little sibling. It has similar features like task reviewing, cross-functional calendars, and employees’ to-do lists and projects. This way, users can delegate and assign tasks to manage the team’s priorities and enhance productivity.

source: coschedule.com

CoSchedule’s big plus is the WordPress plugin, thanks to which all posts (including Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types) automatically appear on its calendar.

…and what CoSchedule doesn’t

Nobody is perfect, and even though CoSchedule is a great tool for marketing teams, it has some flaws. 

The first one is that it’s a tool focused more on overall marketing activities than social media scheduling. That’s why you can’t count on many detailed, advanced features related to social media management, like Instagram grid preview and support for all post formats.

The platform is also very complex, leading to some difficulties when using it for the first time. Although CoSchedule often releases some updates and launches new features, they are not always helpful and seem to be introduced in order to give the impression that the platform is still evolving. 

It also should be noted that CoSchedule’s pricing isn’t flexible enough. You don’t have many options to choose from (the price starts from $29 per user per month). So even if you need e.g. just one module from the Marketing Suite, you need to pay for it all.

To sum up: CoSchedule pros and cons

✔ Customization options within the calendar
✔ Complex drag-and-drop calendar
✔ Workflow visualization
✔ Task management
✔ WordPress plugin

✖ Not focused on social media management
✖ Hard to learn and master
✖ Overly feature-rich (not all of them are helpful)
✖ No price flexibility

If you aren’t sure if it’s the right tool for you, we want you to compare some other ones. So, let’s dive deeper into what the best CoSchedule alternatives can offer you.

source: GIPHY.com

Best CoSchedule alternatives

1. Kontentino

kontentino_logo_coschedule alternative
source: kontentino.com

Kontentino is a powerful social media management tool that is a perfect fit for teams. It will let you control your social media accounts with ease. A social media manager’s needs are the focus of Kontentino’s functionality and that’s visible during its usage. Everything is designed in such a way to streamline collaboration and communication between marketing team members.

Their outstanding support team can’t be overlooked here, too. It solves its users’ problems quickly by offering assistance whenever needed.

As mentioned above, approval workflow is a breeze – you’ll have no trouble getting approval from your team or clients. Using the dedicated interface, you can share access with the stakeholders and give them the ability to approve posts in a single click. Doing so within the mobile app is even more enjoyable.

Kontentino_calendar_CoSchedule alternative
source: kontentino.com

Kontentino strives to be advanced and yet simple at once. What does that mean exactly? Kontentino has many features to offer but it’s still very easy to use and learn – the interface is clear and understandable for everyone.

If you’re looking for a tool that listens to user feedback and rolls out new features constantly, then this is what you need.

source: Kontentino.com

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It supports almost all post formats, including LinkedIn videos, Instagram carousel and videos, Facebook 360° photos, video link ads, IGTV, and IG stories
  • You can keep all of your calendars, people, content, and assets for each client in a dedicated place
  • It has many advanced features that streamline the workflow – labels, post checklists, live post preview
  • It has flexible pricing (you can choose a ready-made package or customize one to your needs)
  • It provides truly valuable reports (Social media KPIs, custom metrics, budget spend, objectives)
source: Kontentino

💵 Pricing

Pricing for Kontentino starts at $53 per month (3 users). There are four packages: Starter, Standard, Pro, Enterprise. A 14-day free trial is available. Credit card details are not required.

2. Agorapulse

source: agorapulse.com

By using Agorapulse, your business can manage all of its social media profiles seamlessly. It’s a social media management tool that helps teams stay organized and manage their daily marketing activities.

Through Agorapulse, clients and team members can work efficiently together. You can assign specific roles to members: admins, editors, moderators, and guests. It’s also a great tool for content planning and monitoring social media channels. 

Agorapulse provides valuable reports that can show you what works and what doesn’t. They are very intuitive to create and can be easily downloaded for further analysis. You can also get recommendations on your next social content move, which can be really helpful when planning a social media strategy.

source: agorapulse.com

This tool also can help you to identify key influencers and mentions by monitoring social conversations about your brand and help you to quickly detect any friction. 

