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Best Social Media Tools in 2021: Here’s Our Choice

Kinga Edwards
Written by
Kinga Edwards

Any tool that helps a social media marketer to do the work they love as efficiently as possible, is what we are all looking for every day. On top of that, simple social media tools help us to create quality social media content and have enough time left to pay full attention to the wishes of fans and audiences. 

Of course, in such an ocean of social media tools, it is difficult and challenging to find only the top social media apps that can support everyday activities. 

Here is a list of the best social media tools to make the best use of your content.

1. Kontentino

In a nutshell: Kontentino is a social media management tool helping you streamline your workflow and collaboration. 

Best for: content creation & planning, integrated team collaboration & client approvals.

Why is it one of the best social media tools? 

Kontentino is a great social media app that allows you to manage your presence on multiple social networks at once.

It addresses all the needs and issues of marketing agencies since it was invented in one. Kontentino allows you to schedule social media posts across various social networks, analyze your performance, and generate reports. Additionally, it provides collaboration and client approval features to enhance your workflow.  

Key features: 

  • advanced scheduling and content approval options
  • intuitive drag-and-drop content calendar
  • collaboration boosters: activity log, task assignment, chat, live post previews
  • asset management via a media library
  • analytics and reporting options, including benchmarking, competitive analysis, and custom reports
  • community management
  • link shortener + UTM tag builder

Pricing: starts at €44 a month

2. Buzzsumo

source: buzzsumo.com

In a nutshell: Buzzsumo is an online tool that can be used to find out which content resonates the most with the audience in a particular industry.

Best for: trend monitoring, content improvement, and inspiration, marketing pulse measuring

Why is Buzzsumo one of the best social media tools? 

It’s important for content marketers and businesses to be up-to-date with what’s trending in the marketplace, and Buzzsumo does that by allowing you to see with great visibility which topics are being talked about on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Combined with popular referrers such as Google search and Wikipedia referrals, it permits us to build a clear picture of what the audience wants.

Key features: 

  • content discovery
  • content research
  • influencer mode for identifying brand ambassadors
  • monitoring features

Pricing: starts at $99, a free, limited plan is available

3. Adzooma

source: adzooma.com

In a nutshell: Digital marketing platform Adzooma is built to help businesses run more effective campaigns. It is fully integrated with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads.

Best for: campaign optimization, ad automation, integrated advertising efforts

Why is Adzooma one of the best social media tools? 

Adzooma is one of the best social media tools around because it has the capability to optimize and manage any type of advertising campaign. It operates by combining different ad types to find the best mix of ads that bring in the highest revenue. It tests these pairs and eliminates the ones that do not work. The end result is a higher number of clicks from the ads displayed, so that clients get a better return on their investment for each click. You can create complete fully optimized campaigns with timing relevant budgets and expect your ads to perform at their very best from day one on. 

Key features: 

  • rule-based automation
  • easy management of campaigns under one roof
  • intuitive reports
  • AI-driven suggestions for campaign optimization

Pricing: it’s free to use.

4. Mediatoolkit

source: mediatoolkit.com

In a nutshell: Mediatoolkit is a tool that monitors media coverage by surfing the internet for mentions of your brand, competitors, or industry.

Best for: media monitoring and social listening

Why is Mediatoolkit one of the best social media tools?

Mediatoolkit is one of the best social media tools for monitoring  your prospects, competitors, and market influencers, and listening to what they’re saying. Good marketers know that it’s also important to monitor conversations about their own brand on channels where they’re not active. This ensures they stay aware of what their audiences are discussing with each other and any potential marketing opportunities could be overlooked by the company. Monitoring can also help organizations better understand social media analytics such as customer sentiment or brand impact metrics.

Key features: 

  • website & social media monitoring
  • various search filters
  • data analysis dashboards
  • custom alerts and digests

Pricing: starts from €399/month

5. Reevio

source: reevio.com

In a nutshell: With Reevio, you can create logos, marketing videos and social media videos in minutes.

Best for: video creation

Why is Reevio one of the best social media tools?

Reevio is one of the best social media tools because it’s a photo and video editing application that makes the production process easy for starters and professionals alike. Reevio is an online web app that lets anyone produce video without any knowledge of video or film techniques. All you need to do is upload your content, place it on a scenic background, (with a wide choice included in their library) add effects and music, (also built within the product), then share your creations through social networks. Simple as that. 

Key features: 

  • various video templates
  • browser-based app
  • drag & drop interface
  • customization features
  • own assets integration

Pricing: starts from $24/month

6. Woorise

source: woorise.com

In a nutshell: Woorise is a lead generation and marketing tool that lets you create viral giveaways, contests, or landing pages.

Best for: engaging content forms, viral campaigns

Why is Woorise one of the best social media tools?

Woorise is one of the best tools for lead generation and viral giveaways. Many companies are struggling with the best place to find potential leads, how to develop relationships with them, and what offers they need to send them. As social media is intertwined heavily with viral giveaways and contests, it can take your brand to the next level. 

Key features: 

  • giveaway builders
  • real-time analytics
  • multi-page forms
  • conditional actions
  • pre-made layouts

Pricing: starts from $23 a month, although a free, limited version is available

7. Canva

source: canva.com

In a nutshell: Canva is one of the most popular online design and publishing tools in the world. 

Best for: creating professional layouts to designing consistently stunning graphics.

Why is Canva one of the best social media tools?

One of the social media tools we’re most excited about is Canva. A professional design for a blog post or website is a long stretch for those who have little time to invest in either learning it themselves or spending it out to be creative. Canva consists of many interactive tools, integrations, and features to help busy social media managers. In the editor, you are simply able to drag and drop your images of choice and create visual content for social media in a flash. Easy and quick design for all social media content is something all of us can find useful! In case you need to double-check image dimensions, we co compiled a comprehensive list and cheat sheet of social media image sizes just for you to use.

