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How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts – Tips, Tools, & Tactics

With more and more people spending time on social networking sites, it’s important to manage your accounts effectively in order to get the most out of them. When you only have a tiny social media account and following, things may not appear to be so difficult, but they can get quickly out of hand if you have many accounts under your wings.

We are here to help, as we always are.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to manage multiple social media accounts while maximizing their potential. 

Get ready for some tips, tools, and tactics!

Manage multiple social media accounts with Kontentino

Saying that managing multiple social media accounts is tricky is like saying that water is wet. While numerous steps can be taken towards better social media management, they won’t replace or automate every single task. That’s why social media management tools like Kontentino were created to help social media managers all around the World complete their tasks on the spot.

Unlike many other social media management tools on the market, Kontentino comes with an array of internal tools for you to manage multiple social media accounts like a pro.

1. Be more productive with Time Savers

There are a couple of things social media managers love Kontentino for, and Time Savers are without a doubt one of them.

kontentino blog_managing multiple social media accounts_time savers

With these shortcuts, you can perform multiple actions in just a single click, saving precious time for more strategic tasks. 

What exactly can Time Savers help you with?

Needless to say that each of these Time Savers can… save you a lot of time and hassle. When you combine them, you can save even a few hours of operational time each week! Just imagine what you could dedicate it towards…🌴

2. Add and effectively manage Profile Groups

No matter if you work for a brand or an agency, it is likely that you need to manage multiple social media accounts for one company. Things can get messy in no time if you don’t have everything organized.

In Kontentino, it’s fairly easy by default – the profiles that you’ve added to Kontentino appear in alphabetical order. However, there are two words that can make your social media project management an even bigger breeze.

Profile Groups.

kontentino blog_managing multiple social media accounts_profile groups

In Kontentino, you can group and re-group profiles as you please based on your preferences, company name, or any other piece of information. Then you can perform actions on the posts within that group and save even more time! 

3. Store your content in Media Library

Raise your hand if you have ever had to look for one creative that got lost on your drive or, even worse, was never there in the first place but is needed now.

Media Library saves you that hassle. 

All content you upload to Kontentino lands here, you can also do so in advance to have access at all times. Content is also stored in albums for better navigation.

4. Improve your results with social media analytics 

Kontentino makes it quick and easy to analyze your performance. Its analytics dashboard allows you to see how your profiles and posts are performing, what can be improved, and what should be avoided in order to achieve better results. 

We know that not every marketer is a fan of numbers, so our dashboard was built to provide the best experience possible.

5. Assign roles in teams

To manage multiple social media accounts is also to manage multiple people involved in the process. You may find this to be messy too, especially if you have huge teams and various roles on both sides. 

Kontentino enables you to assign roles with varying permissions to everyone involved in a particular project. 

kontentino blog_managing multiple social media accounts_team roles

From admin through managers and designers to media agencies, everyone will find their place here.

6. Engage with your community

We mentioned community management as a key element of managing multiple social media accounts effectively, and not without a reason. With Kontentino you can manage both comments and messages coming to your social media accounts, all under one roof with scheduling and collaboration features.

kontentino blog_managing multiple social media reply and comment

Speaking of collaboration features…

7. Collaboration boosters and content approval

It’s not the end yet. 

Content approval features allow you to send content for direct approval to your clients or supervisors before you hit “publish”.

There are labels and tags available to make your posting plans easier to navigate. 

Do we also need to point out that Kontentino provides task management capabilities too?

Check it out for yourself.

Managing multiple social media accounts like a pro: 6 steps

Create a list of all your social media accounts and the tasks associated with each one

The first step is to create a list of all your social media accounts and their associated tasks, which will help you manage them in an organized manner. Additionally, it can be beneficial if you run a social media marketing agency since each client may have their own expectations – some expect daily posts while others require less (or more) effort.

To make your accounts easier to manage, you should also create separate lists for tasks like posting, scheduling, and responding to comments/messages. Communication with clients or the creation of assets might also be involved in some cases.  

In this step, you should make sure that all of your profiles are properly categorized so that you know where everything is located in a single place without looking here and there for hours. Easier said than done? Proceed with reading our tips to tackle this issue and learn how to manage multiple social media accounts.

