Facebook Ads Creation

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Collaboration when planning and setting up Facebook Ads can be confusing and tricky. But thanks to Kontentino integration with Facebook Ads Manager you're able to create, plan and get ads approved smoother than ever before. You can even assign a budget to each ad and have a better overview of all your Ads campaigns right in the Kontentino calendar. With this tutorial you will quickly realise that publishing a Facebook Ad is not rocket science at all! 

Where to start? By setting up your Facebook profile. 

First of all, you need to connect your Facebook profile to your Ads Manager account. Make sure you have a properly set up Facebook Ads account with payment details filled in. 

  1. Go to “Settings” in Kontentino.

  2. Click on the “Profiles” tab.mail

  3. Here, choose the Facebook profile you want to assign the Ads Manager account to, hover your mouse over it and click “Edit”.

  4. At the bottom of the page, you will see “Associated Facebook ad account”. Click on “Continue with Facebook”. Login to your Facebook profile, where you've set up your ad account. Pair the profile, save the settings and you're ready to go! 

How to create Facebook Ad in Kontentino and export it to Facebook Ads Manager?

  1. Go to your Facebook Calendar. Roll down the options from the “New Post” green button. At the bottom, you will see the option “+New Ad”. 

  2. “Create the Ad Post” page will open. Here, you can submit a link, upload media or/and change the image. Subsequently, you can edit the Ad's Headline, choose CTA and add UTM. 

  3. Write Primary text for your Ad. You can use the tagging, emojis and audience restrictions options as usually.

  4. Assign Ad's budget, while choosing your currency. But watch out! Assigning a budget is only informative for you, your team and clients in order to have a better overview of your budget spendings. This helps you to avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary errors. You will have to set it up later in Facebook Ads Manager in a proper way.

  5. Assign tasks or save the draft. Now you will be able to see the Ad's live mobile and desktop preview. 

  6. Send the Ad for client/internal approval.

  7. Yes! Now that your Ad got approved quickly on the go,  you're ready to hit the “ Export to Ads Manager” button. 

  8. Set up your campaign and your Ad will be automatically exported.

  9. Click on “ See on Ads Manager” tab and set the Ad live in Ads Manager as you would normally do! 

Well done, your ad has been published!  Just be aware that any later changes you will make to the Ad in Ads manager won't be reflected in Kontentino but will need to be revised manually.

Scheduling Facebook Ads in Kontentino is super quick and easy. It will make your workflow processes even more flawless and your clients even happier. And if you're not a Kontentino user yet, register for a 14-day free trial today to find out the advantages of Kontentino integration with Facebook Ads Manager by yourself! 

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