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What is Kontentino ’18 going to look like?

Ivan Hanák
Written by
Ivan Hanák

We’re all familiar with this – a new year is here, people are summarizing the old one, making predictions, assumptions and resolutions.

We’ve all been there

Kontentino happens to be a little bit different in terms of those “common habits”.

We’ve decided to make plans – really bold plans on what we’re up to in 2018.

Why not actually – 2017 was quite successful for us, I mean, we landed some great clients from around the globe, attended some cool events and conferences and surely we do know that we helped dozens of social media managers with social media, what in the end, is our ultimate goal.

And in order for Kontentino to be as useful for you as it can be, we’ve listened to your feedback and got sort-of confirmed, that our plans are something that is really needed in a social media world.

1. Notifications, notifications, notifications

Have you ever checked your email just to find out, that your colleague only commented on your post, approved or assigned you a task?

Sure you have! We’ve known about this inconvenience for months, we had to postpone fixing it due to other priorities though. Well, not anymore!

In-app notification system

2. YouTube & 4K video upload

Just imagine having our favorite camera company GoPro as a client; your agency spent the last months preparing this great promo-video for a new device, but, there is a small problem: they have to see it in “just” 1080p, for the tool you’re using for communication can’t display the video in full-quality.

Not anymore my dears, not anymore!

Youtube & 4K video upload support

3. Attachments

“Hey bro, have you seen my comment on that post?”

“Yes, but you’ve forgotten to attach files :/ “

Hope you’ve never needed to use such words in your agency.

Unfortunately, I think you have 🙁 .

Now you won’t have to!

Comment replies, mentions and attachments

4. Is there any designer available?

I just want to resize the image!

There’s a big chance there isn’t! That’s why simple image enhancements shouldn’t be a stumbling block for ya!

Simple image editing

5. Boost budget planning

Even though the ability to boost the post from Kontentino will not be available, you will be able to at least specify additional information for boosting, for instance a date, audience etc.

Advanced boost budget planning

And if you run into trouble with changes in promoted posts, read our advice on how to edit boosted FB posts.

6. Instagram grid

We know what you heart yearns for.

Instagram grid view

7. Instagram stories

We’re halfway there.

Stay tuned.

Instagram stories planning

  • New dashboard for managers, designers and clients
  • Content strategy guidelines for social media profiles
  • Dozens of little tweeks within the calendar

Whatever are your thoughts on those we would like you to know – we treat them as little updates or improvements, which will make your lives easier and their absence was probably causing you headache 🙂 .

That is why we’re moving to the more enjoyable topic 😉

Major plans and Features for 2018:

  • Facebook&Instagram analytics & PPT/PDF reports for clients
  • Integrations with 3rd party tools & APIs (Asana, Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive…)
  • Ads management

We’re not enclosing any more details about these, for more info will be announced soon, stay tuned! 😉

Also, in case you missed the Facebook live-stream with our COO Bo Pokstefl, you can still check it out.

Bohumil was speaking about social media in general, how it’s goin’ to look like in 2018 and also most importantly, about the future of Kontentino.

You may also find out, why he’s probably the only person in the world not to get banned for getting naked on Facebook 😉


In short, our plans are rather daring, but we’re taking these steps carefully each one by one.

Also, should you have any feedback regarding Kontentino, know, you are always welcome to pour your heart out within the blue icon on the bottom right.

We wish you an amazing year of 2018 filled with joy, success and fulfilled dreams.

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