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How Forward Push Created a Sold-out Product Launch Plan for The Baconer?

How do you create a successful product launch plan? Just ask Forward Push, the San Francisco and Atlanta based marketing agency. The marketing campaign for their client The Baconer resulted in a sold-out product launch and a Summit International Award in the category Social Media.

How did they do it, what was their digital content strategy and how did Kontentino help? Read on!

Forward Push is an inbound marketing agency helping startups and small businesses maximize their efforts and boost their marketing. It was founded in 2011 by Marc Apple.

Forward Push created an award winning digital content strategy
Marc Apple

After years of doing marketing for the biggest brands out there, Marc decided to use his expertise and start his own agency. Forward Push aims to show small businesses and startups that they can do really big things if thinking outside the box.

Their work for the Baconer resulted in an award-winning digital content strategy.

How to design a winning product launch plan?

The Baconer had a new product and needed help with the product launch marketing plan. The goal was to take social media by the storm. And what was it all about? 

To describe them in their own words, The Baconer is “a Bay Area family-owned business specializing in one glorious product: BACON. Day in day out, we obsess over bacon with the singular goal of making the best bacon in the known Universe.“ I mean, it’s always a plus if the product you’re promoting is totally delicious.

The problem was to create buzz through digital media. Instead of investing money in all the channels out there and not utilising any of them properly, Forward Push designed a digital content strategy using the channels best for The Baconer’s buyer personas. That enabled the clients to decide on the type of content and to prepare some of it before the product launch campaign.

These functions demonstrate why Kontentino is our social media partner.

When preparing for a product launch campaign, especially of a delicious and photogenic product as in The Baconer’s case, making followers feel like they’re a part of the whole story works wonders. Thanks to Kontentino, their followers really did feel like they were in the kitchen with them, since the clients were able to share pictures with the agency on the go. 

In Forward Push they know how to create a successful product launch plan

The award-winning campaign for the Baconer relied heavily on being one step ahead and having all the possible scenarios ready. Using Kontentino allowed us to create posts and stories in advance for our client The Baconer. By doing this, they were able to provide comments and approvals right from their kitchen,” says Marc Apple, Founder of Forward Push. 

In order for the content marketing process to run smoothly, clients and agency need to be on the same page. Once the digital content strategy was put in place, they needed to discuss and shape the suitable content together. Apart from being able to schedule content ahead of time, using Kontentino, “also gave them the ability to share images and ideas with us on-the-go. These functions demonstrate why Kontentino is our social media partner.”

To create an authentic-looking digital content strategy, you, as the agency, need to work closely with the clients. It’s really handy to have a tool that is easy to use and enables smooth agency-client collaboration. The clients enjoyed working with Kontentino – the mobile app as well as the desktop. “Our clients love the fact that they can comment and approve on the go.” This was especially important as the point of this product launch plan was to make the customers feel like they were in the kitchen.

Working with Kontentino saves us several hours a week which gives us time to come up with more creative posts and better strategies for our clients.

And what do the social media professionals at Forward Push appreciate most about Kontentino? “Working with Kontentino saves us several hours a week which gives us time to come up with more creative posts and better strategies for our clients.” And that’s the ultimate goal for everyone, isn’t it? To channel all your creative energy into creating meaningful campaigns and not to lose time with boring admin work.

Why Kontentino?

We all have different processes in place, depending on what our clients want, what works best for us, what saves us time or what guarantees communication without mistakes.

So what was the process of social media posts creation and approval in Forward Push like before? “Before we started using Kontentino we would send clients Google Sheets to review their posts and images. While this worked fine, it wasn’t the smoothest process and we had some clients say they would like us to find another way to work with them on their social media posts. We took it to heart and found Kontentino. Now our clients can log into their account, see all of their posts and leave us comments or approve with a click or two.”

In Kontentino, we try to make social media management for brands and agencies easier. Whether it is to simplify your workflow, make communication between teams smoother or provide a fresh solution for clients’ feedback and approval. We’re here for you.

How can Kontentino help your brand or agency?

Kontentino makes the collaboration and approval process a piece of cake. All communication happens directly next to the posts in Kontentino and is shown in chronological order. No more lost email attachments or communication mistakes. Internal and client approval can be done in one click and is available from the desktop version and our mobile app.

We’d love to hear how Kontentino helped you to streamline processes in your agency. Do let us know in the comments.

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