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11 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for 2024

Kinga Edwards
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Kinga Edwards

The purpose of LinkedIn automation tools and plugins is clear – they are supposed to streamline processes and save time. You can find apps that schedule posts, send connection requests, personalized messages, or help with finding emails. However, many of them aren’t allowed by LinkedIn as they break the platform’s T&Cs.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most efficient LinkedIn automation tools for 2024. 

The best LinkedIn automation tools

#1 Kontentino – best LinkedIn automation tool for smooth collaboration and scheduling

Kontentino is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to schedule LinkedIn posts in a few simple clicks. Its drag & drop content calendar and user-friendly interface make it the perfect tool for boosting social media activity.

source: kontentino.com

Kontentino is particularly useful for LinkedIn automation as it allows for easy content creation, planning, and collaboration. With this scheduler, your LinkedIn marketing efforts will be far more efficient –no matter whether you’re in a team or on your own.

Kontentino is the perfect way to build a cohesive and strong personal brand image through a LinkedIn profile. And, on top of that, it’s the safest LinkedIn automation tool you can use for scheduling. 

Did you know? In contrast to LinkedIn’s built-in scheduler, Kontentino allows you to modify scheduled posts as you please. The native scheduler on LinkedIn doesn’t have this option. It’s also a breeze to manage multiple accounts within Kontentino’s dashboard.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Live post preview – draft attractive LinkedIn posts and check them before they go live to streamline your content creation.
  • Bulk scheduler – speed up your publishing process and schedule many posts at once.
  • Organization boosters – plan your posts in a straightforward drag & drop calendar and keep track of multiple accounts all in one dedicated place.
  • Teamwork and approval – facilitate smoother collaboration between teams and clients with comments and one-click approvals.

💡Kontentino makes it possible to schedule on both: private LinkedIn profiles and company pages.


Kontentino offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try it before buying.

​​The price starts at $59/month (for three users) for all the advanced features that Kontentino offers. It’s a great deal as you get an advanced Linkedin automation software for your disposal.

Kontentino comes with four plans, so you can upgrade whenever you want some more extra features.

#2 Sendible – automation tool for social media posts

Sendible is a management tool for social media platforms that doesn’t leave LinkedIn behind. It’s a solution for scheduling and planning posts as well as tracking results with reports.

Source: sendible.com

Though it might not be suitable for beginners, it still provides reasonable options to boost productivity and overall team performance. 

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Scheduling – schedule and customize posts using profile tags, locations, and hashtags.
  • Client collaboration – get access to dedicated dashboards, streamlining approval processes.
  • Reports & Trends – view automated reports and insights into top-performing posts. 


Sendible for four accounts costs $87/month. Then, prices for higher plans are $240 and $563 (including discounts).

This platform provides a free trial as well.

#3 Expandi – a faster way to connect with LinkedIn users

Expandi is a tool designed specifically to increase the efficiency of automated outreach. Its features allow you to contact LinkedIn prospecting profiles via smart, automated sequences. You can e.g., reach out to these LinkedIn accounts that reacted to your post.

Source: expandi.io

Also, Expandi helps combine all emails and LinkedIn messages into one single inbox for easier management. Another plus – it’s super easy to set up and use.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • LinkedIn automation outreach – combine LinkedIn connection requests, bulk messages, and InMails with features like viewing, liking, following, and endorsing to maximize engagement.
  • Dedicated smart inbox – keep customers engaged and never miss a chat or email.
  • Dynamic personalization – use LinkedIn messaging based on custom variables. 
  • Smart sequences – create different outcomes determined by human behavior.


Expandi offers a 7-day free trial – then, you need to upgrade to the $99/month per seat plan.

#4 Meet Alfred – LinkedIn automation tool for sales teams

Hundreds of personalized follow-up LinkedIn messages every day? It’s possible with Meet Alfred. This cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool allows you to interact naturally with your prospects, wherever they are. 

