Facebook link previews – 5 ways to edit link posts

UPDATE 10th, Feb, 2018: there is a new official way of editing link previews from Facebook, learn more in the brand new article here.

If you do social media marketing, the big Facebook change must have affected your work quite negatively. Not being able to edit link previews like before is a pain in the ass for every social media manager. Read on to get advice on how to edit link posts in 5 different ways.

You might already know that Facebook no longer allows you to edit Link post’s image, the headline and the sub-headline. This change took effect on the 18th of July. The reason why Facebook discontinued such feature is to fight scammers, spammers and click-baiters, who use Facebook to share fake news.

Do you ask yourself, how this would help fighting fake news? You are not alone!

No matter what, this new policy has affected all social media marketers and publishers. Facebook would argue that there are negotiations going on with publishers and both sides are trying to find a compromise.

Interestingly, Kontentino stats show that editing link posts are the second most used feature while planning Facebook posts. So link edits are not widely used only by publishers, but also brands.

Ready to explore the 5 ways to edit link posts? Read on!

1. Use an accredited 3rd party social media tool

The first option is to use Kontentino, obviously 🙂 .

We have implemented a way allowing you to edit link headlines and descriptions.
The only difference is, you are required to add a call to action button.
Such way is not against any Facebook terms & conditions, actually, Facebook’s got it well documented within their developer’s section 😛 .

2. URL shortener – Link Preview Editor

With Link Preview Editor you can easily change the image and edit the headlines or sub-hadline. This tool is supposed to help the marketers having rights or certain ownership of the domains, to easily edit ugly link previews.

However, there are certain rules you must follow and agree to. Firstly, you must be the owner of the domain. Secondly, you cannot edit a 3rd party link. Avoiding this rule might cause a ban of your Facebook page. Publishers can even whitelist their domains, if they do not want anyone to edit their link previews or if they feel that someone might take an unfair advantage of this tool.

This free tool follows all Facebook rules and uses an official Facebook API. It is basically a simple Open Graph meta data editor.

 3. Fix open graph meta tags

The first and foremost, guide your webmaster or a programmer to implement Open Graph Meta Tags on your website or a blog, from which you share content to social media. That way, you prepare your link post directly when writing an article within your CMS.
A complete guide how to do it the right way you find within an official Facebook documentation.

You are going to benefit greatly after the Open Graph meta information is implemented, for when other people share your content on social media, you will have the preview of your post already prepared and ready to rock the social media feeds!

Read more about Open Graph Media Information on the amazing Kissmetric’s article on the topic.

4. Business manager / Creative hub

Another way is to create a Facebook ad in the Business/Ads manager or creative hub allowing exporting mock-ups to Power Editor. This approach might be obvious since Facebook is pushing ads formats and preferring them over page posts formats. Another approach is to use Facebook’s Creative Hub:

  • Click “Create Mockup” – “Website Link”
  • Customize the link preview
  • Activate “Delivery”
  • “Import” the Ad to Power Editor

5. Link Ownership

Facebook introduced more permanent solution to the link preview problem for media publishers. Publishers eligible for the “Link Ownership” setting, are able to connect their Facebook Page(s) with their website’s domain by adding specific markup (Open Graph Tag “fb:pages”) to their website. Connected pages will be allowed to customize link previews – but only for posts shared from that domain!

Kontentino’s blog has already had implemented such meta tag, that’s why we did not notice inability to edit our blog articles on Facebook 😛 .

We believe that Facebook will find a compromise and will allow brands and publishers to edit link posts once again.


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