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The 31 Digital Marketing Tools That Should Be on Your Radar in 2022

Kinga Edwards
Written by
Kinga Edwards

What are the best digital marketing tools that professionals should try in 2022? Which tools for digital marketers automate activities that we need to perform on a regular basis and eliminate the repetitive tasks we all have to complete?

The reason you’re here is that you’ve probably asked yourself these questions at least once before. 

There are many lists of digital marketing tools, but we think there is room for one more. Take a look at our list of 33 digital marketing tools we really recommend. 

Social media marketing tools

With social media being so dynamic, tools that provide a helping hand are always appreciated. This is a list of digital marketing tools that we have hand-picked to help you achieve your social media goals. They have great potential on their own, but they have even greater power when combined? We’re sure about that. 

#1 Kontentino

What is Kontentino?

Kontentino is a social media management tool that streamlines communication and workflow for your entire organization. It’s considered to be one of the best digital marketing tools for marketers and agencies.

What are Kontentino’s key features?

  • intuitive, collaborative social media calendars
  • support for all major social media platforms
  • content approval features for seamless collaboration
  • task and asset management under one roof

How does Kontentino help digital marketers?

Kontentino presents more features than just scheduling and analytics. It’s a powerful suite for social media management that is armed with many options for collaboration to speed up and improve the quality of work. With its content approval features, clients can quickly approve or reject posts and streamline the whole process.

Kontentino is a one-stop shop for social media professionals who want to maximize their social media management and provide even better services to their business partners and clients.  

source: rocketlink.io

What is RocketLink?

RocketLink is a retargeting and link shortening tool that lets you send retargeted pixels using shortened links. Such activity gives you the opportunity to reach more people with your products and services and retarget them later.

What are RocketLink’s key features?

  • Social media preview thumbnail customization
  • Custom domains and URL shortening
  • Building custom audiences based on user clicks
  • Engaging your target audience with cross-platform retargeting
  • Opt-in and call-to-action features

How does RocketLink help digital marketers? 

It was designed with the intention of helping marketers retarget groups of customers. This platform allows you to create audiences based on the links that people click – even if those links don’t belong to you! Also, statistics and controls are available for monitoring activity and making improvements as necessary. 

#3 HypeAuditor

source: hypeauditor.com

What is HypeAuditor?

HypeAuditor is a 100% AI-powered Influencer Marketing platform that helps marketers plan, run, optimize, and analyze influencer marketing campaigns. 

What are HypeAuditor’s key features?

  • 10M+ database
  • in-depth metrics for analysis
  • tracking ad campaign performance
  • fraud detection & brand affinity features
  • competitor analysis

How does HypeAuditor help digital marketers? 

A social media manager’s work today involves influencer marketing campaigns. There are many things to keep tabs on and research in order to make sure those campaigns are efficiently set up and run. HypeAuditor provides a helping hand to marketers who need to do this quickly, professionally, and very accurately. The software automates a lot of tedious tasks, leaving room for creativity.

Email marketing tools

In every marketing strategy, email marketing plays a critical role. Successful campaigns can help your business and clients achieve fantastic results. Discover which digital marketing tools we find most useful in the area of email marketing!

#4 MailChimp

source: mailchimp.com

What is MailChimp? 

MailChimp is a web-based email marketing service used by marketers all over the World. It offers a plethora of features that help with the creation of successful email marketing campaigns.

What are MailChimp’s key features?

  • date- and behavior-based automation
  • drag & drop email builder
  • A/B testing features
  • various integrations and internal tools for improving efficiency

How does MailChimp help digital marketers? 

Email marketing still reigns supreme. Marketers can win over current and potential customers with the right, data-driven sequences and messages. Combined with social media strategies, email marketing can be an extremely effective strategy. MailChimp makes it easy.

#5 Coresender

source: coresender.com

What is Coresender?

Using Coresender, marketers can ensure that their marketing and transactional emails are delivered to the right inboxes. Your promotional communication will never end up in spam or promo folders again thanks to Coresender.

What are Coresender’s key features?

  • separated sending infrastructure
  • email authentication
  • email bounce management
  • monitoring around the clock
  • dedicated IP addresses

How does Coresender help digital marketers? 

