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You Asked, We Answered: 10 Popular Social Media Questions

Kinga Edwards
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Kinga Edwards

Long story short: we’ve answered some of the most repetitive social media questions. Get ready for some inspiration, tips and suggestions for tools.

Formatting on Facebook

What App/website do you use to change the font size in your FB posts? 

Facebook is experimenting with new styles and font sizes. While making changes was only previously possible via external apps, Facebook is now rolling out options for more placements within the platform.

You’re given many options of formatting your posts on Facebook groups. Note that formatting is only available on desktops, so you can’t create a formatted post or edit a post that was published via desktops on mobile.

Pro tip: if you want your link to be clickable, prepare the text for your post in an external app (e.g. Google Docs) and add the links under specific anchors. Then, copy and paste it directly into the Facebook post editor. 

When it comes to posts published on Pages and private profiles, Facebook is currently testing out some formatting that has not yet been rolled out to everyone. 

There’s also an option “Format with Markdown” enabled for some users who can use Markdown formatting in their posts. 

Text formatting options in Facebook posts
Text formatting in Facebook Posts

Using external apps for formatting can be a little risky. While everything that you format may be displayed for you as desired, it may actually appear unreadable for others. 

Targetting on Facebook

Any idea how I can target viewers of ‘La casa de Papel’?

Targetting on Facebook is challenging, and you may not be able to reach a precise group of viewers – simply because there is no Facebook data about them. How can you work around this?

  • In the “Interests” field in Facebook Ad Manager, look for “La casa de Papel”. Remember, though, that such a group is not restricted to only actual viewers.
  • You can also select “Netflix” as one of “Interests”. There’s a huge chance that you’d reach some of the intended target group of viewers.
  • Other possible relevant Interests to specify include actors from the series.

Using a smart link shortener may help you retarget users from specific Facebook groups, then use that new group of people as your custom audience. 

All you need to do is:

  • Join relevant groups for ‘La casa de Papel’ viewers.
  • Share content using a special link (shortened via external tools) – it doesn’t even have to be your own content, so you can redirect to external websites.
  • Anyone who clicks on your link will “land” in your custom audience, which you can upload to Facebook and target for your ads.

This is a more advanced method and it may take a little more time to build a valuable audience, but doing so can really take off as part of a great strategy. 

Creating social media videos

What platform to use for creating a video?

Another one of the frequently asked social media questions. There are a few tools that you can use for editing videos (here you’ll find our list of marketing tools and video editing tools), and many of them offer the ability to mix both static and dynamic elements of content.

For example, in Gifmaker.me, you can compile animations, videos and pictures. If you’re looking for something more advanced, Biteable may be the best choice. 

Creating custom tabs

How to create a custom tab on a Facebook business page? 

Depending on the Template that you use for your Facebook Page, you’ll be offered a few custom tabs to use. One of the most common examples of this is the Menu tab, but there are more to choose from. 

social media interactions
source: undraw.co

If you need to build something out-of-the-box, you have two ways of doing so. One of them is to hire an agency or pay a contractor to do it for you, and the second is to use external tools (e.g. Woobox).

Social listening

How to “listen” for specific keywords on private Facebook community groups?

One of the most interesting social media questions. Social listening tools allow you to “screen” public groups on Facebook and receive notifications when a particular keyword is mentioned. However, these tools do not work with closed communities as it would violate the privacy of such groups. That’s why you will need to join these groups and keep checking them manually if you want to react to messages.

If you’ve joined a private group, you can search within it to see if a certain topic that interests you the most has already been mentioned.

Instagram keyword research

What’s a good keyword research tool for Instagram tags?

Keyword research tools for Instagram can also be identified as hashtag research tools, since keywords on Instagram are basically hashtags. There are a few apps that can help you match your photos with ready-to-copy hashtags.

