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50+ Social Media Statistics for 2022

Julius Preloznik

Ah statistics, the bread and butter of any solid social media marketing strategy. Statistics can give you invaluable insights about your audience, the social media platforms you want to grow on and how recent events have impacted consumer behavior. 2021 was a wild ride and 2022 is shaking out to be the same. Thanks to global lockdowns, online activity soared, online purchases surpassed 4.2 trillion dollars worldwide and social media has become the backbone for many businesses looking to spread brand awareness. 

Perspective is important and knowing what’s happening in the world of social media and advertising can directly impact your marketing and thus your bottom line. We’ve drawn up a heap of useful statistics that will help you identify new trends that you can exploit in your marketing.  

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General social media statistics: 

This past year we’ve seen a massive spike in social media usage as well as a shift in spending habits and advertiser numbers. Here are some general social media usage statistics. 

Now that you have a general idea of the state of social media in 2021, let’s go over the numbers for the most popular platforms, advertising figures and trends that you should be aware of as a marketer. 

Facebook statistics

Facebook has been the most popular social media network since 2012, with over 2.5 billion active users. And though the platform has seen its fair share of scandals and user backlash, it remains the most popular digital marketing platform in 2021.  

Facebook user demographics 

Facebook usage statistics 

Facebook ads figures 

Instagram statistics 

In 2021, Facebook bought Instagram and a year later added the platform as a Facebook Ads subsidiary. Since then, Instagram has seen year over year growth in ad revenue with 2019 bringing in a little over 70 billion dollars. Instagram is also the number one social media platform for influencer marketing, a segment which has seen explosive growth over the past few years. 

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Instagram user demographics 

Instagram usage statistics 

Instagram ads figures 

  • Instagram claims that 850 million people can be reached in Instagram using ads¬†
  • The average CPC on Instagram is between $0.70 ‚Äď $1.00 though some industries can expect to pay upwards of $5 per click
  • 87% of people claim that they were moved to follow a brand‚Äôs page, visit their website or make a purchase after seeing an ad on Instagram.¬†¬†

LinkedIn statistics 

LinkedIn is the social media network for professionals. With an extensive user base of thought leaders and high-ranking managers, options for networking and building opportunities are abundant. Brands that cement themselves as experts in their niche by sharing valuable content tend to see amazing results. 

LinkedIn user demographics 

LinkedIn usage statistics 

LinkedIn ads figures

Pinterest statistics 

Pinterest is primarily used to browse pictures and videos of outfits, architecture and interior design, recipes and more.  Users add, or Pin, their chosen content to boards with a common theme to keep it organized and so other users can discover new content related to their interests. Marketers target Pinterest users by sharing irresistible content that’s relevant to their interests. 

Pinterest user demographics 

Pinterest usage statistics 

Pinterest ads figures 

Twitter statistics 

Twitter is an amazing tool for businesses. The platform can work as a search engine tool for people to search for you, a powerful customer service medium and a way for your business to stay in the loop. 

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Twitter user demographics 

Twitter usage statistics 

Twitter ads figures 

  • Women reportedly tend to interact more with brands on Twitter than men.
  • 82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter for organic content marketing.
  • 59% of B2B¬† businesses use Twitter to market their business, outranking B2C businesses by 6%.¬†
  • 79% of users reported taking action (learning more about the brand, clicking on their website, etc.) after seeing a brand being mentioned by other people.

TikTok statistics 

As of 2020, TikTok has surpassed Facebook as the most downloaded social media platform. TikTok hosts short-form, funny and engaging videos and marketers can take advantage of TikTok’s format by creating content that appeals to the platform’s younger audience. 

TikTok demographics 

TikTok usage statistics 

TikTok ads figures 

  • The TikTok Creator Marketplace is an addition to the TikTok app that houses thousands of profiles of TikTok creators. Brands can search the Marketplace and reach out to creators whose audiences best fit the target market of their campaigns.
  • TikTok created a $200 million fund to incentivise creators to join the platform.¬†
  • Influencers in the United States see the highest engagement rates on TikTok.¬†
  • TikTok ads that visually showcase the benefits of their product/services within the first 3 seconds perform the best.¬†

Youtube statistics

YouTube is the 2nd most-visited website in the world and the second most popular search engine. And though Youtube can be a very competitive landscape, it’s a great opportunity to get more traffic and create SEO-optimized video content. 

Youtube user demographics 

Youtube usage statistics 

Youtube ads figures 

  • Youtube is the second most visited site, and search engine, in the world¬†
  • ¬†As of 2021, YouTube was the fifth most used social media platform for marketers after Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.¬†
  • ¬†70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube¬†

 29% of marketers say that skippable YouTube video ads are considered the most effective ad format on YouTube.

Use social media statistics to your advantage

That was a lot of numbers. Now you have a strong understanding of where social media is headed and what fundamental shifts can be taken advantage of. And while digital marketing statistics are a great way to stay ahead of emerging trends, knowing how to implement those insights is what’s really important.

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