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How to create a Facebook Global Page

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

Maybe you heard the rumor that there will be no more option to create Facebook Global Pages. All of this information turned out to be false and denied by Facebook themselves. However, there have been some changes to the process of creating Global Facebook Pages.

The process of establishing a new Global page structure is not that easy and obvious as it was before. If you have a close business relationship with Facebook, the so-called ‘dedicated Facebook Account’, please continue to read, this step by step article is meant for you. If not stay tuned, this feature is gradually rolling out.

First things first, let’s clarify some of the basics.

Facebook Global Page

What is a Global Facebook Page? The answer is simple: it’s a structure of localized Facebook pages created separately for selected geographic regions all under one roof.

Here’s an example: When a French fan of the Coca-Cola Facebook page visits the page, he is automatically redirected to a local version of the page (assuming Coca-Cola has a French local page). In the structure of the Global page you may encounter 3 types of pages:

  •    Default Page
  •    Market Page (= Country Page, Child Page)
  •    Root Page

As you may have guessed already, Market pages are local pages designed for local markets, to enable communication in local languages. Their count is unlimited and their customisation is based on language and country.

You can also create more than one market page per country, or on the contrary, one market page to serve a wider market consisting of several countries (e.g. Middle East, Latin America).

Default page, as you may have guessed it from the name, will serve as a ‘main page’, for all those markets that don’t have their own market page. Regarding the ‘root page’, all you need to know is that it exists. It is an invisible page, that roofs over the whole global page structure.

Admin of the root page has the highest authority and user rights in the whole structure, they can add or delete Market Pages, edit them and have access to the insights and stats of the whole structure.

All about Facebook global pages

Step by step guide on how to create a Global page

  1. Submit the request
    Here: https://www.facebook.com/business/clientsupport

  2. Create Facebook pages for chosen markets
    Create all pages to serve as stand-alone local market pages. If you don’t have a clear image of the whole structure, don’t worry – to begin the process you only need to have two of them.

  3. Follow the guidance of the Facebook account manager
    After granting your initial request, you will receive contact information of a Facebook account manager who will guide you through the whole process. They will send you a spreadsheet document where you will need to fill in the following info about your Global page structure:- shortcuts for selected regions

    – ID numbers of pages for selected regions

    – ID number of Root admin

    – ID number of Default Page

  4. Checkpoint
    Global pages are permanent. Once you create them, you can’t go back to the format of a standard previous page. It is crucial to be 100% sure that a global page is a right solution for your brand. Checklist for the control process is in the last tab of the spreadsheet you received from your contact at Facebook.

Facebook Global Pages FAQ

Which data are the same throughout the structure of a Global Page?

Which data differ from page to page in the Global Page structure?

  • Posts
  • ‘About’ info
  • Cover photo, profile picture
  • Page roles
  • Apps

What happens during the process of transforming regular Facebook pages into a Global page structure?

Pages merge into the shared Global page structure and their fans migrate into the respective Market Pages. When you detect a decrease of your fanbase after the merge, don’t panic, this happens when one of the users likes more than one of the merged pages, and therefore all his page likes will now count as one. The advantage of Global Pages = better stats!

How long does the migration of fans take?

Several hours.

For which brands are FB Global pages an optimal solution?

Basically, all brands that communicate in more than one country.

Shouldn’t I use “Audience Optimization” instead of this?

If you focus solely on content, you should. But you may come to the point where your brand wants to use more possibilities than a standard Facebook page can offer, so creating a Global page structure seems like a better fit.

Do you have any further questions? Please reach out to us, we will be pleased to get back to you with the right answers.

Good to know about Global FB Pages

During the first days of the migration process, you may experience inaccuracies and data swings in your Facebook Insights on Market pages level. These will wear off after a week or so, just after the fan migration process is over. Don’t worry about it though – everything is gonna be all right! 😉

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