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12 Social Media Collaboration Tools to Fix Your Overwhelmed Team

Social media marketing is a growing responsibility for increasingly more companies, and keeping up with all of the associated tasks can prove challenging. It is a common problem for social media teams to become  overwhelmed with their workflows. 

The easiest solution for many is either to hire more specialists or take on fewer projects. Both approaches, however, present some business consequences and may not always be feasible or reasonable. 

Social media collaboration tools won’t be a magic wand here, but they can unblock various bottlenecks and help your agency breathe again.

Today we’ll show you 12 collaborative social tools that you can implement for better productivity, more pleasant planning, and hassle-free teamwork. Ready? 

Benefits of social media collaboration

Here is a brief explanation of WHY social media collaboration can be a lifesaver for social media marketers, teams, and agencies: 

Improved productivity

Social media collaboration consists of a set of tools and processes. 

Organizing these assets can be a long and arduous task, but it’ll be worth the investment of time once done. With the right social media collaboration workflow, social media managers can work more effectively and get less frustrated. This will help them deliver not only more, but also better.

Fewer communication mishaps

Communication can be messy, based on misunderstandings, and may involve personal interests. In the collaboration process, everyone aims for the same goal within the framework of procedures, roles, and tasks. Although mistakes can still happen, they are easier to eliminate or narrow down early on. To ensure everyone is on the same page, social media collaboration is essential.

Crystal clear task management

When social media collaboration rules are in place, everyone knows exactly what they are doing and what their role is in the social media jungle. Distributing, delegating, and completing tasks while also being held accountable and taking responsibility if necessary are all aligned in social media collaboration.

Easier onboarding

Even back in 2018, one of the highest employee turnover rates was that of a marketing specialist, at 19.8%. Why are we mentioning it here? Well, you’ve connected the dots.

Through social media collaboration procedures, it is easier to complete your daily tasks but also to introduce new people to the process. Having such a large turnover in the industry, this will be necessary sooner or later. You may lose employees, see them changing jobs, or require new people to join your team as your company grows, and that’s all normal. With social media collaboration rules written down in employee onboarding checklists, both onboardees and those responsible for the task will have an easier time.  

More professional approach

You are probably striving for your social media agency to grow and searching for ways to encourage potential clients to join you. Making a great impression on them with a fully-functional collaboration process that they can be a part of is a terrific method of winning over their hearts (and budgets).

Better control over assets and data

Companies often handle confidential information and various brand assets. 

Social media collaboration ensures sensitive information is stored and used securely only by those who are authorized to access it. Collaborative efforts require tools, and there are many that contribute to better asset management.  

Top 12 social media collaboration tools

1. Social Media Collaboration Tool: Kontentino

What is Kontentino?

Kontentino is a social media management and workflow tool that facilitates team collaboration and client interaction. Contrary to many other solutions for social media management, Kontentino is more than just a simple scheduler. 

Collab rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Social media collaboration features of Kontentino:

Interested? We’ve got some more for you. Learn why Kontentino is a great Hootsuite alternative and would be a breath of fresh air in your social media toolbox.

Kontentino is especially recommended for:

Looking for the best social media collaboration tool? Try the advanced collaboration and approval features in Kontentino.


2. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that marketing agencies can use to streamline their tasks. You can view overall workload and performance reports for teams, projects, and tasks. While it might be useful for handling big marketing campaigns, it isn’t the best solution for social media collaboration.

Don’t get us wrong – we 🧡 Asana at Brainy Bees. However, it lacks social media collaboration features such as direct client approval and direct scheduling to social media profiles. To get the bigger picture of your 360-degree marketing communication, we recommend using tools like Asana but moving the social media collaboration process to Kontentino.

3. Slack 

One of the principles of good collaboration is good communication. As one of the most popular communication platforms, Slack can help social media managers with quick arrangements, brainstorming, and real-time updates. However, it will not pass the test as a task management platform and it does not offer any social media features. You could discuss some ideas on Slack and then move their implementation to another social media collaboration tool, such as Kontentino.

Our Brainy Bees team shares creative content in a special Slack channel called #inspire. We convert a rough idea into a post idea and work it out in Kontentino if it meets all the criteria (e.g. it’s a good match with our clients’ offering).

