Kontentino Choice: The Best Social Media Tools for 2017

Any tool that helps a social media marketer to do the work they love as efficient as possible, is what we are all looking for every day. On top of that, simple tools help us to create quality social media content and have enough time left to pay our full attention to the wishes of fans and audiences. Here is a list of seven social media tools to make the best use of your content

1) Buzzcapture

Best for: social media monitoring, web-care, and reputation management.

Why? Buzzcapture earned the title of Best Social Software of 2016 for its know-how, loyalty and best quality by price.

Buzzcapture’s demo offers the following elements:

  • All-in-one solution for online and offline media
  • Daily e-mail updates
  • Manual or automatic sentiment analysis
  • Measure ROI and media value
  • Dynamic reports
  • Integrated social CRM tool

Price: free demo, paid after trial period.

2) Social Bakers

Best for: agencies looking for a social media analytics tool focused on performance and data-mining.

Why? Numbers are their thing. Not many of us can say that, right? Which is why it is utterly convenient. Social Bakers does all that measuring for you. Knowing what companies and customers do on today’s social platforms, tracking every Like, Share and Comment gains all the insight you will ever need.

The basic elements which Social Bakers offers:

  • Benchmark your performance by leveraging the largest social media database and tracking success against competitors and your industry
  • All the most important success metrics for all social channels in one visual dashboard
  • Includes exclusive metrics and all native metrics – competitive and own metrics plus ads
  • Listening to understand what your audience and potential customers are saying
  • Reporting with high-quality visuals in any format in one click, including scheduling automated reports

Price: limited free social media statistics, offers paid extras for Data-Driven Publishing and Performance Optimization.

3) TinyPNG

Best used for: anyone looking out to optimize images with a balance in quality and size.

Why? The tool uses compression to shrink images for apps and sites, using less bandwidth and load faster. The upside to this is the high quality of the original image remains. Plus, a Panda does all the explaining. Who doesn’t like Pandas?

By uploading an image to TinyPNG, 24-bit PNG files can be converted to smaller 8-bit indexed color images by combining colors. The images can be displayed on both browsers and mobile devices.

Price: Free after registration, donations are optional.

4) Kontentino

Best for: content creation & planning, integrated team collaboration & client approvals.

Why? We build on our social media tool every day because we believe its features will be a great addition for any social media marketer or agency. As experiencing both sides to the story, our tool provides quick and easy content planning in a calendar as well as a clear overview of all client feedback.

Our key features result in five basic elements:

  • Scheduling & re-scheduling posts is easy and quick by the use of drag & drop
  • Image templates for brand logos and frames
  • Tags for content balance in your posts
  • Internal client approval & feedback
  • Post requirement checkboxes
  • All Facebook post types

Price: Free with 1 social account, starting at 9/month with more users.

5) Buffer

Best for: managing social media content for multiple clients as an individual or freelancer.

Why? This social media tool, similar to Kontentino, focuses on driving traffic, increasing fan engagement and saving time on social media. To learn more about how the Buffer differs from Kontentino read to our blog.

Buffer helps reach the right audience at the right time, consistently schedule content on social media and increase reach and fan engagement.

Price: 14-day free trial, starting at $99/month for small businesses.

6) Canva

Best used for: creating professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

Why? One of the tools we’re most excited about is Canva. A professional design for a blog post or website is a long stretch for those who have little time to invest in either learning it yourself or spending it out to a creative.

One of the main great advantages of Canva is the free and paid availability of images, such as:

  • Stock photography, vectors and illustrations
  • Photo filters
  • Icons, shapes & fonts
  • Social media size templates

In the editor, you are able to simply drag and drop your images of choice and create visual content for social media in a flash. Easy and quick design for all social media content is something all of us can find useful!

These are our top ones. What are your favorite social media tools?

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