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How 2020 Affected Online Purchases

Paula Grochalova

The global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020. With e-retail sales accounting for 14,1% of all retail sales, the trend of online shopping has been on the rise more than ever before. Many retailers were planning on extending their online offers. Coronavirus crisis sped the process up in many industries, e-commerce especially. Brands had to be creative in ways to approach customers. Even companies that haven’t been that active in the online space had to adjust their strategies and rely on online space.

E-commerce on the rise

With the start of the coronavirus crisis, people began to take advantage of online shopping more. Some of them wanted to practice social distance, others found that there were now more opportunities to buy from their favourite brands because they moved online.

For example, the coronavirus crisis has seen a 60% rise in online shopping in some countries. It would seem that the most sought after items were facemasks, hygiene products and food with long shelf life. However, data shows that after the first wave of buying necessities, customers got used to the new normal of staying home all the time and websites selling books, cosmetics, clothes recorded rise in the number of web visits. When you come to think of it, consumers are now spending much more time at home and are spending more time watching TV or online. That’s why they have a lot more time to think about and search for new products. 

Find new channels and use the right tools

Your customers are online and hopefully, so is your brand. Do you feel like you used every channel possible to approach your customers? 

When you need to move your business online, try Shopify. It offers everything you need to get your business online and have it up and running in no time.

Try Digital Garage, it’s a great place to start when you’re not sure how to go about your digital marketing strategy.

For e-commerce brands, Google ads present endless opportunities. To make your life easier, you should also look at tools that let you automate your efforts.

BlueWinston specialises in helping e-commerce brands to automate Product Text ads on Google Search and Google Shopping ads on Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Gmail. Cover much more relevant search terms with easy to use keyword creation tool. 

To wrap this up

You need to be where your customers are. Take advantage of new situations while your competitors may feel unsure or undecided. Don’t be scared to try new things and find the tools that will help you make the necessary adjustments easier.

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