4. Google Workspace 

Google Workspace is used by marketers around the globe for working on documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations. This is where Google Drive’s capabilities are great, yet they may not be suitable for social media collaboration. You can work on files in real-time here and leave actionable feedback, but you must move them manually to your social media management system after. If you work on longer, lengthy documents, Google Workspace will pass with flying colors. 

It may be useful for e.g. working on social media-related templates, such as: 

For collaborative social media management and collaboration, it’s better to use more versatile marketing tools such as Kontentino. 

“Ok, but I actually really like spreadsheets…”

Worry not! You can switch between interactive calendar and spreadsheet views in Kontentino. Collaborate on your posts, get them approved, and schedule them however you wish all in one dashboard. Everyone’s happy.


5. Filecamp

You can store your resources and search through your files with Filecamp, a digital asset management software solution. Your social media assets can be tagged, browsed, distributed, and labeled in Filecamp. However, this tool will only provide asset management, not social media scheduling or reporting features.

Filecamp is useful for archiving evergreen social media content, such as terms and conditions, brand books, and general guidelines. It’s good to have all of these accessible in one place when needed.

6. Trello 

This project management tool has the appearance of a sticky note board. Trello lets you create multiple spaces and tasks that you can work together on. It’s intuitive to use, easy to navigate, and keeps your team up to speed (although email notifications can be quite delayed).

The downside is that it is not suitable for all forms of social media collaboration. It can be used to plan marketing activities, including social media efforts, but it won’t schedule posts, generate reports, nor allow you to answer comments from the dashboard.

7. Notion

Marketing teams around the world use Notion extensively for their marketing activities. Hats off – it’s a powerful tool for building knowledge bases. With it, all of the information you have about your clients or projects can be structured into a comprehensive social media database.

Notion can be of great help when embedding your social media efforts into a bigger campaign and seeing its place in the whole strategy. With Notion, passwords can be stored securely, campaign goals can be set, and ideas can be shared. You’ll still need another method to implement these on the social media profiles you manage, though.

8. Miro

Miro’s web whiteboard allows you to plan social media projects from any angle and collaborate seamlessly with your team. It is particularly useful for working on creative social media initiatives, as it enables team collaboration on key visuals, marketing materials, and other ideas. With Miro, you can develop a new design direction for your social media content and then incorporate it with other tools. 

9. Crello – VistaCreate

We’re on the topic of social media design, so let’s mention how you can put your creative ideas into practice. A collaborative tool like Crello facilitates the design process. It’s quick and easy to add elements or use predefined templates and customize them instantly.

Where does it fit into a social media collaboration workflow? 

Since Crello is a cloud-based solution, anyone on your team can access it from anywhere.

10. Airtable

Many consider Airtable to be like Excel on caffeine, and quite rightly so. You can create interactive spreadsheets with tags, mentions, and labels using this tool. In this way, your team can produce effective marketing sheets, campaigns trackers, calendars, or databases.

But even with integrations or triggers, they are still only primarily spreadsheets at the end of the day. There is some collaboration support in Airtable, but not to the level of creating post-requirement checklists, sending content for internal or external approval, nor scheduling across many profiles and platforms with ease. 

11. Zapier

Zapier is a service that enables you to automate seemingly unrelated applications by creating connections between them. Examples? With a Zap (integration), an image that is shared with you on Slack can automatically be uploaded to Dropbox.

You can automate quite a few tasks in your social media collaboration process using Zapier. With more than 3,000 app connections, social media managers are able to facilitate running social media marketing campaigns, asset management, and database creation.

12. Brand24

As part of your social media collaboration strategy, you may want to monitor social media. Agencies often miss a lot of opportunities when they fail to check social media mentions or sentiment.

Brand24 allows your team to collaborate on what is being said on social media about a specific topic. Involved in the process, there may be:

Social media monitoring offers invaluable insights, so you shouldn’t ignore this step in your social media collaboration process. 

Choose your social media collaboration tool wisely

The first step towards working out the perfect social media collaboration process within your team is raising awareness that it is needed and capable of facilitating everyday work. After that, you simply need to sort out your procedures and choose the right tools – or one tool – to help your team achieve its goals.

Kontentino combines the features of a social media management platform, project management software, and a communication tool. It is therefore able to replace a few tools in your arsenal and save up to 40% on operational tasks.

How about giving it a try in your social media team?

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