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Bo Pokštefl
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What about Instagram post scheduling?


UPDATE: Direct Instagram scheduling is now available in Kontentino! Try it now 14 days for free!

Try it now in Kontentino

As you may have already heard, Instagram released an API allowing some tools to publish content to Instagram without using a mobile app. This API is in private beta being tested on some tools (Facebook Marketing Partners). Kontentino is actively communicating with Facebook – we are making sure that when the API is released, we will be the first ones to implement it to our platform.

We believe that we will have good news for you soon and you will be able to enjoy scheduling posts without using the mobile app.

What is also important to mention, this private API – as it’s only the beta version – still has some bugs and limitations. Also, it only allows you to schedule image posts. In Kontentino you can still schedule videos, carousels and soon Instagram stories as well.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted on any updates we may have!

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Bo Pokštefl

Bo Pokštefl

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