An email can only be effective if it is delivered to the intended place. Transactional emails are especially important for ecommerce and SaaS, and marketing emails come into play elsewhere. But they may never be opened if they reach spam inboxes, costing marketers valuable conversions. As the process moves along, Coresender keeps an eye on its accuracy.  

SEO (search engine optimization) tools

SEO can be beneficial to any business if done properly. As such, it’s no surprise that marketers are becoming more interested in this type of software. Check out our recommendations of the best SEO tools.

#6 Ahrefs

source: ahrefs.com

What is Ahrefs? 

Marketing strategies must include the important component of SEO. Marketers need tools to monitor effects, identify gaps to address, and track important metrics to ensure their SEO tactics are properly executed. Ahrefs does just that. 

What are Ahrefs’ key features?

  • link profile analysis
  • content gaps
  • site audit features
  • keyword analysis
  • real-time rank tracking

How does Ahrefs help digital marketers? 

There are a few digital marketing tools that every marketer should have access to, and Ahrefs is one of them. It provides a wealth of data on your and your competitors’ websites. Aside from that, Ahrefs offers a lot of free resources and tools for marketers who want to better understand search engine optimization. 

#7 Respona

source: respona.com

What is Respona?

Respona is an all-in-one blogger outreach platform outfitted with all of the necessary tools to set up and launch an email campaign of any kind, be it for link building, digital PR, marketing, or even sales.

Respona’s intuitive interface guides you through every step of creating and launching your outreach campaigns, as well as keeping track of your performance and also the status of your conversations with each prospect.

What are Respona’s key features?

  • Automated email outreach
  • Great for prospecting and finding contact information
  • Deep personalization
  • Built-in analytics and reporting

How does Respona help digital marketers?

The tool will be especially useful for link builders, as it was initially created to help Visme scale their link building outreach efforts. This contributed to the website gaining over 2 million organic visitors a month.

It will also be useful to anyone who relies on mass outreach for all intents and purposes, including marketing, PR, content promotion, and even sales.

#8 Frase

source: frase.io

What is Frase?

Frase is a SEO optimization tool was created for marketers, writers, and SEO specialists to help them create the best-performing content.

What are Frase’s key features

  • powerful outline builders
  • detailed content briefs
  • AI-powered content optimization
  • content analysis features
  • Google Docs integration

How does Frase help digital marketers?

Marketing professionals strive to create amazing content, and digital marketing tools like Frase make this possible. Using the tool, marketers have a solution for creating and publishing content that matters, since they can optimize existing content and create well-optimized content from scratch. Additionally, it can streamline the workflow with external parties, agencies, and writers to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

#9 Postaga

source: postaga.com

What is Postaga?

Postaga is an outreach tool that can be used to build links and run PR campaigns across a variety of platforms. 

What are Postaga’s key features?

  • Outreach Assistant
  • Opportunity finder
  • Content Analyzer
  • Contact Finder
  • Email Automator

How does Postaga help digital marketers?

Effective outreach is nothing less than an art form in 2021. If you want to succeed in link building and gain visibility for your brand, you need to master outreach and build relationships. With Postaga, you can automate outreach processes, find the best opportunities, and focus on what really matters: relationships, strategy, and analytics. 

Conversion optimization tools

Marketers are constantly striving for better conversion rates. Fortunately, it is possible to continuously improve conversion using a variety of tools that are available to have at your disposal. Check out what digital marketing tools can help you with.

#10 Smartlook

source: smartlook.com

What is Smartlook?

Smartlook is a web and mobile analytics platform built to help analysts and marketers better understand customer behavior.

What are Smartlook’s key features?

  • always-on user session recordings
  • multi-layer heatmaps
  • anomaly detection
  • filters and funnels for narrowing down results
  • automatic event tracking

How does Smartlook help digital marketers?

Smartlook provides insights that are not available anywhere else. Marketers can benefit from Smartlook’s data-driven insights by using them to make better business decisions. The tool helps identify bottlenecks on websites or in mobile apps, aids continuous improvement, and demonstrates where quick fixes are required. Marketers can answer a lot of their questions with data and eliminate problems such as poor conversion rates and abandoned carts.

