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So, how's Kontentino different from Loomly?

Loomly is great when you're looking for a playful interface with badges, step-based workflow and guidance on how to do your job. But if you want a flexible tool that will allow your team and clients to pick their own workflow, look no more.

Kontentino's users report an average of 41% improved efficiency in social media planning and content approvals. That's because everyone can work the way they like, and yet seamlessly collaborate with others.

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Loomly vs Kontentino



Main benefit
Flexible team workflow with advanced productivity features
Basic workflow in a playful environment(e.g. badges, tips, guiding steps)
Impact on productivity
41% faster workflow(according to a user survey)
Competitor monitoring
Ability to approve posts via custom link (clients don't need to sign up)

Pick the way you want to view your workflow

In Kontentino, you can choose to view posts in a drag-and-drop calendar, classic list or workflow view similar to Trello or Jira. This unique view shows you the whole workflow, including "drafts", "assigned", "approved", "scheduled" and "posted".

One-click approval

Multiple options to approve posts

With Kontentino, your clients and managers can easily approve your content with a single click or comment. Regular collaborators can do so straight from the app while occasional approvals can be done through an external link – no sign-up required.

all post formats supported

All major post formats supported

Kontentino supports most social media post formats that even tools like Loomly don't. For example Facebook carousels, 360° photos or scheduling to personal Instagram and Linkedin profiles (including video).


Treat your team to a user-friendly workflow

If there's one thing people get excited about right away, it's how easy to use Kontentino is. A robust set of features is smartly placed so that both pro and beginner users are productive from day 1.

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