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Kontentino vs. Hootsuite 2019

Hootsuite vs. Kontentino in 2019

Paula Grochalova

When it comes to social media management tools, digital agencies and marketers can choose from a number of alternatives. All of these tools have one thing in common – they offer you a solution on how to schedule social media content. What makes these alternatives different are the additional features. These make them suitable for different types of users. Some tools specialise in analytics, other ones are focused on collaboration and approval…

In this article, we are going to take a look at the perks of Kontentino and Hootsuite, and also the differences between them. Are you wondering which one is more suitable for your specific needs? Do you want to know more before you try Hootsuite or Kontentino for free? We are going to reveal all their special features and compare Hootsuite plans with Kontentino.


Let’s have a look at their features:


And how do you know which features you absolutely cannot live without, you’re asking? By the time you finish reading this blog post, you’ll be able to decide which of these tools is the right one for you.

Can you get Hootsuite for free? Read on.

Hootsuite Features and Plans

Hootsuite started as an app that enabled users to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single interface. Now its functions include scheduling, content curation, analytics, monitoring, team management, security and some other that can be added through apps and integrations. Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools. If you are looking for a tool that is better than Hootsuite, you might want to check out the apps developed by some of the competitors of Hootsuite.

Supported social networks

Hootsuite supports social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest. You can connect some other social networks via Hootsuite integrations (just know that you might pay extra for them).

Streams on Hootsuite's dashboard
Source: Hootsuite.com


  • Streams: on the Hootsuite dashboard, streams display the content from your social networks. You can see your posts, mentions or engage in social conversations. It’s easy to organize them under different tabs and see various types of content.
  • Hootlet: an extension to your web browser that allows you to share interesting content without leaving the website. Hootlet also lets you schedule these posts so they can be shared with your audience when the right time comes.
  • URL shortening: You don’t have to use an external tool anymore. Hootsuite has its own link shortener called Ow.ly. You can find it in the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Analytics: you can get an overview of the key metrics in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you need more, you can create customizable dashboards and get deeper insights with Hootsuite integrations. Not all analytics features are included in all of the plans. To be able to use some of them, you might need to be subscribed to the more expensive plans.
  • Hootsuite mobile app: thanks to the mobile app you can edit, approve and manage your scheduled posts on the go.


Hootsuite pricing
Source: Hootsuite.com

Hootsuite plans and their costs depend on the number of users, the number of social profiles connected, the monthly ad spend limit, etc. Some features that could be considered Hootsuite premium are only available with the more expensive packages.

Hootsuite free package lets you manage a max of 3 social media profiles. When it comes to other attributes, the free Hootsuite plan limits you in the number of RSS feeds you can add, the amount of money you can spend on ads per month, the number of posts you can schedule per month, etc. Another way to get Hootsuite free version is to try their 30-day trial.

Hootsuite pricing starts at 25€/month with the Professional plan where, apart from all the features from the Free plan, you also gain automated post scheduling, key performance metrics and higher ad spend limit. Great as the starting point for your marketing automation. The plan is limited to 1 user and lets you manage 10 social profiles.

At 109€/month, the Team plan adds team message assignments, custom analytics, exportable reports, and a monthly ad spend limit of 2000€. The limit on the number of users is 3 and you can manage up to 20 social profiles.

The Business plan costs 599 €/month and offers you flexible approval workflows, 5 social media certificates, 1 hour of 1-on-1 onboarding, 24/7 customer support and ad spent limit of 5000€ per month. This plan allows you to have 5-10 users and manage 35 social profiles.

Hootsuite’s plans include the Enterprise plan for custom solutions.

Kontentino Features and Plans

Kontentino might be on the market for a shorter period of time than some of its competitors, but that doesn’t take away from its capabilities. The main focus is to make the collaboration and approval process flawless for the agency as well as for the client. With a simple design and intuitive navigation, this popular alternative to Hootsuite offers a clear overview of all your social media content. It is the most human-friendly social media tool out there.

Supported social networks

Kontentino supports social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Collaboration and approval workflow in Kontentino


  • Collaboration and approval workflow: team members can easily communicate with one another in Kontentino. You can create assignments for your colleagues. Clients can easily approve posts or send them for reworking.
  • Post-requirement checkbox: make sure you and your team will never forget to include important points in social media posts thanks to our post-requirement checkboxes.
  • Inspirations: this is a handy little feature that helps you to explore all the ideas you have for a well balanced and creative social media content. Have an idea for a new post? Does your brand have an anniversary? Save all this into Inspirations. Let your team make suggestions and contribute to your ideas.
  • Insights and reporting: they won’t replace full-blown analytics tools but you can get an overall overview of your posts and pages. The results can easily be exported for your client to read.
  • UTM tag builder: no need for external UTM tag builder. You can create UTM tags directly in Kontentino.
  • Unlimited storage: you don’t have to think about running out of space when uploading media to Kontentino. Our media storage space is unlimited – making it easy for you to upload all the visuals you think might ever be useful to you and your team.

These features make Kontentino one of the best Hootsuite alternatives available.


Kontentino pricing

Kontentino’s priority is to grant access to team members and clients, so they can seamlessly collaborate, approve and comment on posts. That is the reason why the number of users in all of our plans is set much higher than in the Hootsuite planner.

Kontentino costs start at considerably lower prices for a user than Hootsuite’s while at the same time providing you with collaboration and approval workflow from the start.

Kontentino pricing starts at 49 €/month with the XS plan that allows for 3 users and management of 10 social media profiles. With this plan, you gain the approval workflow, since it’s for more than one user.

Small plan costs 99€/month and allows you to manage an unlimited number of social media profiles. In Small plan, you can add up to 10 users. You also get to create a post checklist, see review history, etc.

The Medium plan is designed for slightly bigger teams, for 189€/month you can add up to 20 users. The number of social media profiles managed is unlimited. There is the option to export analytics in a PDF format and set KPIs and benchmarks. You also gain a premium customer support (email, phone call).

Large plan costs 279€/month and offers the possibility of adding up to 30 users. As an addition to team onboarding and premium customer support, you get a dedicated account manager for your account.

Like Hootsuite, Kontentino also comes with the Enterprise plan which is designed to fit your individual needs. The prices and features are calculated according to your needs.


As a user, you need to understand what you want to use the tool for. If your priority is to have easy collaboration and approval workflow, you should seriously go for Kontentino. Apps like Hootsuite may offer you similar features, but their main focus is not collaboration, so they don’t include as many users as you may need.

Is Kontentino a great alternative to Hootsuite for you? You decide!

If collaboration and approval aren’t your priorities because you’re a freelancer or a small agency, Hootsuite can be the solution for you.

Kontentino is one of the most popular alternatives to Hootsuite and you can try it for free. Why Kontentino might suit some users better than Hootsuite is because the tool was created in an advertising agency by social media managers for social media managers. That’s why the team at Kontentino understands the customers’ needs perfectly. The main scope of Kontentino is improving your approval and collaboration process, therefore if you are searching for something different than “just”  Hootsuite planner, Kontentino is a great choice for you!

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