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What to do when “some of your posts are not visible on your Facebook page”

Ivan Hanák
Written by
Ivan Hanák

Multitude of people around the globe noticed, that some of their scheduled posts suddenly disappeared from Facebook.

(never has there been such an issue on Facebook, that’s why we hope it will be solved soon)

Here’s what we decided to do about it for Kontentino users:

From time to time, such message may show up within Dashboard in your Kontentino account.

It is not a reason to panic, quite the contrary.

Here’s why you see it:

As you may already know, Kontentino schedules posts for your Facebook pages beforehand by putting posts into Publishing Tools -> Scheduled Posts in your page’s Settings.

You can find your scheduled posts from Kontentino in Scheduled Posts section on Facebook.

Reasons not to worry:

  • if you scheduled a post from Kontentino, but had to manually change publishing date directly on Facebook (Kontentino does not know about this change, this is why it warns you)
  • if you intentionally deleted the scheduled post from your Facebook page (but might have forgotten to delete it from Kontentino as well)
  • if the post was published by one of your colleagues who no longer has an access to your pages or to your Business Manager (Facebook protects you and if the person who had scheduled posts no longer have an access, Facebook would not publish those posts)
  • your page is unpublished on Facebook (Kontentino can not find out, if there are any posts available)

If you see the warning for a post that is correctly published on Facebook, just click “Mark as resolved”.

Reasons to start caring:

  • you did everything correctly and the post is not visible on your Facebook page, not in Published Posts section, nor in Scheduled posts section
  • you did everything correctly and the post is “stuck” in the Scheduled posts section, meaning, if it were 10th August today and posts in the Scheduled posts section have date of 8th August, for example

If it happens to be one of the later cases, please, contact our support within your Kontentino account and we will help you investigate the issue.

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