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • You can create well-designed custom Power Reports based on metrics and date ranges
  • It has an option to share calendars with users to accept, reject, or give feedback on individual posts
  • It has some social listening features
  • It has a clutter-free dashboard and it’s easy to use

💵 Pricing

The paid version of Agorapulse starts at $94 for 2 users per month paid annually. Additionally, it offers a free plan for individuals or people who just want to get started. Agorapulse offers a 30-day free trial without requiring credit card details.

3. Buffer

source: buffer.com

Buffer says that it is far more than a scheduling tool, and that’s true. Besides having an extended calendar for planning social media marketing, it can also be a great tool for hashtag strategy and analytics.

It’s a social media management tool for particular tasks and is especially useful if you focus your marketing activities on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram Stories analytics are included in its reports, which isn’t a common feature.

Buffer consists of three tools: publishing, analytics, and engagement, and you only pay for the module(s) you need. Finally, Buffer contains Pablo, a graphic creation tool built into the platform that lets you edit graphics without leaving the platform.

source: buffer.com

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • You can plan and schedule Instagram Stories in a browser or the mobile app and analyze them
  • It has a very clear UX interface, which makes it simple to use
  • You can add your location and user tags to post on Instagram directly from this tool
  • It has a shop grid and the ability to connect a “link in bio” to multiple URLs viewed on a shoppable page

💵 Pricing

Buffer has a 14-day free trial that you can downgrade to a free plan (scheduled posts are limited to 10 per month and 1 user). Subscriptions for publishing plans begin at $12 per month, and an annual subscription for analytics starts at $28 per month.

4. Hootsuite

Source: hootsuite.com

Hootsuite is a social media management platform covering almost every aspect of marketers’ social media work. You can schedule posts, produce quality content, keep an eye on the latest social trends and brand mentions, perform analytics, and collaborate with your team.

Source: hootsuite.com

As one of the most popular social media management tools, it’s known for its educational platform that contains a lot of helpful information such as free webinars and videos to help its users become more adept at using the tool. Thanks to that, many people point out that it’s easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface.

There are many external tools (also social listening tools) that can be integrated into Hootsuite. It also has some features for advertising to promote organic content and manage paid social campaigns.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • Users are taught exactly how to use the platform and get the most out of it
  • Hootsuite can help you determine the best time to post
  • It has bulk image upload and individual channel performance metrics
  • It has an option to post video content directly to YouTube

💵 Pricing

You can choose from four plans, the lowest of which starts at $19 per month paid annually and the highest costs $599. In addition, Hootsuite has a limited free plan.

5. ContentCal

source: contentcal.io

This social media and content planning tool focuses mainly on scheduling and publishing content across various digital channels.

source: contentcal.io

ContentCal has Instagram Stories and hashtag analytics. Progress and performance are visually appealing and show all of the metrics with useful charts and graphs. It also has a Campaign Manager tool that allows teams to share assets or campaign briefs via shared folders easily, and it gives the possibility to reuse evergreen content.

Major advantages of this tool are easily linking social media accounts and having the onboarding team there for any questions or advice. In working hours, ContentCal guarantees a response within minutes, and its customer service is highly rated.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It has a color-coded content calendar which shows the status of each post
  • It has collaboration features 
  • It has shared calendars – helpful for freelancers, agencies and social teams

💵 Pricing

ContentCal offers a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details. Subscriptions for their plans start from $17 per month paid annually, but the lowest plan is limited by the number of users and scheduled posts. The most popular option is a custom package for teams.

6. SproutSocial

source: sproutsocial.com

SproutSocial is an all-in-one social media management tool covering the most critical activities of a marketer’s work – from organizing social media networks to conducting in-depth social media audits.

This platform can be used not only for marketing strategies but also in other areas of business. It streamlines and scales social engagement to increase visibility, improve responsiveness, and boost efficiency. In addition to the usual scheduling features, it contains an inbox to manage messages and respond to comments.

source: sproutsocial.com

Behind SproutSocial are four products: Engagement, Publishing & Scheduling, Analytics, and Listening. Even though the platform is divided into these four categories, there is no option to pay for just one separate module.