Gather all of the required assets for effective management

Managing multiple social media accounts at the same time makes it easier for you to keep all of your assets in one place rather than hunting them down constantly. This means gathering photos/videos and other content before you begin posting on various platforms, but not only that. What are some other assets apart from content forms that you should always keep handy?

You can use several tools and tactics for this purpose, for example:

– take screenshots and label them accordingly so that you can quickly find images when needed

– upload all of your content in cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud

– use hashtags to keep track of social media posts/campaigns, e.g. tag #marketing for increased visibility in your chosen system

– manage social media accounts on one single platform such as Kontentino, which offers several features to help manage multiple social media profiles simultaneously (and effectively) as we’ll cover later on.

Set aside time to update, respond, or post new content for each account – workflow creation is key for this step

Creating a separate workflow for each channel will allow you to manage all of them effectively without losing steam or dropping the ball on any one platform. In some cases, you will need to devote your full attention on a daily basis, while in others you can plan weeks in advance.

The workflow should be well-defined for each social media channel, depending on your business needs. For example, if you manage a large Twitter following that is always active 24/7,  365 days a year, then it might make sense to create an hourly or daily queue for Tweets so that conversations are never missed and no comment goes unanswered.

Another important thing to remember here is the need for consistency across profiles. Your tone of voice should remain the same not just within profiles but also between them, as this will allow followers to know what they can expect from every interaction with you.

Exemplary workflow:

Make sure all responsibilities are duties are evenly distributed among your social media team

No one should manage more than a few social media accounts – this will keep you from burning out and ensure that each account has an individual touch. 

The decision of how many profiles each person oversees should be based on their strengths, interests, and availability.

When you manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, it’s important to take into account your team members’ capabilities. If one member has expertise in analytics then they should focus more on this area than social media video editing, for example. Likewise, if someone is interested in beauty then running social media profiles for the automotive industry may not be their cup of tea, etc.

Having a team manage your profiles also allows for people with different strengths to manage specific channels based on their skillsets or preferences. This way, everyone can play to their strengths while working together as a cohesive unit. Everyone is accountable when they are part of the same group or department. It just works!

It is equally crucial to make sure that all duties are distributed evenly across different team members so that there is no miscommunication or repeated work, either of which may lead to major issues. This includes tasks like creating new content for posts, responding to comments, scheduling posts, or even conducting research.

Make a proper list with clear responsibilities before taking on a new client or adjusting the scope of an existing one, but also remember that responsibilities are always worth evaluating on a regular basis. Ever heard of team turnover? Here’s why you should revisit roles and responsibilities every now and then.

Evaluate your performance and apply quick fixes if needed

Check your analytics regularly so that you know which posts perform well and which don’t get as much engagement as expected.  If you’re missing the mark on a certain post, make some changes and see if they have an impact. If not, revert back to your original plan and try something new next time around.

Keeping up with analytics is incredibly important since they can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t for specific audiences.

By checking your social media accounts frequently, you will be able to manage multiple profiles at once without being overwhelmed by all of them!

Take care of community management

Managing multiple social media accounts is not only about creating posts, it is also about making interactions.

It’s really important that your team takes care of community management when working with others on business profiles. You never want someone else taking advantage of your followers, so make sure this always remains an integral part of the process for each teammate.

Make sure that each and every message and comment is replied to accordingly. Don’t be too quick to delete a negative comment because you may want the opportunity to turn it into a positive. Have a policy in place for how to navigate through various types of messages and communication.

If you only manage one account and it is for business purposes, it can be easy to get lost in numbers and posts. Make time each day to engage with followers from various industries who share similar interests as your business offering within the platform(s) that they prefer using. These valuable relationships will hopefully turn into leads for future opportunities!

With all of these tips being said, there should always be room for spontaneity when managing social media accounts. It’s important to stay active online but at the same time have fun with it.

Taking care of community management will allow you to manage multiple social media accounts at once without worrying about getting yourself into trouble down the line.

Over to you

You’ve made your bed and now you must lie in it – this applies to many aspects of life, including social media management. If you manage multiple social media accounts, you simply need to have things organized! We hope that with our ideas it will be way easier from now on. 😉

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