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Do you schedule Instagram posts? Avoid banning your account

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

Since you have opened this blog you are most likely scheduling posts on different platforms and you probably know that Instagram is a little bit tricky. Why is that? What options do we have? Let’s break down this issue a bit so you can make your own judgment.

UPDATE: March 10, 2021
You can now directly schedule your Instagram posts in Kontentino calendar.

Developers that work with Instagram API already know. It is definitely frustrating and they always ask: Why can’t we have the same access options as we have to Facebook and other social media?
There’a not very friendly API client registration and authorization process. On top of that, in June 2016 Instagram restricted their API access even more. Claiming that they want to prevent their API from being used for a variety of purposes.

On the other hand, Instagram changes in advertising from last months seems like they want to promote marketing and business options of its app.

Instagram is a mobile app. Yes, we can open Instagram in our browsers as well, but we cannot publish actual posts from a computer. Clever people are finding ways to do so, so what are our options?

These tools schedule Instagram posts from desktop just like on other social media platforms. At least it looks like that. They found a way to bypass Instagram’s thick wall while putting the user in a risk. Yes, you will have your post scheduled for a certain time, but using this type of third-party tools makes you break Instagram rules. This action could possibly make your account to be banned. However, most such tools claim that it never happened. But users which experienced banning of their account have a different opinion.

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with BlueStacks for example. This is simple to install, available to Windows and MacOS systems and it has an easy built-in way to share content between the host computer and the emulated Android installation. With BlueStacks installed you just easily download and use the Instagram app just like on your smartphone.

that let you create and schedule your posts on a desktop. Consequently, it will send you a reminder (publish now your IG post) in form of push notification on your smartphone. There are several tools available such as Kontentino. First, you prepare post (options varies from tool to tool) on your computer, you set the exact time and then reminder pops up on your mobile. Consequently, you just tap publish and it will copy planned content to the native Instagram app. Yes, doing this posting manually is additional step to do, but this way you are at 0% chance of getting your account banned.

If you are a social media manager who takes care of multiple brands’ posts a day, you definitely don’t want to get the account banned. This should be one of your main concerns and being safe while doing a little additional manual work is a good deal. We are waiting for the day when Instagram will let us do more with their API. When it will come, we will remove as much manual work as we can. Until then you have to choose. Are you a risky person or do you prefer the safer way of doing things? Which type of person are you? Please share your opinions with us in comments below.

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