Social Media Image Sizes Cheatsheet 2020

Last updated: May 28

The world of social media is changing dynamically. With new trends, updates and platforms, a lot of challenges come and one of them is… to stay up to date with the latest image sizes. Social media tends to be really changeable in terms of dimensions, so we’ve decided to create a special cheat sheet with social image sizes in 2020.

What is the correct Twitter header size? What are the Instagram Story dimensions? 

Well, we are coming to save the day – with a special cheat sheet for social media image sizes that you will definitely benefit from in your everyday work. Click the button below and our Facebook chatbot will send you the whole image size cheatsheet.

Facebook image size cheat sheet 2020

Facebook is usually the first social network that your potential clients check when looking for information about your brand. Want to know how to maintain a professional image? Read on!

Facebook image size cheat sheet 2020

Facebook image sizes for posts

Shared images

Image sizes: 1200 px x 630 px, min width of 470 px 

Shared images, as the name indicates, are images shared on your timeline. Luckily, they display the same both on desktop and on mobile, so the only thing you need to check before you publish them is to make sure all elements of the photo look well on mobile. If you want to promote it further, it’s also good to stick to 20% text rule. This means that the text shouldn’t cover more than 20% of the photo as it may result in lower reach. 

Link post

Image sizes: at least 1080 px × 1080 px (1.91:1 to 1:1 aspect ratio). Facebook recommends 1200 px x 630 px that has less than 8 MB 

Link posts are clickable News Feed and timeline posts, where clicking through the image redirects a particular user to external content instead of zooming the image in. They are often used as ad posts, but also seen as thumbnails of any shared link.

Depending on the resolution of your post, you can use a square (1:1 aspect ratio) or a rectangle that reflects the size of a shared image with 1.91:1 ratio.

Facebook profile photo size

Image sizes: uploaded at min 180x180px, displayed as 170x170px (desktop) and 128x128px (smartphone).

A Facebook profile photo is displayed either on your private profile on Facebook or a profile photo on a Facebook page you manage. It’s important to keep it readable especially if you include some text or logo on it. They will also be displayed when your profile/page interacts with other profiles/pages in the form of posts or comments.

Also, a Facebook profile picture will be displayed as a circle, so the corners will be cut off. If you have some content you’d like to highlight in your profile photo, remember to put it further from the edges of the circle.

Facebook cover photo size

Image sizes: 851x315px [in PNG/sRGB JPG file, smaller than 100KB], displayed as 820x312px (desktop) and 640x360px (mobile).

Facebook cover photos are displayed on top of each Facebook Page or private profile on Facebook, and often make the first thing to see for someone when they enter your page or profile. This is why it should not only be aligned to your brand, values or personality, but also be displayed in the right size. 

The size varies the most when it comes to desktop/mobile comparison. It may be the right idea to set up some safety margins and move important elements to the middle.

Also, remember that your profile photo will slightly overlap your cover photo – both on mobile (right in the middle bottom) and desktop (bottom left), so it’s better to move crucial information from there to undisturbed parts of your cover photo. Facebook recommends to make it light (both for cover photos and cover videos) so it would load quicker. 

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Facebook group cover photo size

Image sizes: 1640 px × 856 px (1.91:1 aspect ratio). It will display on mobile with 1640 px x 664 px, so keep a 96 px safety margin on top and bottom.

[Extra] Video sizes: Facebook group cover video: at least 820 px × 312 px, 20-90 sec (for best results use 820 px × 462 px)

Facebook group cover photo is displayed at the top of each Group and serves an important role – it helps potential members quickly identify the purpose of the group before joining, and highlights the values or promotion. 

This kind of cover photo varies greatly from cover photos known from profile photos or pages, so it’s probably a better idea to create them from scratch here. There is one important factor to take into consideration here. Dimensions on mobile and on desktop are different – with the mobile ones being shorter by over 200 pixels in height. This means that you shouldn’t put any crucial info on the very top or bottom of your cover photo, since it can be cut on mobile and inaccessible for your audience. With photos, it can just cut a small bit of them, but if you put a logo or website address in a corner, it may be invisible for mobile users. Remember about keeping essential margins at the top and in the bottom. 

Facebook event cover photo 

Image sizes: Facebook event cover photo: 1200 px x 628 px, about a 2:1 ratio 

[Extra]: Facebook event cover video: 1200 px x 628 px, duration from 30s to 5 min 

Facebook event cover photo is displayed on the top of each event on Facebook. It can be a dedicated graphics, a piece of poster or zoom on agenda, but in order to display it right, you should keep it in the right size. 