Source: meetalfred.com

Meet Alfred’s built-in CRM system helps manage leads and categorize all contacts with tags, notes, or filters. It’s a useful automation tool for sales teams who want to control the entire network from a single dashboard.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Multi-channel sales pipeline – reach LinkedIn prospecting contacts at the right time and place. 
  • Personalization at scale – use templates and personalization snippets to customize your sales messages for each prospect.
  • Integrated LinkedIn CRM system – categorize, organize, and manage all your business contacts easily from one place.
  • Team management – onboard multiple members, assign roles and responsibilities to your team, and view their campaigns’ performance.


Meet Alfred provides three monthly plans ranging from $59 to $399. Meet Alfred is compatible with all types of accounts, not only LinkedIn Premium. You can try the service for free.

⚠️ Use LinkedIn automation tools cautiously, especially the ones that send bulk messages. Don’t flood the LinkedIn network with irrelevant offers not targeted to their interests. It is prohibited and may result in unpleasant consequences, such as LinkedIn account blocking. 

#5 FindyMail

FindyMail is another LinkedIn automation tool on the list. As the name suggests, it is a solution developed specifically for emails. This app streamlines contacting LinkedIn connections with an email finder that automatically finds and cleans unnecessary LinkedIn profiles. 

Source: findymail.com

It literally turns Sales Navigator searches into email lists, making it easier to manage the contacts. It highlights the emails that meet the criteria and verifies existing ones.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Email finder – use the name and website of a person to find their email addresses automatically.
  • Email verification – a reliable way of determining whether you should use an email in outreach campaigns.
  • Integration – integrate FindyMail directly to, e.g., Google Sheets or via Zapier.
  • LinkedIn automation Chrome extension – find LinkedIn emails for your target audience.


FindyMail offers the first 10 emails for free, letting you try its features. Depending on the number of emails, prices can reach even to $249 per month.

#6 Zopto

Through multi-touch lead generation features, Zopto simplifies customer acquisition and accelerates business growth. The tool allows advanced filtering options to build highly targeted lists of LinkedIn contacts.

Source: zopto.com

In terms of LinkedIn lead generation tools, Zopto is one of the most popular ones. It helps with maximizing the results of LinkedIn campaigns. Its powerful dashboard gives access to detailed reports and analytics for optimizing your LinkedIn page potential.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Multi-channel campaigns – leverage LinkedIn and email as two of the most powerful channels for lead generation.
  • Real-time reporting – get access to synchronized and comprehensive campaign reporting.
  • Secure prospecting – using LinkedIn automation tools, protect LinkedIn’s integrity with several safeguards and security measures.
  • Proprietary platform – do everything via one single lead generation tool, send bulk messages, analyze LinkedIn campaigns, and engage with LinkedIn users.


Zopto offers three different pricing plans, starting from $155 monthly for one personal account. The cost of this robust LinkedIn lead generation tool with a dedicated customer success manager goes up to $625 per month. A white-label solution is also provided.

👩🏼‍💻 Note: You must upgrade your LinkedIn profile to a premium LinkedIn account to enjoy the full benefits of Zopto.

#7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools offered by the LinkedIn group itself. The automation tool enables sales teams to target, understand, and engage with leads and prospects from the LinkedIn network. With this LinkedIn lead generation tool, you can manage leads in a reliable, secure manner in accordance with all the rules and regulations.

Source: business.linkedin.com

LinkedIn Sales Navigator focuses on LinkedIn search. This feature gives you access to the extended LinkedIn network and advanced lead and company search capabilities.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • LinkedIn search – filter people and companies based on dozens of criteria.
  • Lead recommendations – get customized leads based on your preferences.
  • InMail messages – reach out to decision-makers directly with LinkedIn InMail.
  • LinkedIn account map – build your buyer circle and identify gaps for better performance outcomes.


Based on your specific selling needs, you have three Sales Navigator account options: Sales Navigator Core, Sales Navigator Advanced, and Sales Navigator Advanced Plus. The monthly pricing plan starts at $69.99 and includes a free trial.

#8 Dux-Soup

The Dux-Soup LinkedIn automation tool allows you to find qualified leads to close deals faster. This tool is handy for LinkedIn automation and lead generation, offering intelligent campaign creation, lead management, and campaign A/B testing. All of these features can significantly improve your LinkedIn outreach efforts.

