3 Ways to Plan High Quality Social Media Content (And Why Should You Do So?)

Yes, you may have heard that it’s important to plan your social media content. But why exactly? And how to create high-quality social media content that drives reach and engagement? See our tips on how to become the star in content marketing today!

What Has Changed?

1. Organic Reach Has Plummeted

Long gone are the times when your content had an organic reach that made you smile from ear to ear. Now, the low organic reach has made social media ads the best friends of online marketers. That being said, it’s harder than ever to effectively reach your audiences.

2. Visuals. Visuals Everywhere.

Moreover, text posts won’t do anymore. That’s past its prime, say goodbye. Now, you blink an eye and there’s another new post format. 360 photos, carousel, canvas ads, … the options are so many. And the common denominator? Visuals, visuals, and visuals once again.


Remember the times when text posts were THIS popular?

3. Facebook Has Some Serious Competition Now

Apart from that, social media is not just Facebook anymore. More and more social media networks are rising to success, which has two main implications for you as a brand. First, more opportunities to reach your audiences. Second, however, it also means much higher demands upon your audiences’ attention. So… you get a smaller piece of the cake in the end.

I know, I know. This may be frustrating, but… Don’t give up yet 😉

What’s the Solution?

Focus on quality over quantity. Less is more. Rather than having 5 mediocre posts per week, successful brands will plan 1 or 2 high-quality ones. More people will participate in their creation, it will typically include video/photo production, and one or more rounds of approvals to make sure the post is clear, brand consistent, and cut-through. This requires thorough planning.


However, don’t kill ad hoc posts yet. It is still very effective to create ad hoc posts relating to current events, latest news or unexpected occasions. Do you remember the uber-successful live tweet Oreo made during a blackout at Super Bowl? See the engagement it got? That’s the power of great ad hoc posts.


Furthermore, it’s important to adjust your content ad hoc if it is, for instance, tied to weather that may change any time. Reschedule your post about sunny weather if it rains dogs today.

But no worries, this is very easy with Kontentino. Use the drag & drop feature to reschedule posts or copy them with one click, even to a different content plan or another social media channel, such as copying posts from Facebook to Instagram or Twitter.

How to Plan And Create Excellent Content?

1. Strategy Comes First

Before you start planning and creating your social media content, it is crucial to first create your strategy. That is the cornerstone of your social media presence and a prerequisite for your success.

“Strategy is the cornerstone of your social media presence and a prerequisite for your success.”

Remember that your strategy needs to go hand in hand with your brand identity. Decide which social media channels you are going to be present on, what your communication style will be, how frequently you will communicate and create different kinds of content, and set clear goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

2. Strike the Right Content Balance

Once your strategy is up and shining, get down to content creation. One thing to keep in mind is the right content balance.


Many social media experts say your content balance should follow the 80/20 Pareto rule, meaning 20% of your content should promote your brand, and 80% should be content that is interesting and highly engaging for your audience. In your 20%, always strive to provide value, be it high-quality information or a discount. Don’t forget to include an effective, persuasive call to action to pave the way for future conversions.

“Make it interesting and engaging. If it’s also shareable, you’re a star!”

When it comes to the 80%, make it shareable. Depending on your industry, create and share content that is not only valuable but also interesting and inspiring and caters to your audience’s needs and wants. A good practice is to follow influencers in your industry to see the trends, engage with them and sometimes also share their content – you may as well earn yourself a share from them 😉 (and that’s a big thing!)

But how do you track your content balance and make sure it’s right? Kontentino helps you with this. Tag each post as needed and get an overview of your content balance in each content plan you create, be it for a week, a month, or any period of time you need.

3. Take Advantage of the Latest Post Formats

As I’ve already said, text posts are no longer THE thing. Today, no one will blink an eye seeing 3 dull lines of text and nothing else. The social media world is dynamic, and there’s something new every day. Post formats are a great example. How many do you know?

“Text posts are no longer THE thing.”

Carousel, canvas, 360 photos, 360 videos, cinemagraphs, and more. You sure know all about these.


Using the latest post formats gives you an edge for a few reasons.

  • First, the effect of novelty. Something new will always attract more attention, even if it’s just because it is new.
  • Second, different post formats give you the option to showcase your brand in different ways and to communicate your messages effectively, as needed.
  • Third, they enable you to connect with different types of audiences.

Are you now scratching your head, thinking, “But how do I plan and schedule these new post formats? That can’t be done in a spreadsheet…”? No worries, we’ve got your back! In Kontentino, you can create and schedule all the latest post formats, preview them to get a feel of how they will look on the specific social media channel, and get them approved with just one click.

So what are you waiting for?

Start planning your social media content and remember that less is more. Invest more time in fewer posts and make them the best. What you want is quality over quantity.

Create your social media strategy carefully, use the 80/20 rule to balance your content and follow the latest trendsRock the social media world! 😉

Kontentino is a powerful tool with which you can easily plan and approve your social media posts.

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