#11 SurveyMonkey

source: surveymoney.co.uk

What is SurveyMonkey?

SurveyMonkey is an online survey platform used by thousands of marketers Worldwide to gather feedback and create interactive quizzes.

What are SurveyMonkey’s key features?

  • fast and intuitive survey creation
  • various survey templates
  • customization tools
  • many sharing & integration features
  • automatic charts and summaries

How does SurveyMonkey help digital marketers?

Nowadays, one of the most powerful marketing tools is customer feedback, hence gaining it whenever possible is very important. SurveyMonkey simplifies this process thanks to a very intuitive survey builder and numerous integration options. To make marketing campaigns more engaging, marketers can also use this tool to create quizzes and polls.  

#12 Better Proposals

source: betterproposals.io

What is Better Proposals?

If you have ever had to close a sale, then you probably had to write a business proposal. The process of writing these is anything but fun and can take hours to complete, yet you can still never know if the client will sign or not. Better Proposals lets you create, send, and manage beautiful web-based business proposals.

What are Better Proposals’ key features?

  • proposal editor
  • 100+ proposal templates
  • detailed proposal analytics
  • digital signatures and payment integrations
  • detailed proposal analytics

How does Better Proposals help digital marketers?

If you’re looking to acquire new clients, you’ll have to send business proposals in order to pitch your services. This tool lets you create a marketing business proposal within 15 minutes. Ship it out and get notified when a prospective client opens, reads, and signs the proposal. They can also immediately send money from the proposal, making it even easier to get paid without chasing invoices.

#13 Zapier

source: zapier.com

What is Zapier?

Among many integration tools out there, Zapier stands out. It lets you create automated workflows that connect two or more apps you use on a daily basis. 

What are Zapier’s key features?

  • integrating over 3,000 apps
  • automating tasks across tools
  • workflow builder
  • advanced connection sequences

How does Zapier help digital marketers?

Automating marketing processes is definitely what marketers need in order to help them with the heavy workloads they face every day. Zapier is one of those digital marketing tools that every marketer should have in their toolbox. It is an amazingly helpful source for marketers due to its ability to integrate apps, tools, and processes under one roof. 

#14 Adzooma

source: adzooma.com

What is Adzooma?

With Adzooma, you can run your Facebook, Microsoft, and Google campaigns faster and more efficiently than with Facebook ads thanks to features you cannot find on native platforms. If you want to get your business spotted online, Adzooma is a solid platform that you should use.

What are Adzooma’s features?

  • Easy creation of configurable reports in just a few seconds
  • Personalization and branding
  • Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Ads under one roof
  • PPC audit

How does Adzooma help digital marketers?

This platform allows your business to save money, time, and effort on running campaigns in bulk. Online ad accounts can be managed and optimized with a complete set of easy-to-use tools. It takes just a few seconds to get started. As you can manage multiple accounts, you will be able to serve more customers without adding more staff, thus helping to scale your business. 

Over 50 different custom checks are used by the platform to analyze your accounts. Personalized suggestions are then provided for improving your campaigns. With the automation feature, time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be eliminated with just one click. By receiving instant notifications, you will always be aware of any updates to your account and campaigns, making it easier to keep track of everything.

Landing page and lead capture tools

Marketers’ bread and butter is often developing lead forms and landing pages. For this reason, it is recommended to use the proper tools. Here is a list of amazing digital marketing tools to help you with your daily work.

#15 Landingi 

source: landingi.com

What is Landingi?

Landingi is a landing page tool that combines drag-and-drop functionality with solutions to increase conversions and retention. 

What are Landingi’s key features?

  • intuitive drag & drop landing page builder
  • pop-up builder
  • more than 300 templates for landing pages to choose from
  • various integrations
  • analytics features 
  • lead inbox

How does Landingi help digital marketers?

Landing pages are an integral part of the strategies of a wide variety of marketers all around the World. However, they are often mistakenly viewed as a time-consuming procedure. With Landingi, building landing pages is easy, intuitive, and does not require any coding, so marketers can quickly create multiple pages on the spot. 

