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How Kontentino Helps Made by Vaculik Streamline Their Social Media Management Workflow

Kontentino has been the primary social media tool for Made by Vaculik for almost two years now. As they say, their social media management before using Kontentino was simply “EXCELlent”. Continue reading to find out how this successful agency manages its social media management workflow.

Made by Vaculik has been on the market for more than 20 years. It is one of the most successful agencies in Slovakia, having won prestigious national and international awards for their work (Cannes Lions, New York Festivals, London International Advertising Awards, just to name a few). Their clients include Dove, Signal, Tresemmé, Raiffeisen bank, Tatra banka, Union insurance company, Zlatý Bažant, Krušovice, Heineken, Desperados, Hubert.

“What we appreciate the most about Kontentino is user experience, customer support, and the option of marking inspiration in the Inspirations Calendar.”

Team collaboration

Content approval and communication in big teams can get quite messy and chaotic. In MBV, around 50 people have access to Kontentino. What is helpful (especially) during times when teams work remotely is the option to chat with colleagues directly next to the posts in Kontentino, says Mario Lapos, Social Media Lead in MBV.

How does the collaboration and approval workflow work in MBV?

“Social media managers create posts. They assign the posts to graphic designers who will create the images. In the meantime, managers tag the editors that edit the texts. After the images are included, the post is internally approved by a team leader. In the next step, managers send posts to their clients for client approval. If needed, the details are further discussed in the comments section with the client, graphic designer, account manager and social media manager.”

“Kontentino enables clients to see the posts the way they’re going to look like when published. The same thing they approve, they later see published.”

Collaboration and planning

In MBV, we work on three types of projects in the digital department. The first group are ongoing long-term projects, that means regular social media management. This includes content creation, community management, reporting. 

The second group of projects are campaigns that are created in the digital department. These campaigns are social media campaigns in the true sense of the word. 

The third type of campaigns are campaigns made for TV and OOH and we have to adjust them for the online space, create something new out of them, something interesting and playful. This is usually how our campaigns get their second breath and we are able to work with them even after they had stopped running on TV.

“The advantage of Kontentino is that for every single campaign you can create a new calendar. This way, our ongoing long-term content doesn’t get mixed with campaign content. For each piece of content, we assign the media budget and label the post according to where in the campaign it belongs.”

How can Kontentino help your brand or agency?

Kontentino makes the collaboration and approval process a piece of cake. All communication happens directly next to the posts in Kontentino and is shown in chronological order. No more lost email attachments or communication mistakes. Everyone on your team will see the posts exactly like they’re going to look like when published.

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Paula Grochalova

Paula Grochalova

Paula is a Content Manager at Kontentino. She loves social media, especially when she can write about it. In her free time, she’s a knitter extraordinaire.