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How BBDO Belgium Uses Kontentino to Manage World-class Brands

Paula Grochalova

BBDO Belgium is an award-winning advertising agency with a long history of creating and managing social media campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Europe. That’s why the creative teams at BBDO Belgium need a reliable platform for social media management and client approval.

What’s the secret behind BBDO Belgium’s success?

Organizing social media management efforts in big agencies requires a collaborative space where copywriters, account managers, and clients can work together easily.

Justine Ravyts, Social Creative at BBDO Belgium, walked us through their social media workflow. 

After the initial client approval of the rough ideas, the social team gets to work in Kontentino. A copy has to be written, images uploaded, the post needs to be internally approved and then sent for client approval. Now it’s time to make edits based on the feedback and finally send the post for final approval. 

Kontentino simplifies my work, every day, every minute. Everything runs much smoother; the client can immediately see what the post would look like on social media, giving feedback is very simple, and publishing from Kontentino is very easy,” says Justine.

When you have a lot of clients to manage (and impress), you need to make sure you’re working with a tool that is easy to navigate: “clients understand it immediately, it’s very user-friendly, and it’s also a way to have fewer emails.” 

Besides helping social media marketers not to get overwhelmed by hundreds of unnecessary emails, Kontentino also has a solution for quick updates on the go.

Sometimes, when a client didn’t approve a post on time – or sometimes there are last-minute questions – then I check it in the evening on my phone because it’s so much easier,” says Justine. And although admitting that she works with the desktop app most often, the Kontentino mobile app can be helpful for quick checks on the go when you don’t want to turn on your computer.

Follow the leaders

BBDO Belgium is the market leader for professional approach, audiovisual productions, brand consultancy, business and brand strategy, copy & content writing, creative concepts, data strategy, design and performance strategy. They manage to adjust to clients’ workflows and requirements and deliver excellent results every time. 

Kontentino enables marketing teams – big and small – to work efficiently by having all of the processes in one place. From copywriting to team collaboration, client feedback and approval to social media post scheduling. Kontentino saves agencies time by reducing the number of unnecessary emails and stress. Try it for yourself – 14 days for free.

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