Source: dux-soup.com

It’s a LinkedIn tool that frees you from time-consuming tasks such as sending connection requests to other LinkedIn users, finding a target audience among active ones, and automatically enrolling prospects.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • No third-party access – works on your native LinkedIn, Recruiter, or Sales Navigator account.
  • Automated campaigns – create intelligent campaigns that send LinkedIn connection requests, automatically view, follow, and endorse profiles, and send InMails and messages.
  • Lead generation – keep track of your responses on LinkedIn, or integrate new leads into your favorite CRM system.
  • A/B testing – maximize LinkedIn lead generation with accurate campaign statistics.


Dux-Soup is an affordable solution. Its pricing plans start at about $11 per month. A free plan is also available, but it provides no other LinkedIn automation tools than basic browsing of LinkedIn accounts.

#9 Cleverly

Most LinkedIn automation tools are designed with the end user in mind. Yet Cleverly prides itself on its done-for-you service. It’s the software that uses data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns to send proven, personalized messages to your target audience on LinkedIn.

Source: cleverly.co

Cleverly is more than just a LinkedIn automation tool. It provides users with best practices for closing deals and using LinkedIn as a sales tool. It’s a robust solution with many dedicated features to build prospect lists and boost both productivity and performance.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Find prospects – create a LinkedIn list of targeted and qualified prospects.
  • Personalized messages – write cold outreach messages that are clear and personalized to optimize your lead generation efforts.
  • Execute outreach – communicate with thousands of ideal prospects.
  • White-label lead generation tool – create a tailored LinkedIn automation tool for managing leads.


With the Cleverly LinkedIn automation tool, you can generate leads for $397 per month, or $697 per month, depending on the number of prospects you want to reach. There is no free trial.

#10 Brandwatch

Brandwatch offers deep research, brand monitoring, content creation, and consumer engagement to help you understand and engage with your customers. The service covers all social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Source: brandwatch.com

Brandwatch is one of these marketing tools that help you listen to professional opinions and comments on LinkedIn. It will enable you to spot and react more quickly and proactively.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Deep research – access LinkedIn users’ opinions and use AI to discover new trends.
  • Brand monitoring – track emerging threats and create alerts in real-time.
  • Cross-channel inbox – communicate with customers and prospects via one social inbox.


Brandwatch does not publicly disclose its pricing, but you can contact them and book a meeting for a personalized quote. There is no free trial available. 

#11 Brand24

Brand24 is a social listening tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that provides real-time access to mentions and insights across LinkedIn. It’s all for one reason – to help you protect your reputation, measure your brand awareness, analyze competitors, and discover customer insights.

Source: brand24.com

With Brand24, you can view all public posts on LinkedIn and get a sentiment analysis showing whether they are positive or negative. You can use it immediately since it’s easy to set up and integrate.

LinkedIn-friendly features

  • Monitor mentions – gather insights and track the whole LinkedIn network in real-time.
  • Analyze sentiment – use advanced sentiment analysis to segment positive, negative, and neutral LinkedIn comments.
  • Create reports – generate automated reports and measure your social media presence.
  • Track hashtags – access important hashtag metrics and connect with highly specialized experts.


A monthly subscription to Brand24 costs from $129 to $349, depending on the plan. If you want to try it out before buying, you can do so for 14 days for free.

🚨 Note: Brand24 lowest pricing plan does not cover LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn automation illegal?

The LinkedIn platform allows some automation tools to improve LinkedIn profile management. But, such tools must respect LinkedIn policy and cannot manipulate the platform content algorithms.

Finding trusted automation tools that won’t harm your LinkedIn account is more challenging than with any other social media platform – but not impossible. 

Simply look for these tools that use official Linkedin APIs, since they are safe to use and don’t violate the platform’s policies. 

Create your LinkedIn automation toolbox

LinkedIn automation tools are like stepping on thin ice – it’s easy to slip and fall.

Therefore, you need to choose the right LinkedIn automation tool that won’t negatively affect your LinkedIn presence.

Learn more about Kontentino and how it can safely help you get the most out of LinkedIn. Get 14 days for free.

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