There’s also another place where this photo will be displayed – as a link thumbnail if you decide to share your event as a Facebook post. The size matters, but you should really think through the creative part of your cover photo, too, as it may encourage others to take part in the event. 

Facebook stories image size 

Image sizes: 1080 px × 1920 px (9:16), the title safe area is 1080 px x 1420 px.

Facebook Stories are increasingly more used by brands all over the world. They are published by companies who use them to showcase their company culture, launch new collections, interact with clients or run a contest. There are many ways of using them in your communication, so it’s worth knowing what the best size of FB stories is. The recommended ratio stands at 9:16, but when creating your Facebook Stories, you need to look at the safe area of 1080 x 1420 that includes top and bottom margins. Such margins are left both for the name in the top and for buttons in the bottom.

Facebook image sizes for ads

In order for your Facebook ads to be successful, they should not only be attractive and with clear CTA, but also in the right size. What image sizes should you choose for Facebook ads, then?

Feed ads 

Image sizes: 1080 px x 1080 px with aspect ratio 1.9:1 to 4:5 (with link 1.91:1 to 1:1)

Feed Ads are those ads that you can see on your News Feed – both on mobile and desktop. The recommended size is the one known from Facebook link posts. While rectangular posts have been popular for ad campaigns, now square posts are being pushed more by brands who want to conquer mobile – the text may be more visible and the post may take the most of a news feed when scrolling, being harder to miss out on.

Right column ads

Image sizes: minimal: 254 px x 133 px with aspect ratio 16:9 to 1:1, recommended: at least 1200 px x 1200 px

Right column ads are displayed on the right side of News Feed on desktop only. When creating them, you should keep an eye on the right size and message. If your creatives have a lot of text, they may be hard to read on that placement, so you may consider choosing a different placement that will fully showcase your ad.

Video ads

Video sizes: max 4.0 GB, min 1 sec, max 240 min (MP4, MOV), ratio 9:16 to 16:9 (a vertical video may be masked to 4:5 in news feed)

Videos are often used in Facebook Ads, and for a good reason. While for some brands it’s more convenient to release a video to show their product or services, others test video ads out for the sake of better reach or engagement. It is believed that video ads are often cheaper than the ones with static images, but it’s up for you to test out. In an era of high-quality videos, you need to remember that Facebook won’t let you upload any clip bigger than 4 GB, so you may need to work on the size before you start uploading your video.

Carousel ads

Image sizes: recommended ratio 1:1, min resolution 1080 px x 1080 px.

Carousel ads are often used to show a few products or creatives in one single ad. To see all of the creatives, you need to keep swiping (on mobile) or clicking on the arrows on the side (on desktop). Creating them is fun – and easy! You need at least 2 images for 2 carousel cards, the maximum is 10 cards. Try to tell the story and make a logical order so your audience would swipe up to the last card. The max size of all files is “only” 30MB, so check on your files before uploading. 

Do you want to know more about Facebook image sizes? Well, you’ll have it all covered in our infographics.

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Twitter image size 2020

Many marketers keep asking about the Twitter banner size or Twitter header size, but there are not the only graphic forms you can publish on Twitter. Let’s find out where else you may need a few images.

Twitter profile picture size

Image size: 400 px × 400 px, 2 MB

A Twitter profile picture appears both on your own Twitter profile and under your posts and comments on other Twitter profiles. Keep it neat and informative if needed. If it’s a logo, work on its resolution so it’s visible wherever you use your profile. Note that the profile photo is circled on Twitter, so if you have any elements in the corner, it’s better to move them closer to the middle.

Twitter header size

Image size: 1500 px × 500 px, safety margin of 60 px on top and bottom, it will be cropped on mobile to a 2:1 aspect ratio 

Header is placed at the top of your Twitter profile and, along with a profile photo, is the first thing your audience can see when they enter your profile. It’s also displayed as a thumbnail if someone hovers over your nickname on Twitter. It can play a major informative role if your profile is private, so no one can access any other content than this.

When creating a header, remember about the right size, but also safety margins on top and bottom – Twitter crops the photo on mobile to a 2:1 aspect ratio. Keep that in mind when placing logos, websites or other important elements on your header photo. 

