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The Loop Marketing: Kontentino Has Improved Our Client Turnaround Time By More Than 50%

The Loop Marketing is a Chicago-based digital marketing and web design agency. Since their launch in 2009, they set out on a mission to help small businesses and non-profits get professional marketing services. 

They have been successful in putting small businesses on the map thanks to combining their vast experience in the field with new technologies and strategies.

To succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world, agencies need to be able to communicate with clients quickly and effectively.

By incorporating Kontentino into their agency toolbox more than a year ago, The Loop Marketing were able to put even more focus on efficient work and client satisfaction.

Multi-level client approval made easy

Before using Kontentino, the process involved emails – which wasn’t really time-efficient as it could take longer when multi-level approval was needed. Especially when the changes needed to be made quickly. 

“We are very high touch, we don’t have a lot of lead time because social media things we do for our clients are time-sensitive. It’s very hard to do something three months ahead of time and have it all approved. So we’re doing things in small batches of approval and because of that we would be doing that frequently and if clients were busy or didn’t see that email at that one point of time, it was complicated…” says Elijah Litscher, President and Chief Strategist at The Loop Marketing.

“I would say now I feel very comfortable sending every single client access to Kontentino because if they can have an app that’s easy to use or log in, that works well for everybody.”

Kontentino also makes it easier with client approvals in international companies where many different people need to see it to make sure that messaging or brand standards are ok. “In the Kontentino app, they can list their feedback and so each person on the team knows who okayed it already. This saves a lot of time.”

What also speeds up the client approval process is the live post preview feature in Kontentino. Doing mockups manually can be quite tricky, especially with all the different sizes and formats. “Kontentino makes it easy for clients to visualize how everything is going to lay out.”

Save time with Kontentino

The Loop Marketing, although non-conventional in the sense that they focus primarily on small businesses and non-profit clients, saw Kontentino’s added value in the amount of time they were able to save. If you struggle with the approval process, give Kontentino a try and become our next success story.

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Paula Grochalova

Paula Grochalova

Paula is a Content Manager at Kontentino. She loves social media, especially when she can write about it. In her free time, she’s a knitter extraordinaire.