& Social media
management tool

for marketing teams to make collaboration and approval easier. Collaborate, send for approval and schedule posts on LinkedIn in a stress-free way.

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Trusted by world's leading agencies and brands

All post formats supported

Create and plan without limitations. Schedule posts on LinkedIn. Kontentino offers all of the post formats available, even carousels! Create and schedule LinkedIn videos, carousels, restrict audiences or tag LinkedIn pages in your posts.

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Collaborate efficiently with Kontentino LI management tool

Collaborate with your team and be more effective

With Kontentino you can assign tasks to your team members when creating LinkedIn content. This way, people with different roles can work together seamlessly. When your content is ready, you can schedule posts on LinkedIn via Kontentino.

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one of the best social media agency for easy collaboration and approval

Scheduling LinkedIn posts

When choosing marketing agency
software for social media management,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Client-agency collaboration with Kontentino LI management tool

Kontentino was designed for seamless
collaboration. Get ready for flawless
agency-client collaboration!

Scheduling LinkedIn posts via mobile app

Get and give feedback on the go via our
mobile app.

Try Kontentino and gain

LinkedIn collaboration and approvals
Kontentino collaboration

Collaboration and approval process

to make social media a piece of cake

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LinkedIn management with feedback
Kontentino collaboration

Mobile app to approve
posts and give feedback 
wherever you are

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Kontentino social media collabodation process - tags
Kontentino collaboration

Tag people and send files
in the comment section

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Kontentino LinkedIn inspirations social media calendar
Kontentino collaboration

Inspirations calendar

to mark any campaign launches, anniversaries, ideas

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Linkedin management content assets for scheduling
Kontentino collaboration

All your assets
stored in one place

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Plan your content ahead of time

Streamline your team's social media management.

Create LinkedIn ideas with LI management tool

Team collaboration supported

Whether your marketing needs to send stuff for approval to HR managing your LinkedIn profile, or you're managing your CEO's profile and need their approval... You and your team don't need to use a bunch of different LinkedIn tools to create content. Everything you need is in Kontentino.

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Improve communication across teams

Imagine that miscommunication prevents you from crafting that perfect copy. Or that you publish an unapproved post because there was a misunderstanding with the client. Streamline your team's social media management with apps for LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn tools that will make your life easier

There are many different apps for LinkedIn but Kontentino is the only social media management tool that offers LinkedIn scheduling in its entirety. Schedule LinkedIn posts - any format you can think of, even carousels. Consider Kontentino as one of your options when trying apps for LinkedIn.

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Try the ultimate LinkedIn scheduler now

the tools you decide to use when creating and scheduling posts on LinkedIn can
affect the success of your marketing efforts.

Scheduling posts on LinkedIn - ultimate scheduler

All you need in one tool

When choosing marketing agency software for social media management, you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Seamless LinkedIn collaboration tool


Flawless relationships with agencies working on LinkedIn

Flawless agency-client

Scheduled LinkedIn posts feedback

Feedback and approval 
via our mobile app

LinkedIn assets one place management

All assets in one place -
content handover
made easy