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Marketing Automation – Important Lessons

You will already have seen how automation is rapidly changing the content marketing landscape, and there are dozens of wonderful tools at your disposal to help you strengthen your content marketing strategy. But, what can marketing automation do for you? We’ll go over the most important lessons you can learn about automation, and what it can do for your business to help you reach the most clients.

1. Automation Can Track Prospects’ Activities 

One of the key things automation can do for your marketing strategy is to track your prospects’ movements through the buying cycle. To achieve this, you want to add a small piece of code to the back end of your website. Then, set up a conversion action, such as completing a web form, or clicking on an email link. Finally, make sure cookies are enabled to facilitate the tracking. The program will track each prospect that goes through the entire cycle, as well as tracking any return visits. Click here to completely automate your business

2. Automation Can Help You Qualify Leads

Most marketing automation programs have some type of scorecard that helps you determine which leads are the most qualified, and so are more likely to purchase your products or services. A visitor could get one point for visiting your website, 15 points for downloading a file, and 50 points for filling out a contact form. If you have two potential customers with respective scores of 16 and 66, you know to target the one with the higher score first because you’re more likely to convert them. 

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3. Automation Can Connect You to Customers at the Optimal Times

Many marketing automation programs have real-time lead monitoring. This can send an alert when a prospect performs a certain action, and allowing you to reach out when your brand is fresh in their mind. For example, your prospect is looking at pricing. This is usually an indication that they’re interested. You can see this, get an alert, and reach out to them via email or a phone call while they’re engaged with your brand. 

4. Automation is Great for Email Marketing Nurturing

Marketing automation can perform several steps to get your brand email leads and keep people interested. Maybe you have a contact form where your prospects can get in touch for a free consultation. Once they fill it out, your program will automatically add them to an email list and send out previous customer testimonials and project tips. After your prospect has completed their project, automation solutions can switch them to a second emailing list offering referral rewards, without any manual input from you or your team. 

5. Automation Can Help You Close Deals Faster

When you take all of the tools and tailor them to your business, it can help you close more deals in a shorter period. Instead of treating every potential client equally, you can focus on clients who show a greater interest in purchasing your products or services. In turn, your marketing program becomes more efficient and, therefore, more profitable. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please look at our complete guide on AI and automation in content marketing to learn more about the topic!

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