How to use hashtags on social media
source: undraw.co

Some of our recommendations can be found below. They all vary from one another, so we recommend taking a look at each:

  1. https://all-hashtag.com/
  2. https://keyhole.co/ 
  3. https://keywordtool.io/instagram
  4. https://ritetag.com/
  5. https://hashtagify.me/
Pro tip: use our 5-elements pattern.
– what’s in a photo
– where it was taken / where your business is located
– when it was taken
– brand hashtags 
– generic industry hashtags

Say that you’re going to publish a photo of a new dress in your online shop. You could use the hashtags #dress #summerdress #NewYork #NYC #NewYorkCity #NewYorkFashion #5thAvenue #PennStation #weekend #saturdayshopping #YourShopOnline #YourShopOnlineFashion #fashion #trendy #vintage #retro 

IG Videos vs IGTV

How to post LIVE IG videos to IG profile after the recording has finished?

Instagram only allows the posting of up to one-minute-long videos on the feed, then the remainder is “moved” to IGTV. You can publish the videos on your profile, but only the first minute will be played in a native Instagram player. If your users want to watch the remaining part, they will be forced to do so on IGTV. 

KPIs on social media

What are the best engagement tips and kpis?

It all depends on your strategy. In many cases it may turn out that engagement is not the best metric to take into account. 

Social media metrics
source: undraw.co

If your goal is purely to increase brand awareness on social media, then actually looking at the engagement rate is important.

However, if you are striving to increase conversion, then your focus should rather be on driving traffic. In this case, follower growth or engagement metrics may not be the most crucial metrics. You should instead make CPC your main goal, and build some KPIs around conversion.

It’s also worth answering a few questions:

  • Do you have any budget for paid promotion? 
  • How do engagement rates look like now, and in the past?
  • How are your competitors doing? 
  • Is your target group precise enough? 

If you’re interested in defining some targets, check Insights & Reporting within Kontentino. It gives you advanced data on your performance during a custom period of time – and that’s a great starting point for your KPIs. 

What are some better KPIs than follower growth (which is nowadays rather one of vanity metrics)?

We’d suggest looking at:

  • engagement rate
  • engagement rate per TG segments
  • reach in your TG 

Is there any rule of thumb for measuring your results on social media? A lot depends on whether you have just built something from scratch, were handed over a well-established brand, or had to rescue a business, for example.

And, again, your business goals are the main indicators here. For example:

  • If your goal is to make people visit your website and purchase your products, look at CPC.
  • If you want to reach the most people with your message, focus on Reach. 
  • If you want to build brand awareness, check Engagement Rate.

Instagram Stories analytics

What is the best way to analyse Instagram stories?

If you enable an Instagram Business Profile, you are given access to analytics of a more professional level. They also include statistics for your Instagram Stories (for the last 14 days).

Analytics for Instagram Stories

What can you analyse?

  • the number of viewers
  • actions taken: replies, profile visits, sticker taps
  • number of accounts reached with a particular story 
  • impressions and follows
  • navigation: how many people forwarded your story, pressed “back”, pressed “next story”, and how many exited.

When it comes to tracking Instagram Stories, the best is to encourage your followers to tag your business in their Stories. You won’t be able to chase everything down, but keep checking hashtags and tags in your notifications.

Quality of photos

Why are photos on Facebook more pixelated than before?

There are millions of photos processed on Facebook every day, so they decided to compress the size and quality of photos in order to keep the platform fully functional. There are a few tips that you may want to test out to improve the quality of FB photos.

  • Upload high-res pictures, preferably 2048px wide. If they are first uploaded in high resolution, then any possible repurposing of the photo is less affected.
  • When creating a new photo album, choose the box “High Quality” to have your pictures less compressed. This option is not available for single photos and it’s actually fairly hidden, so make sure you check the box before publishing. 
  • Don’t re-upload: share! It’s better to share a photo that’s already uploaded to Facebook than downloading it and sharing it as your own (let alone considering any copyright here).
  • Save and upload as PNG. PNG doesn’t compress the image, whereas JPG triggers hurtful compression.

To wrap up social media questions

We hope that our insights will help you to rework your strategy, practice your copywriting, or that they have answered some questions that you’ve been asking yourself for a while. Let us know in the comments if you like our series, have any more social media questions and make sure you follow our blog for more social media content! 

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