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We constantly improve Kontentino and we do product updates every week. You are able to see the most important ones here. Also, new features and updates on which we are currently working on.

If you have any questions or suggestion about improvements, please let us know at Vote for the features you want us to implement next (by clicking the arrow next to it) or if there’s something missing, you can give us your suggestions there as well.


25th September, 2018

  • assign multiple tasks at once!

21st September, 2018

  • a brand new fresher look of Kontentino interface is here!

15th September, 2018

  • you can now filter your posts by selecting multiple post statuses at once!

10th September, 2018

  • see spent boost budget for your promoted posts!

5th September, 2018

  • Instagram Page performance PDF report is here!

1st September, 2018

  • Photo albums got a brand new look & UI!

30th August, 2018

  • Setting up an audience for your posts every time you create posts? No longer needed. Have you audience loaded by default 😎

15th August, 2018

  • dog days are over now, you can happily @mention Facebook page with automatic search again 🙂

9th August, 2018

Got multiple improvements for you, let’s dive right in, shall we?

  • quick access for presets from the Calendar
  • what is this? Oh, yeah! LinkedIn language audience restrictions!
  • what is this?? Oh, yeah! LinkedIn company mentions!
  • what is this??? Oh, yeah! A brand new Android smartphone application for clients!
  • not done yet! More convenient post action buttons.

  • and the last one, after duplicating a post an option to either return to the calendar or show the newly created post (yes, we’re ashamed such functionality has not been provided earlier :/ )

1st August, 2018

  • Facebook News Feed targeting, also known as Preferred audience option

25th July, 2018

  • just shortly, LinkedIn carousel scheduling is here! 🙂

23rd July, 2018

  • a couple of months ago Facebook disabled automatic search for tagging pages in post text. We have worked this around by giving you an ability to add a page mention by its link (just once – after that it would appear automatically in suggestions. Now, you can add into suggestions each page you have assigned in Kontentino – so as you do not have to do it manually! Thanks @ebe!

21st July, 2018

  • ever searched for emojis for quite a time? No problem from now! 😎 Thanks @patrick!

18th July, 2018

  • BUGFIX: multiple posts in the client approval email were not always sorted by their date
  • we added an option to customize a HEX colour of post labels in the settings

17th July, 2018

  • Quickly find out, which metric is important to watch for on boosted posts with an objective on mind!

16th July, 2018

  • Having lots of labels could be pain sometimes, however, no more folks, no more!

13rd July, 2018

  • Having lots of content plans? No problem! Just put them into an Archive!

1st July, 2018

  • videos upload now automatically (no need to press “start upload” button any longer 🙂 )

29th June, 2018

  • more intuitive assigning profiles to a user

26th June, 2018

  • an approval email for your clients got a bit more cleaner look (thanks @taylor for the feedback)

21st June, 2018

  • Albums section got an icon of SM network it belongs to (thanks @renaud for feedback!)

20th June, 2018

13th June, 2018

  • “Global content inspirations” are visible in your calendars

7th June, 2018

  • Facebook link posts preview looks updated

5th June, 2018

  • Creating post types got a fresher new look

29th May, 2018

  • Reconnecting all Facebook profiles with one click, read more here
  • New Insights & Reporting are here!

24th May, 2018

12nd May, 2018

  • fixed Twitter text counter
  • Twitter post preview updated for the latest update from Twitter.

1st May, 2018

  • schedule a video to LinkedIn
  • @mentions in post comments


  • Instagram stories

  • LinkedIn gallery
  • Facebook page mentions working again
  • comment attachments
  • inspirations showing in the calendar again
  • in-app bell informing you about product updates


  • Facebook picture galleries updated to a current facebook-like preview


  • “publish now” option for Facebook posts


  • an option to download post video in 720p/original quality



  • a new section “My Devices” to see your mobile devices associated with Kontentino


  • datepicker presets in the multi-view calendar


  • iOS application for clients with commenting & approvals


  • filter your posts by labels in the calendar!

[video-to-gif output image]


  • comments got a new more “sexy” look 🙂


  • LinkedIn post text counter (max. 1300 chars)


  • instagram grid



  • Facebook link preview editing – Link Ownership Verification with Facebook Business Manager


  • comments & push notification for iOS application


  • “open link” when editing link posts


  • Instagram analytics


  • Facebook & Instagram PDF insights reports for clients


  • LinkedIn audience restrictions


  • an option to add country groups into Facebook Audience Restrictions


  • upload user avatar from your Facebook profile


  • Faster and more reliable Facebook connection API
  • page picker trick – hold %f to see only Facebook pages, %t for Twitter or %i for Instagram
  • faster video uploader 3.0
  • emoji – choose from recently used


  • 10 image/video Facebook carousel


  • Multiple page view calendar 1.0
  • Emoji update (1600 emojis)
  • Analytics page post API upgrade


  • New Drag & Drop and post rescheduling


  • Ad images in comments

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