Key features: 

  • Stock photography, vectors and illustrations
  • Photo filters
  • Icons, shapes & fonts
  • Social media size templates

Pricing: starts from $12,99/month yet Canva has an extremely robust free version

8. Planoly

source: planoly.com

In a nutshell: Planoly is a visual planning tool for major social media platforms.

Best for: layout planning, Instagram marketing

Why is Planoly one of the best social media tools? 

Planoly is one of the best social media tools because it’s not like other mass-sharing platforms. It features an easy interface that helps you stay organized and make beautiful posts for your social media accounts. It is a specially designed app to quickly create, schedule, and share posts for maximum engagement with minimal effort. 

Key features: 

  • content publishing 
  • business profile data analysis
  • web & mobile social media apps
  • extra in-app tools for coherent social media presence

Pricing: starts from $7.99/month, a free, limited version is available

9. Zapier

source: zapier.com

In a nutshell: Zapier facilitates the seamless integration of web apps and services by automating workflows.

Best for: marketing and sales automation

Why is Zapier one of the best social media tools?

Zapier is one of the best social media tools because it seamlessly integrates countless other social media apps, with both data and workflows able to be shared. It connects together a number of different types of social media, which is incredibly helpful for social media managers looking to automate some of their tasks. 

Key features: 

  • pre-made templates for integrations
  • customizable Zaps
  • extendable workflows
  • built-in actions

Pricing: from $19.99/month; a free, limited version is available 

10. Unfold

source: unfold.com

In a nutshell: Unfold is a mobile social media app for creating captivating content for Stories. 

Best for: creating Stories, creating vertical graphic content

Why is Unfold one of the best social media tools?

Unfold is one of the best social media tools because it’s quick and easy to use! With just a few clicks you can create stunning Instagram or Facebook stories right in the app. You have various templates to choose from that give you the look you desire, all with an intuitive interface for adding text or graphic embellishments – no photo editing skills required! Definitely, one of the best social media apps you should have in your toolbox. 

Key features: 

  • in-app collections
  • editing tools
  • web stories
  • fonts, filters, and stickers

Pricing: starts from $19.99/month, a free, limited version is available

11. Social Bakers

source: socialbakers.com

In a nutshell:

Best for: performance optimization, advanced data-mining

Why is Social Bakers one of the best social media tools?

Numbers are their thing. Not many of us can say that, right? This is why it is completely and utterly convenient. Social Bakers does all that measuring for you. Knowing what companies and customers do on today’s social platforms, tracking every Like, Share and Comment gains all the insight you will ever need.

Key features: 

  • advanced reporting
  • competitive analysis
  • visual dashboards
  • a bunch of metrics to choose from 

Pricing: starts from a whopping $200/month

12. Genial.ly

source: genial.ly

In a nutshell: Genial.ly is an online tool that lets you create animated and interactive content.

Best for: content creation, animations

Why is Genial.ly one of the best social media tools? 

Creating some content is not rocket science. Creating good, engaging content definitely is. Genial.ly is the answer to any and all questions concerning graphic design challenges. Templates and design elements allow marketers to leverage their skills and create impressive promotional materials that attract attention. 

Key features: 

  • various templates to choose from
  • interactive elements
  • animation styles and effects
  • works in the cloud


13. TinyPNG

source: tinypng.com/

In a nutshell: TinyPNG compresses your JPEG or PNG files using smart lossy* compression techniques to reduce their size.

Best for: image optimization

Why is TinyPNG one of the best social media tools?

Every social media manager needs to deal with images a lot, and apps that can help them do this more efficiently are more than often welcomed. TinyPNG is one of these. This tool uses compression to shrink images for apps and sites, using less bandwidth, allowing them to load faster, without compromising the quality of the original image. Plus, a Panda does all the explaining. Who doesn’t like Pandas?

Key features: 

  • high-quality compression
  • intuitive drag & drop interface
  • binary transparency

Pricing: starts from $25/month, a free, limited version is available

14. Woobox

source: woobox.com

In a nutshell: If you liked Woorise, you’ll like Woobox, too. Besides giveaways and landing pages, this tool also lets you create custom Facebook tabs. 

Best for: enhancing social media presence

Why is Woobox one of the best social media tools?

Woobox offers various features for creating engaging content – and that is exactly what all social media managers need in such a competitive pond*. Woobox offers familiar features from other tools, as well as the option of creating customized Facebook Tabs, where marketers can embed their own elements. Many industries may benefit from this feature as they want to make their Facebook pages stand out from the crowd. Also, don’t forget to set your social media KPIs so you can track your progress.

Key features: 

  • sweepstake options
  • pop-up generator
  • hashtag contest features
  • landing page creator

Pricing: starts from $32/month, a free, limited version is available

15. Shorby

source: dash.shor.by

In a nutshell: Shorby helps you create an optimized link profile that will increase traffic to your social media networks and website.

Best for: creating bios and making the most of them!

Why is Shorby one of the best social media tools?

Profiles on various social media sites have their limitations, including being limited to just one link in the bio. This may be quite an obstacle especially if you have more target links you would like to be included. Shorby is one of the best social media tools for expanding your link profile and allowing you to build a minimalistic page with elements and links of your choice. 

Key features: 

  • insights and statistics
  • intuitive interface
  • ad tracking pixels
  • various themes to choose from

Pricing: it’s free to use.

Over to you

Marketing professionals have access to an array of social media tools and apps that they use every day. Switching from one app to another is not ideal, but it’s sometimes worth trying out a new weapon in your armory. It’s hard to anticipate how much time it’s going to save you, isn’t it? If you never try though, you’ll never know.

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