Twitter photo post size

Image sizes: Twitter recommends 2:1 aspect ratio (minimum to display: 440x220px)

Photo posts are often spotted on Twitter streams and shared by brands, equally often accompanied by links and copy with hashtags. To make sure that such photos look well, keep them in GIF, JPEG or PNG format, less than 5MB. 

You can load up to 4 photos in a single tweet – and below you’ll see how they display in ads.

Twitter ads size

Image sizes: ratio between 2:1 and 1:1, min width of 600px 

Your ads should be creative and customized for Twitter, not only for its specifics but also sizes. Promoted images and GIFs are often the content type of choice for many brands when it comes to advertising campaigns on Twitter. As long as you keep the ratio between 2:1 and 1:1 (if height exceeds the widget, the image will be cropped to 1:1), and a minimum width of 600 px, you’re good to go.

Video shared via web

sizes: up to 512 MB, max length: 2 min 20 sec

Videos are getting increasingly more popular over social media, and Twitter is no exception. What you need to remember about here, though, that you’re fairly limited as for the length (“only” 140 seconds at your disposal) and for the size (512 MB may often not be enough for uploading a high-quality video).

  • if adding polls to a single promoted image, Twitter recommends 1:91 ratio
  • if adding polls to a single promoted video, Twitter recommends 16:9 ratio

Promoted polls are still relatively new to Twitter and not many brands combine them with images yet. However, this type of interaction can bring you very valuable engagement and insights you can use to improve your communication. When creating polls, make sure you match them with an image or video in the right sizes.

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Instagram image sizes 2020

Many marketers are active on Instagram, but they do not always know what kind of photo to upload. Check out what is the perfect Instagram photo size and what the right Instagram story dimensions are. 

Instagram profile photo size 

Image size: 110 px x 110 px, 1:1 aspect ratio

Instagram profile photo size will be displayed on your own profile, but also as a miniature right next to your comments or in Instagram feed above your published photos. Like on Facebook and Twitter, it’s circled, so you should bear that in mind when preparing some graphics for this placement. It’s also smaller than on other platforms, so keep it clean. 

Instagram photo size for the grid

Image size: aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 (height between 566px and 1350 px, width of 1080 px), for square posts 1:1 (1080x1080px)

Instagram is all about photos – so if you build your own brand there, make sure that your photos display in the right way. The maximum width is 1080 px, exceeding it will result in cropping your photo. While many profiles maintain their profiles full of square photos, you can also use rectangular photos as long as you follow the ratio above. 

Instagram stories size

Stories: 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5 aspect ratio, min width 500 px, safe area 1080 px x 1420 px

Here come Instagram Stories – the goldmine for many brands who try to sparkle on Instagram. How to prepare the best graphics for this placement? Two words: safe area. 

You need to leave some margins (14-15%) on the top (nickname) and bottom (send message) placements when you post Stories on your profile. What is considered to be the size of a safe area? 1080×1420 pixels. Some of your creatives may be covered by these fields, so remember to customize them before posting, otherwise your audience won’t be able to see the full content.

LinkedIn image size 2020

Linkedin and its booming popularity results in more marketers’ interest as for the right image sizes. It’s always good to have them handy on you so that you know what kind of graphics to prepare and look professional when connecting to peers and business partners.

LinkedIn profile photo size

Personal profile photo: between 400 px x 400 px and 7680 px x 4320 px (max), maximum file size is 8 MB, file type: PNG or JPG 

LinkedIn is a business social media platform, so your personal photo should be professional, show yourself and be taken in high-quality. It will be visible in the highest resolution on your own profile, but also next to your posts, LinkedIn publishing articles, comments or shares. LinkedIn circles it, so take that into account when choosing the right photo. 

LinkedIn personal cover photo

Image sizes: 1584×396 px, 8 MB max, PNG/JPG/GIF

The cover photo is displayed on your profile for anyone who may access it. You can put there various content: from your company logo through business stock photos to a random background. After all, it’s your profile. Remember about keeping a safety margin in the bottom-left part of the photo though, it will be overlapped by your profile photo.

LinkedIn company profile photo size

Image sizes: 300 px × 300 px

The company profile photo will be displayed on Company Page and next to any content shared by Company Page. It will also be visible in the section of “Companies you may want to follow” and in search results (which makes a difference if there are a few companies that have the same or similar name). Taking into account that it’s going to be displayed in a few places, you should choose the right photo in the right size. Unlike for the personal profiles, the logo is not round here, but rectangular.