SproutSocial has an interactive, modern interface. As a result, it’s easy to set up and use. What’s more, the platform provides agents that offer tailor-made solutions if your business needs some additional features. 

SproutSocial provides detailed educational materials that teach users how to use the tool efficiently. What’s more, it offers useful integrations with CRM systems such as Zendesk and HubSpot.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It’s easy to manage, onboarding is fast and straightforward
  • It has an inbuilt image editor
  • It provides robust reporting that is displayed in both graphic and text formats

💵 Pricing

SproutSocial offers a 30-day free trial without requiring credit card details. Subscriptions for their plans start from $99 per user, per month. The highest plan costs $249 per user, so it’s quite an expensive option for teams.

7. Falcon.io

source: falcon.io

Falcon.io provides a simple social media scheduling tool from which you can easily schedule, edit, preview, and publish all your social media campaigns from one calendar.

source: falcon.io

Falcon works fine also as a tool for teams. It has a few features that streamline collaboration between team members. For example, access to some parts of the platform can be granted to external stakeholders, and the approval workflow and note-sharing features make collaboration a simple and straightforward process.

Falcon.io has an open API to simplify integration with other external tools. It can be connected to HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Salesforce, for example.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It has the Falcon Content Pool, which is a digital library that stores published content and stock items or saves ones that you want to use later
  • It has social advertising capabilities that allows you to create, publish, and promote Facebook and Instagram ads
  • It has a good reporting section

💵 Pricing

Falcon.io doesn’t offer many plans from which you can choose. There is only one ready-made plan available, and it costs $108 per month, per user. A personalised demo is available only upon request.

8. Oktopost

source: oktopost.com

Oktopost is a social media management platform focused on B2B marketing. The platform is straightforward and covers only the essential features. Therefore, it is a good tool for those who are looking for an easy solution and will not use any advanced features anyway.

Oktopost has a very intuitive drag and drop calendar that gives a real-time overview of all scheduled and published content across multiple networks, teams, and campaigns. It also provides the ability to generate AI-powered social posts and organize content across different profiles and networks at the most optimal times.

source: oktopost.com

Oktopost’s approval workflow streamlines post reviews and team collaboration. Users can leave comments for contributors and request changes in one interface. Marketers can also simplify their day-to-day work by using custom analytics dashboards. They can build one in minutes and get the big picture of the audience, ROI, and overall social media performance.

This tool’s analytics provides useful metrics – you can identify top-performing links, keywords, and hashtags, then optimize them to your social media strategy. It’s also possible to integrate social media analytics into broader business data and gain even more insights.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It has automatic link shortening and AI-powered social listening
  • It has a crisis mode that in case of emergency pauses or purges all social media activities
  • You can protect your brand reputation by banning specific phrases or words
  • It has a media library where you can store videos, images, GIFs, and PDFs, plus an in-built editor is available

💵 Pricing

Oktopost does not state its pricing, which is only available upon request of a demo. 

9. NapoleonCat

source: napoleoncat.com

NapoleonCat is a comprehensive set of tools for social media marketing. It enables marketers to manage multiple social media accounts at once. A feature that differentiates this tool from its competitors is automation of customer service.

NapoleonCat offers many more features that can be automated, including reports, which can help you reduce the time required to complete repetitive tasks. It also has an easy-to-read publishing calendar, making the content approval process much faster and more manageable.

source: napoleoncat.com

You can successfully use this tool to monitor and benchmark against competitors. It performs comparative analysis, plus it generates visually attractive and substantively valuable reports. What’s more, the tool identifies the best time to post in order to better schedule content.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • You can gain insights into the performance of IG Stories and Facebook videos performance, plus build white-label reports
  • It has a dedicated discussion panel in which users can exchange ideas and feedback with their team members
  • It has social customer service automation – you can set up automatic replies to simple questions (e.g. delivery time, sizing, hours of operation, etc.) and improve your response rates

💵 Pricing

NapoleonCat offers a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details. Subscription plans start from $21 per month paid annually. Dedicated customer service and custom solutions are available. 

