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Facebook Workplace is here! The first things we can learn

Marije Van Haarlem

Facebook is undeniably the most popular social network worldwide, reaching 1.7 billion active users this year. Taking an example to the massive leader of social media helps us understand trends, which makes it important to keep an eye on them. So what are they up to next? The BETA version ‘Facebook at Work’ had been lingering around for quite some time and promised it’s release at the end of 2015. This week, Facebook has finally launched the platform under its new name, ‘Workplace’. So what does it do?

Facebook’s most new feature is developed to support chat and collaboration within businesses. Currently, more than a thousand organizations around the world are trying out Workplace.

Facebook no longer wants you to just be best buddies with your friends and family – your coworkers are next. Facebook Workplace is a digital platform, similar to Slack, Yammer and Google Hangout. It has all the basics from Facebook you are well familiar with – a news feed, group chat, direct messaging and live video streaming. No scary changes there!

Other than your regular Facebook profile, Workplace adds a dashboard with analytics and shared spaces which allow employees from different organizations to work together. This opens up opportunities for businesses to both internal conversations as well as expanding to new grounds.

Workplace requires a separate login to Facebook, which means you’ll create a new profile. No more endless searches to a profile picture which will be both fun and charming enough, just in case recruiters ever get past it. The new profile comes with a picture and information you can customize to your work environment.

Employees can chat through direct messaging or join a group. Regular Facebook friends from your personal profile won’t see any of your activity, just your Workplace coworkers. Auntie Dorothy will never accidentally butt in on another work-related conversation again.

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Just as you know from Facebook, it is also possible to follow groups or coworkers to receive updates. Workplace is available in the App store and on a desktop.

One of the major benefits of this new profile is the minimal effort you will need in understanding the new platform, as it rings very close to Facebook’s main app. On top of that, Facebook priced Workplace quite low in order to compete with Slack.

Furthermore, Workspace offers the ability to keep away from distraction. Some fair and unfair criticism that we’ve all heard, working in the field of social media: ‘Facebook is distracting our employees during valuable work hours.’ Admit it: no one can ignore Facebook videos of kittens all day.

Another side of this new Facebook feature is beneficial for everyone. By creating a fresh professional profile, you will be able to separate your private life from your professional one. Until now, a personal profile on Facebook was often used for a quick chat or small notation, rather than sending out another e-mail. No one likes a cluttered inbox, right?

This means we often found ourselves communicating with coworkers, agencies, and clients on platforms that we’re never meant for professionals. The fear of accidentally posting a drunk picture on Facebook has become even more terrifying with your boss lingering around.

A tool or platform, used specifically with a professional profile and for client communication only, prevents the chance of any future faux pas from happening.

Kontentino social media tool have solved this quite in a smart way. I am not saying that it will help you to prevent the awkward situations. But because of the separated internal and clients comments right next to the live posts preview will make it less possible.

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