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Maximize Your Reach with Hashtags for Every Day of the Week

Hashtags are a great way to boost your brand’s visibility and promote your products or services. Consider this – you’re surfing the web one day and you come across a fun new hashtag. You want to join the conversation, so you create an additional post and utilize the hashtag to connect with new audiences.

We’ll explore why using hashtags in your content is a great idea, before we outline several daily hashtags you can use. Additionally, we’ll give you ideas for hashtags for each day of the week, so you can keep your content front and center. Maximize your reach with popular daily hashtags – read on!

How Hashtags Work

At their core, hashtags work to organize your conversations around specific subjects. You can go on Twitter and search for #shoes. Your search would pull up the most recent conversations pertaining to shoes. You can then save the search and revisit it later.

If someone has a question on how to sizeshoes, for example, you can connect with that person via an answer totheir question. You can also uncover more people to follow with the sameinterests. This will eventually lead you to brands or groups of people whowant your products. 

The TopFour Reasons to Use Hashtags 

Despite jokes about overusinghashtags, they really are important when it comes to digital marketing. This isespecially true if you use them correctly. The biggest reasons to embrace theminclude: 

Hashtags for brand visibility on social media

1 – Visibility 

Staying relevant and highly visible isa huge challenge for any brand on social media,but hashtags can help. For example, if you’re a new business, you can expandyour audience and boost your brand awareness. Users can search for specifichashtags, and your business will pop up in the results. When you establishyourself, you can create your own hashtag and encourage your followers orcustomers to use it. This will increase your overall visibility.

One example of a brand that embracedhashtags to improve their visibility is Audi. They released their R8 a whileback, and the hashtag #WantAnR8 took off.They used it to bring awareness to their new car’s launch. 

2 – Promotions

Hashtags blew up in popularity due totheir ability to help businesses create targeted campaigns. Think of hashtagslike promotion through word of mouth. When you post a promotion and usespecific hashtags, your followers can re-post it using the same hashtags. Thisfosters a connection between your business and your followers, but it willhelp your followers connect with each other as well. 

Using hashtags to gain traction isimportant before, during, and after an event or product launch. Pairinghashtags with a giveaway promotion is another way to engage your followers.Many companies do this around holidays and special days by encouragingtheir followers to upload a picture under a chosen hashtag. The businessthen picks a winner out of everyone who participated.

Coca-Cola is a huge global brand, andthey used hashtags to promote sharing a Coke when they released their speciallabels with names on them. Celebrities used #ShareACoke to turn the hashtaginto an entirely new marketing campaign that redefined the brand. 

3 – Competition 

You want to figure out who yourcompetition is, what they offer, and how they choose to advertise. Knowingthese things will give you valuable insight into how you want to market yourown products to compete with theirs. Look at your competitors’ most-usedhashtags, top posts, and their daily hashtag use. 

When you look at the different hashtags, remember to look at how the audience responds to each one. Do some perform better than others? This will help you know which hashtags to use and which ones to avoid in your own posts. Your goal is to outstrip your competition and make it easier for people to find out.

Some of the biggest examples of companiescompeting with hashtags are the food companies. Wendy’s has a longstandingcompetition with Burger King, and Wendy’s often uses the #FreshNeverFrozenhashtag to try and outdo their competition. 

4 – Build Followers

Once people start sharing your hashtags, you’ll start to build up your following. For example, say you’re the authority on authentic Texas BBQ. If you hashtag things like #BBQ or #TexasBBQ on Twitter, interested people can find your brand when they perform a search for these hashtags.

If you use daily hashtags that are relevant to your brand, your followers can cash in on giveaways or promotions to help generate excitement. This benefits your brand as well because some hashtags will become synonymous with your company.

Building followers can be a relativelyfast process if you use the right hashtags to attract a new audience. L’OrealParis demonstrated this with their #WorthSaying campaign.The campaign’s goal was to empower women and help them say what they needed tosay. Another example is #OreoHorrorStoriesthat used Vines and humor to get them trending and gain new followers.

Hashtag ideas for days of the week

How to Use Hashtags 

You may think adding multiple hashtagsto your post is the way to go, but this can hurt you. Did you know that userengagement on Twitter can dropwhen you attach more than two hashtags to a post? The idea is to stick to oneor two really relevant hashtags that define your business or product. Once youfind them, check out how well these hashtags or similar hashtags are doing interms of engagement. You could try a few different ones until you settle on thebest one. 

Hashtagsfor Days of the Week – Inspiration 

You can create quick posts to engageyour users and attach hashtags for the particular day of the week to keep theconversation going and keep your brand relevant. Maybe you want to brighten upyour follower’s day or inject a little humor. This is the time to do it. We’vepicked out several hashtags for every day of the week below.

Sunday Hashtags

Monday Hashtags

Daily hashtags - Tuesday

Tuesday Hashtags

Wednesday Hashtags

Thursday Hashtags

Friday Hashtags

Saturday Hashtags

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