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How to make your clients love you? Make them feel involved!

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

I love you. Je t’aime. Te quiero. Ich liebe dich. Volim te. Ti amo. Ľúbim ťa. Jag älskar dig…

There are words in every language to express that someone is special for you. Sometimes just words are not enough to express how much we care about someone. It’s even stronger if you show actions behind words.

We work with social media and we know what can be appreciated. If you love your clients you can show them how pleasing is to use Kontentino. Here are 3 key points why is the collaboration between social media managers and their clients so friendly.

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Not all of them but most of your clients would like to contribute to content you create for their brand. Giving them customized access to social media content creation makes the collaboration process easier.

Just make them feel involved by letting them share their brand visuals and post inspirations. Your clients are able to upload nice branded photos you can work with afterward. Another win-win situation is when you are out of post ideas. Your client can simply add inspirations to Kontentino calendar. You will never forget about brand anniversaries, product launches or international days related to your client’s brand.

When reviewing content, clients should be able to see a live preview of each post, both a desktop and a mobile version. Let them also add comments, that will be transparent to anyone who has access to the post, so they can see others insights. Again, everything is in one place so clients don’t have to click through different windows connected to the particular post.

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Clients want to have control over the content you create. They want to review and approve every piece of content which is going to be published on their social media sites.

It can be frustrating and chaotic, to approve content after multiple changes. When you have completed posts you can select which one of them you want to send for client approval. This action sends an editable email which notifies them to approve posts in Kontentino. Much better than Excels, Google drives or emails. Don’t you think?

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Everybody loves the workflow when it is clear and simple. Providing this keeps the client’s satisfaction. One of Kontentino’s main focuses is to make the client – social media manager workflow as effective as possible. That makes it a beloved social media tool by clients as well. Do you want to show love to your clients? Now you know the way how to do it.

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