#16 youengage

source: youengage.me

What is youengage?

youengage is made for driving marketers to create interactive content. Its intuitive editor enables you to create engaging social media campaigns and increase high-quality engagement on your website.

You can customize features such as quizzes, calculators, surveys, polls, live Q&A, and more from its easy-to-use dashboard. 

Furthermore, all of these elements and feedback can be generated without any coding being required.

What are youengage’s key features?

  • Projects and events without limits
  • Q&As and live polls
  • Customized color schemes and themes to suit your needs
  • Assessing responses, analyzing data, and exporting
  • Several integrations

How does youengage help digital marketers?

With youengage, you can integrate user data with the many marketing apps in your stack to transform interactive experiences. 

With the platform’s webhooks, you can integrate and analyze data while maintaining your own custom domain on web-hosted projects, elements, and events. Furthermore, you can incorporate interactivity into your virtual events, allowing participants to ask questions, vote in polls, and more right alongside your live videos.

Use interactive web elements to engage your customers and build stronger relationships.

#17 Trust 

source: getdigitaltrust.com

What is Trust?

Trust lets businesses from all industries easily collect and display social proof on their websites. Social proof is one of the key elements of convincing visitors to become customers, but collecting and showing it on your website can be a lot of work – especially since the loudest customers are usually unsatisfied ones..

What are Trust’s key features?

  • testimonials and reviews that embed on your website
  • video testimonials
  • automated testimonial collection through emails
  • collect ratings
  • embeddable widget forms for easy feedback collection

How does Trust help digital marketers?

One of the strongest assets of any marketing team is the social proof, which means actual reviews from the customers of a product. This tool lets you collect and show that feedback without getting lost in countless emails. Also, video testimonials pack an amazing punch when shown on any customer-facing page.

#18 LiveWebinar

source: livewebinar.com

What is LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is a powerful webinar tool that can be used for video conferencing, online meetings, and virtual summits. 

What are LiveWebinar’s key features?

  • customizable branding
  • internal tools for driving engagement and collaboration
  • a bunch of integrations
  • evergreen webinars 
  • breakout rooms
  • virtual backgrounds

How does LiveWebinar help digital marketers?

During 2020, the whole World was turning to online solutions to replace offline events and initiatives. The popularity of webinars has grown, but they are not always successful. Online marketing tools like LiveWebinar make it easier to create and conduct webinars while simultaneously making them more interactive, engaging, and appealing to target audiences. For webinars that are designed for lead generation or brand awareness, which requires much more than just speaking in front of a camera, LiveWebinar is the perfect solution.

#19 Poptin

source: poptin.com

What is Poptin?

Poptin is a CRO tool that lets marketers capture leads on their websites easily and quickly via pop-ups and forms.

What are Poptin’s key features?

  • intuitive drag and drop interface
  • exit-intent technology 
  • triggering and targeting options 
  • A/B testing
  • real-time analytics

How does Poptin help digital marketers?

The ability to think outside the box is now a requirement in the world of marketing. You can enhance your website by adding Poptin interactive elements, allowing you to reach more potential visitors and increase conversions. It is both easy to install and user-friendly, so you can convert your visitors into clients quickly.

#20 Woorise

source: woorise.com

What is Woorise?

Woorise offers marketers a comprehensive lead generation and marketing platform equipped with interactive tools for increasing engagement. 

What are Woorise’s key features?

  • creating viral giveaways and contests
  • landing page builder
  • engaging forms templates for surveys and quizzes
  • gateways for subscriptions and payments 

How does Woorise help digital marketers?

Your brand can go places with viral content. With Woorise, you can build advanced viral marketing programs and giveaways to generate more buzz about a particular brand, product, or service. Because these activities are so simple to create and automated in a beautiful way, adding them to your marketing strategy is an interesting challenge.

Graphic creation tools

Graphics are the one thing all marketers will always need. How can they be created quickly, professionally, and creatively? By using our digital marketing tools list.

#21 Biteable

source: biteable.com

What is Biteable?

The Biteable online video maker is used by marketers Worldwide for creating videos, animations, and mockups. 

What are Biteable’s key features?

  • a plethora of templates
  • built-in stock footage
  • ability to add your branding
  • image resizer
  • editing tools

How does Biteable help marketers?

