Hootsuite vs. Kontentino: Which tool is better for you?

Searching for a suitable social media management tool often brings you to Hootsuite. It is probably the most known and used tool out there. Is it best for you as well? Personal preference based on personal experience tells you best but ain’t nobody has time to try all tools right? Let’s find out whether Hootsuite or Kontentino fits your needs better.

In a nutshell:

  • Kontentino was born in a social media agency to speed up the content creation process. It focuses on collaboration, approving, scheduling, publishing and creating reports both internally and with clients. Its price starts at €9 per user a month.
  • Hootsuite is a management app mainly focused on scheduling, since approval and collaboration features are only available in higher and more expensive tiers. The price starts at €25 per user a month.

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And now for the fun part…Kontentino vs. Hootsuite

Other fun Kontentino features:

kontentino colorful tags

  • Tag pages: Simply tag pages in your post copy as you are used to on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Audience restrictions: Set up the preferred audiences for your Facebook post based on age or country.
  • Inspirations: You or your client can add post inspirations to the calendar. Let Kontentino remind you of the brand anniversary, new product launch or international days.
  • Collaboration and approval workflow: Kontentino – with all plans – offers the possibility to approve and collaborate on content with different rights for different roles.
  • Insights and Reporting: They won’t replace full-blown analytics, however, they are perfect for an overall overview of your posts and pages. And you can easily export a report for your client.
  • Assets: Unlimited storage for your agency’s media without the need for you to think about what you need to delete ever again.
Hootsuite’s best of:

Source: Hootsuite.com

  • Streams: Hootsuite’s default page offers the fully customizable board of streams, you can see your posts, mentions, messages of any of your managed accounts in any order you want.
  • Fast posting: Hootsuite takes just a few clicks to schedule your post. This, however, comes at a cost of not having any additional handy features when scheduling.
  • Hootlet: Another time saver. Hootsuite’s browser extension to your browser will ease your re-posting. Have you just stumbled upon an interesting article you would like to share? Just a few clicks and you can share the link with your social media audience.
  • URL Shortening: Similarly to bit.ly links, posts in Hootsuite are shortened to ow.ly. You get reports on clicks and your content performance.
  • Analytics: Hootsuite gives you the option to generate different reports, deeper analytics come with an extra price for Instagram.


Kontentino offers the same features as Hootsuite with the regular plans, on the other hand, Hootsuite asks you to pay for such features premium. Other big difference is the number of users that have access to the tool. Why is that? Kontentino’s intention is to grant access to clients of each company that is using it. For example, when you are an agency that takes care of social media accounts of many different clients, you want to give them an access to review and approve particular scheduled posts. This is the reason why the number of users is set higher than Hootsuite’s.

Kontentino starts at a lower price


Source: Hootsuite.com

Which one should you choose?

Hootsuite is complex and pricey

For small personal-like companies that do not have many social pages, only one person to manage, Hootsuite is better suited, since it lacks collaboration and approval features and focuses on scheduling. Another thing you should take into consideration – make sure you don’t need anything else since

Kontentino for collaboration and approval at a low price

For larger brands and agencies which need to coordinate multiple people, need to set approvals, see categories and content balances, the budget for posts and don’t have an astronomic budget – Kontentino is the one. It will satisfy all general needs and won’t hurt the company’s wallet.

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Have you chosen which tool is better for your needs? Let us know in the comment.
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Kontentino is a powerful tool with which you can easily plan and approve your social media posts.

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