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Twitter Image Resolution – Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Twitter Images

Andrej Miklosik
Written by
Andrej Miklosik

Visuals and short, succinct messages go over very well in today’s busy world. Harnessing Twitter’s power with images and messages are an excellent way to engage your customers and prospects. Twitter can help you engage your audience and humanize your brand if you use it correctly. Since this is a platform that is big on visuals, we’ll talk about the do’s and don’ts of working with images and why Twitter image resolution is so important. 

DON’T – Use Boring Stock Images 

One of the worst things you can do to introduce people to your brand on Twitter is to use boring stock images in your posts, and this is especially true if your Twitter image resolution is low. If you’re short on funds, try sites like Pixabay or Flickr and choose vibrant images that represent your company or brand, but look for images that go beyond the well-trodden cliches in your field. Better yet, if you’re confident enough to use your own photos, don’t be afraid to do so.

DON’T – Use Bland Colors and Patterns 

Bold and vibrant colors are eye-catching, and they can help your brand stand out. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you don’t want to use bland or washed-out colors or patterns in your Twitter posts. Make your designs pop, and choose visuals that stand out from the sea of images that dominate Twitter as a whole. This goes for all your static images, videos, and GIFs. 

DO – Create Templates 

One way to ensure that you get excellent Twitter image resolution is to create templates that work and then use them with a variety of images. This template could be a quote from someone in your industry, your logo, a blog header and more. Not only do templates save you a lot of time, but they let you create consistent visuals while subtly slipping your branding into each image post. 

DO – Incorporate Illustrations 

Sometimes, a simple illustration is more effective at catching your followers’ eyes than a stunning and polished photograph. These illustrations are a fantastic way to help your brand seem more approachable and fun to your followers. In turn, this humanizes your brand and makes your customers more loyal to your company as a whole. 

Twitter Image Resolution Do's and Don'ts
Simple and catchy Twitter images always work best

Why Twitter Image Resolution is Important

Along with these do’s and don’ts, your image resolution is extremely important. Your followers aren’t going to be engaged if you use low-resolution photos that are blurry or out of focus. They look unprofessional, and they don’t reflect well on your brand as a whole. 

You want to ensure that your images are clear, crisp, bright, bold, and vibrant. They should be sharp and in focus, and you want them to help you get your point across. You can do this by following our do’s and don’ts and by choosing your images carefully. If you’d like to get some assistance with your social media management, Kontentino can help. On top of Twitter, you can also manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with Kontentino.

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