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Case study: How SMH grew its client base by 400% thanks to Kontentino

Bo Pokštefl
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Bo Pokštefl

Social Media Hulp is one of the biggest social media agencies in the Netherlands. It was founded in 2011 by Allan Drent who created it after he felt the demand of companies to get educated on and improve their social media game. After organizing workshops and seminars, Social Media Hulp now has around 200 clients whose social media they manage.

Source: Socialmediahulp.nl

What makes Social Media Hulp so successful?

Their secret sauce is simple but really powerful – perfect agency-client-relationship. Which is being personal, asking the client for input and listening to it.

In social media, it is difficult to maintain and cultivate a relationship. When creating content without a tool, a lot of time is spent on unnecessary tasks – screenshotting, opening e-mail attachments and commenting on them in another e-mail, constantly checking new post versions… Time for input and meaningful conversation gets cut.

That’s why they decided to incorporate Kontentino into their everyday business.

…it’s part of the reason clients choose us to work with. Approval process through e-mails seems years ago.  – Allan Drent, Founder and Co-Owner of Social Media Hulp

“It looks professional – it’s part of the reason clients choose us to work with. We felt it after the first post got approved through Kontentino”, says Founder and Co-Owner Allan Drent. “We can’t imagine not using it now – it’s really easy to understand. Approval process through e-mails seems years ago. It’s really easy now and works great. Clients immediately understand it as well – we rarely get questions about how it works.”

Growing 400% with Kontentino

This also shows on numbers. At the start, Social Media Hulp had 50 clients. Now, years of using Kontentino later, the numbers are really close to 200. The reason is pretty clear to Allan – introducing Kontentino helps with the sale process. It’s easier to convince clients they are the professionals they seek. Also, the time spent on internal and external approval is shorter. That leaves more time for the important tasks and allows taking on more clients.

Let’s hope it’s really soon Kontentino helps Social Media Hulp reach their dream goal – 300 clients.

How can you win more clients with Kontentino?

As mentioned earlier, using a social media tool makes for a more professional look. Feel free to use our Kontentino presentation in your selection process or with your potential client. It covers all the most important bases you need to introduce us ? download slides

Not using Kontentino but want to?

Want to incorporate Kontentino into your company and win more clients?

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