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Stop the Guessing Game: Live Post Previews for Mobile and Desktop

Kinga Edwards
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Kinga Edwards

What is a Facebook preview and how can it boost your social media workflow? 

How can an Instagram preview help you with keeping your feed consistent?

Is there any Facebook post preview tool to make previews easier for marketers and brands? 

We’ll answer these (and many more) questions below. 

What is a live post preview? 

Long story short: a preview means viewing a particular piece of content before it is published.

A live post preview is a preview of your social media post that you can see in real-time, exactly in the form it will be published and without taking screenshots or creating dedicated mockups.

Thanks to previews, you can see what that content will look like on the feed and make some final corrections while you still can.

Your clients can visualize social media communication in a better way, too, seeing the end result of your hard work. 

Spoiler alert: an Instagram preview & Facebook post preview tool is available in Kontentino.

Why are live post previews so important?

Implementing live post previews on social media workflow is a win-win situation.

Your clients are the group that benefits from them the most. 

Even if your clients are computer-literate, visualizing how some pieces of content will look might be difficult for them.

With live post previews, they can immediately see what a particular post will look like. Therefore they can approve it quicker, speeding up the whole workflow and allowing you to schedule posts stress-free.

Social media post previews

Social media management without live post previews

Marketers are accustomed to utilizing test pages or insecure online solutions for creating mockups.

When you have more clients, more projects and more posts, it can easily get annoying. Complicated. Tangled for both you and your clients.

  1. You create a post and publish it on a test page that you have set up for this purpose.
  2. Something is wrong: e.g. the picture is displayed incorrectly.
  3. The post is published on a test page, so you need to edit it and take another screenshot for your client.
  4. To show that Facebook post preview or Instagram grid preview to your client, you need to send it to them via e-mail.
  5. Client messages you with their feedback. They require some changes.
  6. You send it to your graphic designer to adjust the image.
  7. Now you upload it to the test page again.
  8. You need to take another screenshot.
  9. Send it to the client again.

This can go on and on and on, lasting for long days or weeks. 

The result? 

Your team is tired of modifying the same piece of content over and over again.

Your clients are unhappy because approving that piece of content takes them too long.

And you are unhappy because your client is dissatisfied and you can’t plan the social media communication.

Live post previews in Kontentino 

In Kontentino, you can now check out previews for both mobile and desktop versions of your content. Post previews are made easy with an intuitive Facebook post preview tool.

Your audience might interact with your content via desktop, but they will be doing so using their phones too. That’s why you should always double-check what your creatives look like on both mobiles and desktops.

With Kontentino live post previews, this is possible in the matter of one click.

Creating your posts in Kontentino means that you do not have to use test pages and test Insta accounts, online mock-ups on suspicious sites.

Facebook post preview in Kontentino

Kontentino provides a handy solution for generating a Facebook post preview.  

Post previews with Kontentino
Intuitive post previews with Kontentino

For each Facebook post preview, you can easily switch between mobile and desktop views. Doing so allows you to see whether your posts look right before you send them to your clients for approval.

Your clients will see the Facebook post preview in exactly the same form as you see it in Kontentino. No screenshots and no mock-ups attached – only the live preview.

If any edits are needed, they can be communicated just next to the Facebook post preview as information for the whole project team.

This way, everyone in your team will know exactly what to change and which post the discussion concerns. You do not have to approach them separately or send a couple of e-mails to brief them: they can be up to date with the clients’ feedback already.

Since your clients are able to comment on a particular Facebook post preview in seconds after you’ve sent it to them for approval, your social media workflow should improve.

Instagram previews in Kontentino

Another platform for which Kontentino provides mobile and desktop live previews is Instagram.

You can easily see previews of your Instagram post or even an Instagram grid preview. Send these previews directly to your clients for quick approval, easing the pain of communication or misunderstanding.

Live Instagram post preview
Instagram post previews with Kontentino

Instagram is one of the platforms where post previews are most needed, but the struggle with generating them can be real.

With live previews of Instagram posts, you can avoid a lot of potential problems. First of all, you can check internally whether your post has all of the required elements from post checklists, and quite simply if it looks right.

Using Kontentino for this purpose also sets you free from using test Instagram accounts just to see what an Instagram preview will look like when published as a post.

What is more, Kontentino makes your services appear more professional. Your clients get a live post preview they can quickly familiarize themselves with, valuing their own precious time.

Live Instagram grid preview

When you plan your communication on Instagram, it is important to be consistent with strategy as well as aesthetics. This is why creating an Instagram grid preview is necessary to evaluate whether you are heading in the right direction with the newest Instagram posts. 

Without Kontentino: to show how the Instagram grid would look like after publishing a few pieces of content requires a fair amount of effort. You would need to upload a photo, add a caption, publish it on a test Instagram account, adjust it and make an additional screenshot of what the Instagram grid preview looks like. If you published test photos in the wrong order, then you will have to repeat this whole process again, since you cannot edit the grid order.

With Kontentino: when you plan Instagram communication, you can easily switch from a calendar view to a live grid view with just one click.

If you need to change the order of the images, simply drag and drop them around the calendar. This way, you can easily plan your grid layout and be sure that it fits the strategy, brand guidelines, and overall impression.

Live Instagram grid preview with Kontentino
Instagram grid preview with Kontentino

Live post previews in Kontentino = happy clients, happy team

There are a lot of benefits from implementing live post previews in your strategy – and from using Kontentino for this purpose. 

There is no doubt that your clients care about social media management. At the end of the day, though, they simply want to be sure about what a particular post will look like before publication.

Of course, this is the result of your hard, strategic work, but your clients don’t always see this and care most about that end result. They often have trouble understanding and visualizing what some content will look like when published. A visual form of live post previews in Kontentino can be a real blessing for many of them.

It also helps make your social media workflow smoother.

Live post preview is not a buzzword – if you want to maintain a flawless collaboration between your team and your clients, you should start creating your posts in Kontentino and stop wasting your time on working with test pages and mockups.

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