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How Belimo Manages the B2B Communication of 20 Social Media Profiles

Belimo is the world market leader in controlling and regulating heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. In 2020, they celebrated the production of their 100 millionth actuator. Belimo delivers its innovative solutions globally—to the South and North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

“With Europe, the situation is a little different since we have a lot of languages and we want to target our customers by using localized posts,“ says Matthias Rosenkranz, Marketing Communications Manager at Belimo. Take a look at how Kontentino KontentBase helps to manage social media content in multilingual Europe.

B2B communication approval process done smoothly

Belimo has its local European profiles on both Facebook and Instagram, but their main social media channel is LinkedIn. This is mostly due to the B2B character of the communication—the company’s solutions are not built for the end customers, but rather businesses interested in improving their energy efficiency using smart technologies.

All the local branches create their content, which then has to be approved by the marketing HQ in Switzerland. The HQ also comes with the post ideas to be communicated globally. This is where the language localization of the content is necessary.

“When you have a lot of translations to do for your multiple profiles across Europe, it is cool to use the Kontentino Global profiles feature,“ Matthias states. “We create a ‘master post’ in English and then we distribute it to all the attached profiles automatically.“ After that, the translation is done in the individual offices—the responsible employees get a notification and create an appropriate language version of the profile. This helps to smoothen the workflow and the approval process when it comes to content creation in 11 European countries with more than 20 profiles.

A tool—and a team—to rely on

“If you want to handle this amount of posts, stakeholders, countries, and languages, you do have to use a tool that allows you to organize it all and make the process as smooth as possible,“ Matthias explains. “We create all our content in-house.” Employees from different departments within the company are using Kontentino—be it the HR department, product managers, internal and external service partners. “Luckily, Kontentino is not only easy-to-use but also easy-to-explain and understand. It is clear that Kontentino is created also for the agency-to-brand collaboration but since we do all in-house, we adjusted it, so it with its KontentBase feature it also fits perfectly to our workflow,“ adds Matthias.

Global level management of social media profiles

If you are in a similar situation as Belimo—managing several profiles in several countries on different social media channels—try using KontentBase from Kontentino. Get closer to your partners and customers by creating localized content—KontentBase will help you with the smooth inclusion of translators, editors, and other people adjusting the posts to local markets. Try approving, planning, and scheduling social media content for several branches under one brand—the first 14 days are on us.

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