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How Kontentino Helps Brainy Bees with Everyday Social Media Management

Kinga Edwards
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Kinga Edwards

Who are Brainy Bees? 🐝

Brainy Bees is a versatile digital marketing agency that specializes in creating honey-sweet content for SaaS companies. They work with people from all over the World, managing their PR, social media, and basically anything else that should be taken care of to make the most of their marketing actions. They’ve already managed accounts for over 100 companies via Kontentino and don’t plan to stop.

What do Brainy Bees use Kontentino for?

Although BrainyBees is a content marketing company, they run several social media profiles for their clients as well as their own accounts. Kontentino plays the leading role in this, since the Bees work remotely and part of their team lives in different places around the globe. Also, their clients come from various countries, so using a powerful tool is not a nice help but is actually a necessity.

We can say that they know Kontentino by heart and can describe every feature precisely. They use the tool in practice as well as share their knowledge about how to use it.

Let’s zoom in on the particular actions conducted for each channel.

Managing clients’ multiple social media accounts

In the majority of cases, Brainy Bees use Kontentino to manage client’s multiple accounts. Often they run about two to four profiles on different social media channels for every company they work with and adjust content according to the peculiarities of each platform.

That’s why it’s essential to have the possibility to gather all the profiles of one client and view posts dedicated to various channels on a single dashboard. And it’s possible to do that – you can create and manage groups as in the example below. Then, you can also assign your clients to particular social media groups so they can preview the content that Brainy Bees are going to publish for them.

Making a social media buzz on our profiles

When it comes to company profiles, Brainy Bees use three social media platforms to promote their work and keep in touch with their audience or other marketers.

  • Facebook – it’s the main communication channel. Brainy Bees post various content types there, such as information about new Spotify playlists or ongoing surveys. They also share their blog posts (Expert’s hive).
  • Instagram – this is a place where Brainy Bees mainly post educational content. You can find marketing book recommendations there, as well as posts about SaaS marketing.
  • LinkedIn – shows a more formal side of the company. Brainy Bees CEO Kinga Edwards also uses it to publish content for her private profile and boost social selling actions.

All of these accounts are managed with Kontentino. It facilitates the workflow because posts are created by different teammates and need to be proofread and approved by others. To make this process quick and painless, task scheduling and publication approval are the key features for the Bees.

However, Brainy Bees aren’t a regular agency. They focus more on their clients’ social media profiles rather than their own, so they don’t upload content particularly regularly. As said, the shoemaker’s children are ill-shod 😉.

How to manage the onboarding of new Bees?

Whenever a new Bee joins the company, they need to learn the internal workflow of social media management. To make this simpler, Brainy Bees use a demo profile feature to accelerate the onboarding process.

It’s a handy feature that helps avoid slip-ups during someone’s first steps in the social media world. You can create a demo profile and learn how to manage accounts and upload content without the stress of posting something unwanted to a client’s profile. When an employee eventually starts to manage a client’s account, regular content approval is a must. Double-checking helps to avoid slip-ups and makes the whole creation and publishing process more organized.

How two types of dashboard view facilitate the workflow

Brainy Bees either collaborate with the in-house marketing teams that some of their clients have or run social media profiles from A to Z for others. Whether they cooperate with other marketers or directly with company directors, using one tool enables them to avoid chaos.

Features like the inspiration calendar, simple approval & feedback, and reporting are all used on a daily basis.

One of the most essential options might not seem so obvious, and that’s two types of view for the content calendar. Sometimes clients need to see the whole monthly plan in an Excel-like format, while for others, it’s more intuitive to look at the calendar mode. It’s possible to switch between these two modes, which can come in handy for social media managers as well as clients.

Classic content calendar view

Spreadsheet view

The ability to make this switch is also important for another reason: some clients come from or are still used to the world of spreadsheets and so that type of view is just more convenient for them. That’s the first step of the transition, as by the next they’ll be totally in love with Kontentino’s quick content preview & approval.

Additionally, having everything in one interactive content calendar doesn’t mean that you need to totally forget about PDF/XLSX documents. You can still download those formats (Brainy Bees generates reports as PDFs to be sent to the end clients in one click for an agency that has outsourced all of their social media profiles). 

Workflow organized like in a beehive

“In most cases, we work with the teams that our clients have in-house. We can’t imagine remote collaboration without the support provided by Kontentino to streamline our workflow – from brainstorming, through creating content and sending it for feedback, to scheduling. The whole social media management process is made quicker and better-structured.”

Kinga Edwards, CEO of Brainy Bees

Kontentino offers an array of options that support remote teams, so it’s time to see which are perceived as the most important by the Brainy Bees team.

Smoother remote workflow with clients

“Bees work fast, so we wanted to streamline remote collaboration with clients. We used to share multiple documents including text, visuals, and calendars in spreadsheets or as PDF attachments, but it was time-consuming to manage such chaos. Actually, managing it was one thing, but another issue was getting timely feedback – sometimes the best opportunities passed us by because we didn’t get feedback on time. If I have to estimate, Kontentino makes content approval up to 50% quicker (from a matter of hours to a matter of minutes).”

