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Learn How the Leading Creative Brains Use Kontentino. ADC Czech Success Story

Agencies and brands use Kontentino to manage social media and make the teamwork easier. Let’s look together at how Art Directors Club Czech Republic is getting the most out of Kontentino.

Learn why they decided for Kontentino, what makes their workflow easier and how can Kontentino help your brand or agency.

Art Directors Club Czech Republic is a self-governing, voluntary, non-political and non-profit organization whose goal is growing the level of creativity in commercial communication and creative industries.

It brings together creative workers of advertising agencies and companies providing service and production in commercial communication, as well as independent creative workers like graphic artists, copywriters, directors, designers, photographers, etc.

Communicating the club activities

Since the end of 2019, the newly elected committee set themselves a goal of communicating the club activities more, outside of promoting the Creative Awards (an annual competition where prizes for best advertising campaigns are awarded).

Before using Kontentino, the club’s social media management fell into the hands of just one person, the ADC coordinator. With more and more activities to communicate, their social media management workflow needed a better solution. With Kontentino, 11 people on the team have access to Kontentino and more than half of them uses it to make communication, content creation and management easier.

Kontentino was a clear choice when deciding on a tool that would help us with content creation and planning.

ADC communicates with their audience on Instagram and Facebook. This was another pain point. Facebook is quite robust and clunky – in terms of managing social media communication right there. “Now, even people who really disliked working with Facebook can do it because Kontentino simplifies the whole process,” says Honza Marcínek.

When there are more people involved in creating content for social media, Kontentino is very helpful. It saves a lot of time, emails, spreadsheets and trees.

Why would ADC recommend Kontentino to other agencies, brands and creative minds (in the Czech Republic and around the world)?

The whole team has an idea about posts that are planned, there’s no need to use emails, Slack or Whatsapp to let everyone know what’s going on.

We asked ADC why they would recommend Kontentino to others. To use their words:

Kontentino helps marketing teams to save time. “In ADC, it mainly saves us ineffective communication. We don’t need to use other platforms to exchange information about what is planned or what should be edited, as everything is in one place,” says Kateřina Hobrlandová.

How can Kontentino help your brand or agency?

Kontentino makes the collaboration and approval process a piece of cake. All communication happens directly next to the posts in Kontentino and is shown in chronological order. No more lost email attachments or communication mistakes. Internal and client approval can be done in one click and is available from the desktop version and our mobile app.

We’d love to hear how Kontentino helped you to streamline processes in your agency.

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Paula Grochalova

Paula Grochalova

Paula is a Content Manager at Kontentino. She loves social media, especially when she can write about it. In her free time, she’s a knitter extraordinaire.