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Facebook Day: An exclusive tips & tricks from Facebook


Did you know you scroll 90 meters every day?…. This fun fact but also useful tips & tricks could be learned at the exclusive event happening for the selected brands, agencies and Facebook partners. We were one of the lucky ones;)

It is similar as in the digital world. The things working a year ago are not working today. The digital environment is changing fast and the human interaction with it as well.

People on facebook scroll 1.7x faster than at Facebook’s beginnings. Young people spend 2.5x less time, consuming content than people 50+. The point is… Your post needs to grab attention within a blink of an eye. Nothing new right;) So do high-quality, cut-through content and laser-sharp targeting.

This means that you need to serve information to your audience, the way, which keeps a viewer to watch a Facebook video until its end.
Divide video into the sequences which will keep the attention of a viewer – 3s. 6s. 10s. And during the whole length of the video.

The McDonald video is a great example of how to do it. They are beautifully playing with the viewers’ attention from the beginning until the end

Many brands are re-using their TV content for Facebook. PLEASE DON’T!!!
People are behaving completely different when they watch TV from the couch and when they scroll the feed on a phone.

Below is a TV ad by OldSpice shortened to 7 seconds. (understand optimized for Facebook)

The results:

Ad recall lift of the video optimized for Facebook is higher by 17 points compared to a TV spot.

Keep in mind:

Fun fact: our finger runs on the feed over 90 meters every day.

This will not make our finger a new Hussain Bolt. However, it is a good thing to realize how fast are we consuming information. Well, just try it for your self;)

Pretty fast, don’t you think?

The point is that people are consuming fast and your challenge is to stop them for a while and consume your brand message for a bit longer than usual.

There are 3 ways how users are behaving on social media

The point is that you need to grab user’s attention similarly like Google did it.

Behind the scene of Instagram

The newest numbers:

After SnapChat refused to sell its app to Facebook, Mark has decided to steal everything that snap chat got to offer.
The launch of Insta Stories was the most significant update which has changed the way we used to use Instagram.

It did not take a too long when brands adapted to Instastories. It has brought a new opportunity and ways how an audience can interact and consume branded content.

It is a new space/channel to reach a new audience and make them your customers.

That’s all folks. We got to learn much more on the facebook day. But if I wanted to include everything we would need to release a new book.
So someday we will bring you next part of information and knowledge brought to us by Facebook.

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