It takes time to set up a workflow with clients, but sometimes even though both companies are well-skilled, the tools they use don’t let them spread their wings. Sharing tons of assets in various formats from Google Docs to Microsoft Word and Mac Pages – who hasn’t been there?

A media library is a place where your company can upload any kind of assets. They will be available for your co-workers in one place, without them having to use millions of other documents.

People keep repeating that communication is key – and they’re right. However, using only email might make the whole process too slow, and social media managers might not get the answers they need on time (which is especially important if there’s an occasion for RTM). Receiving thousands of notifications from multiple channels isn’t the best way to communicate either.

Comments, feedback, and internal approval are deliverance for an issue like this. And sooner or later, the communication process will have to be streamlined. Even if Brainy Bees work with their clients on various projects, everything regarding social media is discussed via Kontentino to avoid a lack of contact or overly extensive channel division.

Everyone is notified both in Kontentino and via email to check new tasks or comments, so the whole communication process is organized and nothing is left unread.

Kontentino saves, on average, 41% of the required work time compared to using no social media tool workflow, and Brainy Bees can confirm that it accelerated their actions.

Creating and sharing content ideas

#1 Brainstorming

Although most brainstorming sessions are conducted during video calls (sometimes too many), the most important ideas are added to Kontentino. That’s because it’s easy to forget about one or two things, and they may have turned out to be game-changing concepts!

Everything is stored in the “inspirations” tab, which you can find on the top bar.

#2 Mobile & desktop preview

“Often, at the beginning of a collaboration, our clients ask us what a post will look like after publication. In the past, we had to rely on mockups that were both time-consuming and ineffective (how are you going to mock-up a video?!). Post preview is a feature that helps us answer such questions immediately, as we can show precisely how each piece of content will appear on both mobile and desktop.”

#3 Cover changing

When it comes to visuals, it is also crucial to have the possibility to change the cover of a video or shared blog post. Sometimes the thumbnail looks unattractive and needs to be more appealing in order to attract users’ attention. In Kontentino, you can add a link or upload a video and change its cover so that recipients see the photo you’ve chosen instead of the default one when scrolling their feeds.

#4 Easy and visually appealing reporting

Facebook reports are only available for download in the (for some recipients quite unfriendly) XLS format. Also, screenshots have to be captured separately, as confusing as it sounds. Brainy Bees instead choose to generate automatic reports via Kontentino, which they download as a single PDF. This way statistics can be quickly generated, which is especially important for Instagram because this platform shows natively time-limited stats.

Safe collaboration with dedicated team roles

Each collaboration process is different depending on the client’s demands, expectations, and privacy policy. If you’re wondering whether everyone who is added to Kontentino gets access to all of that data, well they don’t.

Some clients only allow particular Bees to create content for them, as they don’t want to give access to too many people due to security reasons. They provide only Kinga with permission to schedule and publish posts, for example.

How exactly does it work if clients prefer this type of workflow?

  • The client provides Brainy Bees with content ideas and information about important events in the coming weeks. This is submitted as a draft with a side note in Kontentino.
  • Brainy Bees create content for social media and send it to the client for approval.
  • Once they get the green light, they assign a task to Kinga to schedule those particular posts.
  • The only thing left is to wait for automatic post publishing!

Another option similar to the one mentioned above is to grant a few people access to the content publishing. One person (here, that’s Kinga) still has everything under control thanks to the revision history.

Community management with Engage

There’s no social media management without comment moderation. Period. This element of digital marketing is probably one of the most tiring and annoying of them all. However, you can make the process smoother and less frustrating by moving your community management to Kontentino.

It’s also a good tactic during onboarding. Brainy Bees use it when introducing new employees so that a more experienced person can have an overview of their actions and replies.

How does Kontentino help with remembering every detail?

It’s well known that bees are very busy creatures, so there’s always something they have to do. It would be impossible to manage multiple social media accounts, create content for other platforms, work on other tasks, and still remember about posting every single post manually.

Post scheduling

This feature comes in handy to lift the burden of remembering hundreds of things simultaneously from Bees’ shoulders. Once drafts are approved, they can be scheduled as posts that will appear on social media profiles automatically.

E-mail reminders

It can’t be stressed enough that sometimes instant feedback is needed when working on social media. To make sure no one misses any message, notifications from Kontentino are also sent as e-mail reminders.

Important dates

Many companies need to create content for special dates such as holidays or national celebrations. Each industry is unique, so the special occasions that should be monitored vary. 

To make sure none of these dates gets ignored by accident, having a calendar on which all important moments are marked is worthwhile. Black Friday is one of the major events in the SaaS sector, so social media content needs to be prepared in advance of that date. You can see how it’s highlighted in the example from Brainy Bees’ calendar below.

How can you use Kontentino for your business?

The features you’ve read about are the ones that are most important for Brainy Bees, and they can also work well for your company. However, these are only a few examples of how Kontentino can be used.

As Brainy Bees tend to say, there are honeycombs of possibilities. See for yourself how our tool can streamline your social media management and collaboration processes. Features such as post checklists, hashtag presets, and analytics are all waiting for you to explore. You can do so for a whole 14 days free of charge.

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