10. SocialPilot

source: socialpilot.co

SocialPilot is a great choice if you’re looking for a user-friendly solution that will allow you to connect up to 75 social media accounts. It’s a social media management platform that works well for both agencies and individuals. They can create a white label dashboard and customize it to enhance the client experience.

source: socialpilot.co

Users have an unlimited number of clients, and they can schedule posts from custom RSS feeds that will automatically share blogs of their favorite sites on their social media accounts. Furthermore, you can streamline your team’s work by assigning roles to multiple users for efficient management.

They can also add multiple images to each social media post and edit them individually for different platforms. SocialPilot integrates with Canva, which is convenient for editing pictures, graphics, and GIFs with ease. In addition, SocialPilot provides an inbox for managing comments more effectively and offers a way to manage ads on Facebook.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It can be integrated with Canva
  • It has a visual editor in its mobile app
  • With bulk scheduling, you can upload up to 500 posts at once
  • SocialPilot analytics are reasonably well laid out and easily understandable for clients
  • It gives the possibility to customized reports to match the brand identity

💵 Pricing

SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details. Subscriptions for their plans start from $25.50 per month paid annually (limited to one user). For small teams, the monthly fee begins at $42.50 and increases to $127.50 for agencies.

11. StoryChief

source: storychief.io

StoryChief is a tool for organizing all content marketing: blogs, social media, and employee advocacy. It’s a tool that helps you get the most out of your content marketing campaigns. Its goal is to help businesses streamline their content publishing and distribution processes.

This tool has a collaborative workspace to simplify working with a team. You can organize your teamwork and give permissions according to member’s roles, add comments, and edit drafts in real-time.

source: storychief.io

StoryChief can be integrated with other tools to make content marketing as easy as possible. You can create content campaigns tailored to each channel, publish articles to your CMS, create social posts, and promote content through employees.

It also has advanced analytics –  you can check which types of content resonate with your audience the most, track their performance, and generate reports from the latest data. 

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It supports content publishing platforms such as WordPress, Webflow, Hubspot, Ghost, and more
  • You can manage SEO campaigns
  • It has evergreen content recycling
  • It has more than 2000 integrations for automating the workflow

💵 Pricing

StoryChief has three plans to choose from: for teams, agencies, or custom. The prices vary between $106-$884 per month paid annually. A 14-day free trial is available without requiring card details.

12. eclincher

source: eclincher.com

Whether you run a large company, a marketing agency, or a social media agency, eclincher may be the right choice. Anyone looking for a simple and effective tool to handle their brand reputation and reach on the Internet would find this tool helpful. eclincher has many useful features – it will automatically post entries from RSS feeds to queue up posts that it will publish automatically for you.

The eclincher content calendar is colorful with drag and drop capabilities, making it easy to use and navigate through the interface. It gives you the big picture of all social media marketing campaigns and can be fully integrated with many popular tools like Zendesk, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Bitly.

source: eclincher.com

Eclincher’s analytics will not disappoint you, but won’t blow you away either. It provides simple demographic data, but you don’t get profound information about the audience. However, its reporting feature is a valuable tool for determining campaign success or failure and showing you how to optimize your further moves.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It supports nearly all platforms (TikTok and YouTube included)
  • It has auto-posting queues to recycle the best performing evergreen content
  • It has listening and monitoring features

💵 Pricing

Eclincher offers a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details. Subscriptions for their plans start from $59 per month for 1 user. Each additional user costs $20 per month, but is only available on the highest plans.

13. MeetEdgar

source: meetedgar.com

MeetEdgar is considered to be one of the most helpful evergreen content scheduling software solutions available on the market. It’s loaded with time-saver features and helps to schedule and generate social media content more efficiently. Like every other social media scheduling tool, it streamlines marketer workflows and helps to manage their daily work.

source: meetedgar.com

MeetEdgar focuses on the continuity and regularity of publications. That is why it covers features that are designed to guarantee this to its users. For example, MeetEdgar will keep posting even when you are too busy to schedule updates manually. The software will also automatically repurpose and republish your evergreen content.

It provides A/B tests and link tracking to see what your audience responds to best. You can see post performance and know if you’re on the right path without guesswork. 