On social media, video posts tend to be more effective, more recognizable, and generate increased engagement. Furthermore, they are relatively inexpensive materials to use for paid social media promotion. It is therefore not surprising that marketers are increasingly interested in creating videos, but often lack the skills or time to do so. They can create professional-looking animations using Biteable in seconds, though!

#22 StoryArt

What is StoryArt?

source: play.google.com

StoryArt is a mobile image editor designed to assist marketers with creating captivating marketing stories. 

What are StoryArt’s key features?

  • more than 4,000 templates to use for Stories including 300 animated ones
  • animated text effect
  • gifs and stickers to add to Stories
  • filters and presets 

How does StoryArt help digital marketers?

Stories on various social media platforms (and we’re not only talking about Instagram here) have become a key method of communication. Your brand can enhance its visibility and increase conversion by sharing captivating Stories to its target audience. With StoryArt, you can make stunning, professional graphics for your Stories quickly. There are many built-in elements included, so you don’t have to find other solutions or spend time creating graphics from scratch.

#23 Librestock

source: librestock.com

What is Librestock?

Librestock is a stock photo search engine and aggregator that collects free CC0 images from numerous stock photo websites. 

What are Librestock’s key features?

  • more than 5,000 completely free-to-use CC0 photos
  • a few hundred free-to-use videos
  • precise and easy-to-use search bar

How does Librestock help digital marketers?

It is essential for social media managers to have original graphic assets. Choosing elements and graphics that are widely used may negatively affect conversion or engagement, as target groups can grow tired of generic posts and graphics. It is therefore important to use curated assets and keep surprising clients. Librestock is a great library of images that are free to access and use.

source: manypixels.io/gallery

What is ManyPixels Gallery?

The ManyPixels Gallery provides marketers with a library of free vectors and illustrations. 

What are ManyPixels Gallery’s key features?

  • thousands of illustrations to choose from
  • categories & types
  • color picker
  • intuitive search bar

How does ManyPixels Gallery help digital marketers?

The ManyPixels Gallery is another asset that every marketer should have in their toolbox. Its library of illustrations is so extensive that digital marketers are sure to find something for their designs in seconds. Customizing colors for a particular brand is possible through a color picker. Furthermore, the library is continuously updated, so marketers can dive in for inspiration and new content.

#25 Bannery.app

source: bannery.app

What is Bannery.app?

Using Bannery, you can create promotional banners in 3D. Moreover, you can order a 3D model of your product with a few clicks. The product is still in its beta version at the time of writing this article, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try.

What are Bannery.app’s key features?

  • 2D and 3D library
  • adjustable colors
  • 3D rotation
  • design support

How does Bannery.app help digital marketers?

3D graphics create an immersive and engaging experience that draws in viewers, grabbing their attention and leaving a lasting impression. They are often associated with being difficult to create, but Bannery is here to help with that. 

When done correctly, 3D graphics can help you communicate your brand story or message in a visually appealing way that captures viewers’ attention and compels them to take action. Additionally, 3D graphics can help to create an emotional connection with your target audience and make your brand more memorable. And since the tool is easy to use, you have no excuses not to do just that.

#26 Storyset

source: storyset.com

What is Storyset?

The Storyset website offers dozens of free illustrations and vectors that can be customized to fit your needs. As marketers often struggle to provide appropriate graphic materials, Storyset is a great tool for them.

What are Storyset’s key features?

  • Pictures can be saved in PNG and SVG formats
  • The option of deleting individual elements in an image
  • Color changes can be made
  • There are many types of illustrations
  • An effective search engine

How can Storyset help digital marketers?

Marketing professionals can create professional illustrations with Storyset in seconds without hiring or involving graphic designers. Images can be created in just a few clicks. With this approach, you can create consistent pictures that can be adapted and used on a large scale in your projects.

Materials can be customized to meet your preferences or the needs of the project. There is no registration process on the site, and everything is free. If you need a lot of illustrations and do not have the time, resources, or budget for additional graphic designers then Storyset will work well for you.

Miscellaneous marketing tools

What more can you do to market your business? Put more tools to use! Check out our list of digital marketing tools not included in the categories above.

