Profile Groups

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Did you know you can easily manage numerous clients in one Kontentino account? And all thanks to Profile Groups. Create a group of profiles that will display simultaneously in the calendar and share it with your teammates and clients. Thanks to this feature your social media management will be nicely organised and you get a clear overview of where each of your posts belong and what is its status or scheduling time. So how to create and manage Profile Groups? Get to know in this tutorial.

  1. To create a Profile Group go to “Calendar”. Click on the dropdown menu on the left, where option “Manage Profile Groups” will appear. 

  2. Click on the “+CREATE NEW” button. Name your new Profile Group and upload a logo. 

  3. Share the Profile Group with your team and clients by clicking the round button right below the logo. Don't worry, your client won't be able to see your other profiles out of that particular Profile Group . Also, clients are only able to see Profiles Groups but cannot edit them.

  4. To select profiles you would like to group, click on the “+ADD/REMOVE PROFILES” button and don't forget to save it.

  5. Same way you can easily edit the Profile Group ( add/remove profiles, delete) anytime in the future.

  6. You can also easily copy your Profile Groups by clicking the “Save as New” option from the “Save” button dropdown.

You see? Managing multiple accounts in Kontentino is easy peasy. All you need to do is create a Profile Group for each of your clients or projects. And if you're not a Kontentino user yet but would like to enjoy the perks of well-organized social media management, register for a 14-day free trial

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