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It has an unlimited content library
  • Based on the behavior of audience members, it recommends the best publication times and gives content suggestions to generate posts faster 
  • It has A/B test variations and automated resharing

💵 Pricing

MeetEdgar provides a 7-day free trial. After that, their subscription fees start from $19 per month. Even the lowest plan is for 3 users and an unlimited number of scheduled posts. However, it’s a lite version that doesn’t include all of the available features.

14. Crowdfire

source: crowdfireapp.com

Crowdfire is an easy social media management tool that helps you discover and schedule content and manage all your social accounts from one place. Except for the typical features of social media scheduling tools, it provides such add-ons like image recommendations to curate shareable images for Instagram or a queue meter to help you keep track of the regularity of posting.

It has an advanced reports builder to create professional reports with the data points you want to highlight. A handy option is the ability to add all social media accounts in a single report. Ready-made templates are also available. You can also schedule weekly or monthly reports exported directly to your email in PDF or PPT formats.

source: crowdfireapp.com

Crowdfire also launched an option to monitor Twitter mentions. It provides the possibility to reply to mentions with text and images, GIFs, or videos.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It can be integrated with Shopify, Etsy, and WordPress
  • Crowdfire offers a free version, which is a great option for individuals and people who just want to get started
  • Its queue meter will ensure that you have enough content scheduled for the next 7 days

💵 Pricing

Paid plans start from $7.48 per month and are recommended for individuals and small businesses. The highest plan costs $74.98, and it’s a great option for large companies and agencies. There is no free trial because MeetEdgar offers a free version of its tool for up to 3 linked accounts and 10 scheduled posts.

15. Later

source: later.com

Later is a social media management tool focused on Instagram, though it does support other networks as well. In its feature set, Later emphasizes the visual aspects of its solution as well as the fact that it is a tool mainly designed to share videos, photos, and stories. This social media marketing platform lets you plan, analyze, and publish content in a few clicks to save as much time as possible.

Later has a simple, easy to use interface that is highly visually appealing. At first glance, you can see that the interface was designed to be attractive and useful for users.

source: later.com

As it’s a tool focused on Instagram, it has advanced Preview features that help manage the order of posts. It allows you to view what your Instagram profile grid will look like with your scheduled posts and change the order with the drag and drop function.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • It gives personalized insights with suggestions
  • It can be integrated with Linkin.bio to turn an Instagram feed into a clickable, shoppable page for followers
  • It will be a good choice for marketers that focus their work on Instagram

💵 Pricing

Later offers a free version for up to 1 social set and 30 posts per profile. An annual subscription to their paid plan varies between $12.50 to $33.33 per month. It’s also possible to customize a plan by choosing an additional social set (to manage more social media profiles) and a higher number of users.

16. SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media management platform that helps businesses grow their social media presence. It offers features such as scheduling posts, analyzing social media analytics, and collaborating with team members. SocialBee also provides users with customized reports to help them understand how their social media efforts are translating into business results. It comes with a set of integrations to help marketers make the most of their work, yet it’s lacking crucial community management features.

source https://socialbee.io/

For businesses that want to improve their social media presence but don’t have the time or resources to do so manually, SocialBee.io presents itself as a good enough solution. With many features (despite missing a few important ones), marketers can make more informed decisions about their social media marketing campaigns.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • it serves Google My Business and TikTok
  • it offers posting on auto-pilot
  • it includes integration with Canva
  • it has a native link shortener

💵 Pricing

A standard plan is relatively cheap at $19, yet fairly limited to just 5 social profiles. Agency plans start from $79 a month, and there are also annual plans but the prices are not disclosed.

17. FeedHive

If you are looking for even more automation of your social media management, FeedHive might be the right choice. Social media managers may find its AI options to be an interesting choice. 

Although it lacks some features (e.g. it does not support Pinterest scheduling), some individuals will be tempted by its many automated options such as analyzing followers’ activity and picking the best times to post. 

source: https://feedhive.io/

Post Conditions is also an option that you might want to check, since it allows you to create follow-up comments based on the number of likes or the engagement rate, etc.

