With so many people creating and publishing content on Facebook, it's always good to know how to do things right to assist your clients in getting the visibility they desire.Browse our articles about Facebook marketing and content creation and publishing for Facebook and get on top of your social media marketing game today!

50+ Social Media Statistics for 2022

Ah statistics, the bread and butter of any solid social media marketing strategy. Statistics can give you invaluable insights about your audience, the social media platforms you want to grow...

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Kontentino blog_How to edit Facebook link previews

How to edit Facebook Link Preview?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your links shared on Facebook look weird? Or how to edit Facebook link previews so your links would publish as beautiful-looking posts? It might...

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Kontentino blog_Boosted posts vs ads

Boosted Posts vs Ads on FB: What to Choose

Facebook advertising is extremely popular these days. Both big brands and local companies advertise on Facebook, regardless of their budgets. Instead of wondering if it’s worth promoting posts on Facebook,...

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Kontentino blog_Ecommerce business on facebook

6 Simple Ways to Grow Ecommerce on Facebook

Facebook ranks among the digital juggernauts: the online brands that dominate conversation and make quite outrageous amounts of money. This means that the company can afford to frequently purchase companies...

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