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Success Story: How YIT improved their CPC on Facebook

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

How  YIT’s social media content approval workflow became more effective and how it helped them improve Cost per Clicks on PPC ads.

YIT is Finish industrial and building developer. Their digital marketing strategy is a mixture of DIY content, interior design, new building development and promotion of healthy quality finish live-style living. They do not want to promote only their building projects but also the way how comfortably can people live in their apartments or enjoy work in their offices. This puts emphasis on high-quality content, which needs to be reviewed by several people including social media team leaders, art directors, and clients.

Currently, they have 4 developing projects in Bratislava. Every month they create 4-6 posts for each project (before it was only 2 posts per project). That is about 20 monthly posts. Each needs to be reviewed and approved. Before introducing Kontentino, YIT’s workflow was done via emails and excel sheets. The posts did not look the same as on Facebook, there were plenty of misunderstandings, lost emails and the time was wasted on unnecessary tasks. Therefore, the number of creatives was much lower because of the complicated and time-consuming collaboration/approval workflow.

Preview of the content calendar

Calendar view

Kontentino allows the team to collaborate and co-create these posts which are later being approved by social media leads and clients. Everyone works in one content plan (calendar) which is transparent and communication and reviews are happening right next to the posts. This way the number of creatives can be much higher because of more effective workflow in Kontentino.

Communication flow: Internal and client comments are separated.

Because of the higher number of quality creatives, YIT is able to test each creative at the same time and turn off less performing creatives during the campaigns. This results in low Cost Per Clicks as €0,06 – €0,10 despite increasing Facebook advertising costs in building development industry.

Kontentino also allows clients to experiment with the newest post formats. Thanks to live-post preview, clients are able to see how these new posts will actually look on Facebook or Instagram. And we know that the new Facebook formats have better results than the old ones because Facebook is pushing/preferring them.

This article was written by Social Media Brand Manager Katarina Palova.

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