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • it offers +3,000 AI generated inspiration templates and thousands of images and gifs
  • it supports creating a recurring posting plan
  • it provides hashtag generation and performance prediction features

💵 Pricing

It offers a free, extremely limited version for solopreneurs (just one social media account), and then paid plans start from $19 a month.

18. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a social media management tool that helps online marketers and agencies generate posts and publish them automatically. You can add numerous client accounts and this social media marketing solution will have no problem keeping up, just connect accounts as you grow.

Besides helping its members come up with ideas for their posts, PromoRepublic also produces compelling visuals that are created by its internal team and accessible to users of this tool. 

source: https://promorepublic.com/en/

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • it offers a graphic editor
  • it provides an Autopilot option for scheduling
  • it has a post idea library
  • it includes a free trial

💵 Pricing

The cheapest plan includes only one user and three social media accounts, yet it comes at a cost of just $9. Agency plans start at $75 a month, though they still don’t offer as many social media accounts or users as other tools do.

19. Postoplan

This social media management tool helps businesses manage their social media accounts from a single dashboard. A variety of features are available, including scheduling posts, analyzing performance, plus managing comments and messages. Even though Postoplan comes with fewer features than other platforms and supports less of the major social media networks, you still may want to give it a go.

With Postoplan, businesses can save time and improve their social media marketing efforts. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of features that make it a useful tool for any business.

source: https://postoplan.com/

💥 It’s a solid CoSchedule alternative because…

  • it offers two graphic editors with a photo library – over 2 million images to choose from
  • it provides scheduling to Telegram
  • it comes with unified community management via social inbox 
  • it includes post suggestions and ideas

💵 Pricing

Plans start from less than $2 a month with a limited set of features, including only 2 social accounts and 10 days planning period, which may be a drawback for marketers.

Which users might want to consider switching from CoSchedule to another social media management tool?

You should consider jumping ships if you:

  • are a social media expert who is looking for more robust scheduling and reporting options. CoSchedule is a great tool for those who are looking to publish content consistently and track its performance. However, those looking for more detailed data, better workflow, or adding other social media platforms into their marketing mix may find another tool more beneficial.
  • have a team of social media managers under your wings and many profiles/posts to manage. You may find another tool more helpful for coordinating schedules and assigning tasks. As an example, Kontentino provides extensive features for team collaboration that allow multiple users to contribute content and schedule posts simultaneously.
  • work in a marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing. CoSchedule is a great tool for content creation and organization, but it does not offer all the features and capabilities that other tools do. There are a number of other social media tools on the market that offer more flexibility and customizability than CoSchedule, so agencies that have outgrown it may find better value in switching to a more powerful tool.

CoSchedule alternative FAQ

How to choose the best Coschedule alternative?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best CoSchedule alternative:

  • Price – how much does the software cost?
  • Ease of use – is the tool simple and user friendly?
  • Features – what does it offer?
  • Customer support – what kind is available?
  • Company reputation – are they known to be reliable?

Based on these criteria, our top pick for the best CoSchedule alternative is Kontentino. It offers great features, excellent customer support, and a good company reputation. It’s also affordable and easy to use.

What features should the best CoSchedule alternative have?

It should have a similar set of features to the original tool, including the ability to connect to social media accounts and post updates, and create and monitor posts schedules. There should also be some additional features, such as tracking post performance and measuring engagement.

How much is a CoSchedule alternative?

It depends on the features and capabilities of a particular tool. Generally speaking, social media management tools can range from around $25 per month to $500 or more. It really depends on what you need and what level of service you’re looking for.

Some tools charge by the number of posts per month instead of by the number of social media profiles. Others have different pricing structures altogether, so it’s always best to read the fine print before signing up for a social media management tool.

Kontentino as one of the best CoSchedule alternatives

Although CoSchedule is a great tool, it’s simply not for everyone. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for and what your expectations and needs are. Test the ones that grabbed your attention most, and then make your own decisions.

If social media management is what matters most to you, CoSchedule might not be the best option. Kontentino is the perfect in-between solution. It can be a successful social media scheduler and collaboration tool. It isn’t slowing down in its development but is rather still growing. You can test out a free trial – you may have just found the perfect solution for your business.


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social media content with Kontentino

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