LinkedIn company cover photo size

Image sizes: minimum: 1192 px x 220 px, recommended: 1536 px × 768 px

Company cover photo size is displayed on Company Page and should reflect brands’ motto, mission or values. It stands out as a business card of the company, so it’s better to keep it professional as it is likely to make a few first impressions. It’s recommended for uploading in aspect ratio 2:1. 

LinkedIn photo post size

Images shared in posts: 1104 x 736 px, 1.91:1 ratio, minimum width: 200 px

Images shared in posts are the ones attached to links or uploaded as posts themselves. To have them displayed on LinkedIn, they need to have a minimum width of 200px. Photo content can make your potential LinkedIn audience spot your posts easier than before and interact with it – and that’s why you should utilize images in your posting strategy.

LinkedIn video size

Videos: resolution range 256 px x 144 px to 4096 px x 2304 px, max size 5 GB, min file size 75 KB, duration 3 sec to 10 min, frame rates: 10 fps to 60 fps, bit rates: 192 kbps – 30 Mbps, it doesn’t support AVI, QuickTime and .MOV file types

Videos are getting increasingly more popular on LinkedIn – and you may think of recording one since they may boost your reach and expert appearance. However, remember that LinkedIn doesn’t support some file types, so double-check that before you create your video. 

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Pinterest image size 2020

Pinterest is regarded to be a very visual social media platform, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that images play a huge part for your success. How to make your content stand out of the crowd with perfect sizes?

Pinterest profile photo size

Profile photo: 165 px x 165 px, max 10MB, file type: JPG or PNG

The profile photo on Pinterest is displayed the biggest on your profile preview, but also next to each “pin” you’re publishing. It’s also circled on Pinterest, so don’t forget that the corner of your photos will be cut.

Pinterest Pin size

Pin: 1000 px × 1500 px (2:3 aspect ratio – higher ratio may get cut off), max 32 MB

A popular “pin” is a piece of content that you publish on your board – profile. You can group them as you please! Pins should be created in a 2:3 aspect ratio. It’s also worth knowing that Pinterest limits the width but not height, so your Pins created out of that ratio can be really long, or can be uploaded as squares. The choice is up to you and your strategy!

Pinterest Video pin size

Video (standard width): 4 sec -15 min, max 2 GB, MP4, MOV, M4V, Encoding: H.264 or H.265
Aspect ratio: Shorter than 1:2 (width:height), taller than 1.91:1. Recommend square (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 9:16)

Promoted video at max width:
File type: .MP4, .MOV or .M4V
Encoding: H.264 or H.265
Max file size: 2GB or less
Video length: 4 seconds – 15 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 16:9. 

Max. width videos can’t exceed the height of a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Pinterest is not only about photos – you can publish and promote video clips there, making your pins even more special! While Pinterest is flooded with photo content, it may be video to make the difference. Remember about the right aspect ratio as it differs for video at standard width and promoted video at max width, though.

Pinterest promoted carousels size

Image count: 2-5 images per Carousel
File type: PNG or JPEG
Max 32 MB per image
Aspect ratio: 1:1 or 2:3

You can also promote your work through Carousels, known from e.g. Facebook. Here though, you’re limited to 5 images instead of 10, but the size of each image may be bigger than on Facebook. Willing to give it a go? Check the aspect ratio (1:1 or 2:3) and you are good to go.

YouTube image size 2020

Is YouTube mainly about video? Of course! However, you will need quite a few images along the way. One billion users await noticing your brand!

YouTube profile photo size

Profile photo: 800 px × 800 px recommended, JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG file

Profile photo on YouTube will be displayed on your channel preview, next to your every comment and submission. Keep it as clear and brand-related as possible.

YouTube cover photo size

Cover photo: recommended 2560 px x 1440 px; minimal: 2048 px x 1152 px; safe area for text and logos: 1546 px x 423 px; max 6 MB

Cover photo on YouTube is displayed only when someone clicks through and enters your channel page. By putting some attractive content here, you may encourage someone enough to subscribe to your channel and watch other videos you created, so don’t miss that chance! Remember to keep the safe area for your text and logos so they are not overlapped and well noticeable on every device.

Snapchat image size 2020

Snapchat is still going strong! With more than 200 active million users a day, it’s one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use to reach your audience. How to make your creatives?