#27 Linktr.ee

source: linktr.ee

What is Linktr.ee?

You can create your own customised Linktree page containing all of your important links and share it on social media.  

What are Linktr.ee’s key features? 

  • drag & drop editor
  • various elements and link boxes to add
  • payment collection features
  • analytics & insights
  • third-party integrations

How does Linktr.ee help digital marketers?

Marketers can create personalized mini landing pages for their brands, products, and services with digital marketing tools such as Linktr.ee. By combining various elements and links, such pages become bridges between businesses (e.g. online stores) and their social media profiles, facilitating more natural transitions and increasing conversions. Marketing professionals should check out Linktr.ee because it is extremely easy to use and configure.

#28 Buzzsumo

source: buzzsumo.com

What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo.com is an online analyzer that allows marketers to find out which content performs the best and has the greatest impact in a given industry.

What are Buzzsumo’s key features?

  • content exploration options
  • billions of data points to analyze
  • competitive analysis
  • comment and trends tracking
  • identifying influencers

How does Buzzsumo help digital marketers?

If you are a social media manager, you will know perfectly well that it can be hard to keep getting inspired. Buzzsumo helps marketers think of ideas much faster and come up with new social media campaigns by giving a complete overview of their brand, competitors, and industry. Furthermore, as marketers explore great content, they will also be able to learn from it.

#29 Gramara

source: gramara.com

What is Gramara?

Gramara is an AI-powered grammar checker that is considered by many to be a younger sister of Grammarly.

What are Gramara’s key features?

  • editing and polishing copy
  • automatic translation
  • writing style and tone of voice adjustments
  • free to use!

How does Gramara help digital marketers?

Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are native speakers or social media managers writing in foreign languages. Gramara ensures that your copy is grammatically correct, error-free, and better sounding than your original. There are times when the perfect word just slips into your head, and Gramara will make it easier for you to find and use that word in your copy.

#30 Habitica

source: habitica.com

What is Habitica?

Habibitica makes social media tasks feel like fun. It is a free app that encourages habits and improves productivity. 

What are Habitica’s key features?

  • tracking habits and goals
  • collaborative tasks and challenges
  • high customization features

How does Habitica help digital marketers?

Gamification is an excellent way to meet your marketing goals. Habitica goes far beyond simply being a task management tool or a way to keep track of everything manually. If you set yourself challenges and goals every day, your social media work is going to be more predictable and successful as a result. 

#31 Swipebucket

source: swipebucket.io

What is Swipebucket?

Digital marketers can store all of their content – ads, screenshots, articles, highlights, you name it – on Swipebucket.

What are Swipebucket’s key features?

  • saving files for inspiration
  • browsing through starred/tagged content
  • access from all devices
  • reminders and notifications

How does Swipebucket help digital marketers?

Nowadays, digital marketers are bombarded with all kinds of tools, applications, articles, and inspirational materials. Getting familiar with all of these things is impossible, exhausting, and possibly overwhelming. You can organize your inspiring content in Swipebucket so that you can easily refer to it later, find it anytime you need, and put tips and tricks into practice. This is a great solution for organizing the many bookmarks that every marketer likely has in their browser.

Why should you use digital marketing tools? 

There are a number of reasons why you should use digital marketing tools. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • reach a larger audience with less effort: with the right set of digital marketing tools, you can pinpoint and target your audience more precisely.
  • increase efficiency: technology makes managing campaigns easier and more accurate, saving you both the time and money you would have to spend, e.g., on hiring someone else. Most digital marketing tools are fairly affordable, so you can test them without breaking the bank.
  • get better results: by using the right tools, you can improve your conversion rates and get better results from your digital marketing campaigns since a lot of things are automated.
  • serve better customer experience: you can personalize content and communication by leveraging digital marketing tools. Saving time on tedious tasks also allows you to focus on developing your creative strategy and new tactics.

Streamline your workflow with digital marketing tools

Our list will prove useful when selecting new tools and apps for your daily work. The majority of social media managers have a lot on their plates every day, so automating even 10% of their tasks would be a great benefit. Take a look at all of the digital marketing tools listed here or pick just a few to add to your workflow. You will notice the difference in your daily work and the convenience they provide!

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