Snapchat Stories image size & Snapchat Ad image size

Image sizes: 1080 px ×1920 px; 150 px safety margin for text and logos; 9:16 aspect ratio; images max 5 MB; video max 1 GB, video length 3 to 180 seconds

Snapchat images are the stories that you watch on your Snapchat feed. When creating captivating Snapchat images, you should take into consideration so-called “safety margins” on the top and bottom of your creatives. Keeping these margins empty and moving your content rather to the middle minimizes the risk of your content being cut or covered by icons and nicknames that could overlap important elements.

Snapchat filter images

Image sizes: 1080 px x 2340 px, 310 px of buffer zone of the top and bottom, max 300 KB, PNG with a transparent background

If you create filter images, follow the sizes especially of the buffer zone on the top and bottom. If you don’t follow them, your filter may not be fully functional, or may display in an unattractive way. Remember that your images need to be saved as PNGs with a transparent background, otherwise, they are likely not to serve well as a filter.

TikTok image size 2020

Watch this one! Numbers speak for themselves. There are more than 500 million active TikTok users all over the world. Average daily time on TikTok estimates at 45 minutes. TikTok is not a platform you should underestimate in your marketing strategy, so find out how to prepare the right creatives for your profile and ads.

TikTok profile photo size

Profile photo: aspect ratio 1:1

Profile photo appears on your profile and whenever you comment on TikTok. While TikTok is mainly a mobile medium, you need to be aware that the photo will appear rather small everywhere, so don’t clutter it. 

TikTok video size

Videos: resolution: 720×1280 pixels / 640x640pixels / 1280×720 pixels, aspect ratio: 9:16/1:1/16:9, max 500 MB

It’s all about videos on TikTok! The users are given some flexibility when it comes to the width and height – three ratios are here to follow. What you need to be careful about, though, is the size of the video. It can’t exceed 500 MB in size, which may be hard to achieve if it’s in high quality or full of effects. It’s always worth checking how much a particular effect will “cost” you when it comes to the file size. 

If you’re interested in video ads, here comes the most updated and advanced specification directly from TikTok. 

TikTok image ad size

Image ads: recommended size 1200 px x 628 px, aspect ratio 1.91:1, JPG or PNG file

This ad will appear in “For You” feed on TikTok. 

Does it sound familiar? Yes! You can use some creatives from other social media networks here, since 1200×628 px is a fairly common size across social media platforms. You should keep some creative elements of your ad closer to the middle of it since the description and logo may overlap on the app. Safety margins never hurt!

Tumblr image size 2020

While Tumblr is not often considered as a regular social platform, it’s worth mentioning what can be required from you when creating an account. 

Tumblr profile photo size

Profile photo: 128 px x 128 px, JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP

Tumblr profile picture is… a square, so in this case, you don’t have to cut corners out (it’s likely you did for other platforms already, though). It’s displayed as a thumbnail across the site and obviously on your Tumblr site. It’s also still fairly small, so play smart with this space. 

Tumblr photo post size

Image post: 500 px x 750 px (showing in feeds), max 10MB, animated GIFs have to be under 3MB and with max width of 540 pixels

Images for posts should be created with 500×750 pixels, dash images sizes with a max of 1280×1920 pixels and animated images – GIFs – should be a maximum of 540 pixels wide.

Why it is important to keep social media image sizes right

You can maintain your professional image with the right Facebook banner size, Twitter image sizes or LinkedIn post image size. If you make sure that photos are uploaded in high quality and the correct sizes, you can also be sure that your audience will not be put off by your imagery. If your Twitter banner size cuts off the most important thing, then you may lose some potential clients. 

Your communication can be more consistent with the right images across all platforms. It also shows that you are up to date with the latest changes and know how to adjust to them. For example, Facebook event photo sizes can be really tricky (and display differently on desktop and mobile, without notifying you about the slight changes), so keep an eye on updates.

Images say more than a thousand words. If they are not customized per medium, they won’t do the trick. Even some small details like your Facebook profile picture size can matter to an end user. 

To wrap up

We hope that our article and infographics will no longer keep you googling “what is the best Facebook banner size”, seeking the “Twitter header size” or “Profile picture size Facebook”. Images on social media, not only are crucial, and you need to make sure how they appear on your profile before you press “publish” (you can check this with post previews – you can easily see how your Facebook image sizes will work out). 

If you find it valuable, please share this with your network. 


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